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  1. Has anyone used PlayStation Now? It looks quite good value when you scroll through how many games you have access to through it.
  2. Yep, what I read as well. Ridiculous pace. You can knock the conditions being geared towards the sub-2, but can't knock having that ability personally. A WR in all but name.
  3. They were in a position to move frame by frame through the process. Thus, they could make a call as to when the ball had left the foot. There is still human error as it isn't completely automated, but I don't get why I wouldn't necessarily believe it to be pretty accurate.
  4. Liam

    NFL 2019

    Yeah, I assumed as much, but they've talked Hill up as a future QB for the team at some point.
  5. Liam

    NFL 2019

    Has it been confirmed yet as to who Saints are starting? Bridgewater or Hill?
  6. This was all covered in pretty significant detail on the first week of Premiership coverage. Every game had a segment about it and they were able to pretty much compare the positioning of players to the nearest centimetre. It has been out there.
  7. There's too much money in football these days to have bad decisions be given and not have a facility to resolve it. When you're talking millions, they have to get the really bad decisions right. There is still going to be some subjectivity about the rest, but that's to be expected I guess.
  8. You can't incorporate a system designed to fix egregious errors and then choose to ignore its ability to judge on tighter decisions as well.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/sep/21/best-books-of-the-21st-century?CMP=twt_books_b-gdnbooks Probably not worth its own thread unlike the others, but worth a read. I've read:
  10. I know there are some of the web-based ones where you manage a gym that some people really enjoy, but other than that, I feel it is an area that either is sorely lacking in good games, or I'm just not aware of them. It is a shame either way. Having looked around, the best bet might be to get one on a mobile phone. There seems to be better options when it comes to that. For example: https://leatherthegame.com/
  11. For literature stuff, check out Backlisted.
  12. They've been around for yonks. One guy (had to look up - Michael Gira) basically does most of the work. They're underground legends, pretty much.
  13. I'm also be no means the cutting edge of musical knowledge, but I've heard of at least most of these people, if not the specific albums.
  14. I was saving this quote to question how you didn't know The Streets, but then Gorka put some of their songs down for you. Seriously though? The Streets are really good. I do prefer A Grand Don't Come For Free though.
  15. Liam

    NFL 2019

    Yeah, it is pretty shit news, but with either Bridgewater or Hill, Saints should probably be able to win 3 or so of the next 6. 4-4 with a returning Brees will be enough to still have them in the hunt for the playoffs I'd assume considering how their division isn't particularly strong this year. I think he only misses one division rival game as well IIRC which is important.
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