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  1. Mitrione knocked out Fedor in around a minute after both guys had dropped each other with a punch at the same time. Legitimately laugh out loud.
  2. Yeah, this is another favourite of mine. Just so cleverly built.
  3. @K's next cross stitch project.
  4. As we approach the halfway point in the year, how are people doing? I've read 34 books, so will need one more by the end of June to be on track. I've found I've read a lot of 'ok' stuff this year, nothing massively ground breaking. Best books have been 'Born To Run' (a book about a tribe who are known for running miles and miles to remain reclusive), 'The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair' (a really interesting crime thriller about a murder set thirty years or so before the book was written) and 'If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things' (a story set in two times; modern day, and in the lead up to an event that affected a whole street).
  5. This could go in the transfer news, but Stockdale has gone to Birmingham. A good signing for free.
  6. *reports post for mod bullying @MDK*
  7. Never a red. Accidental and a pen, that's all.
  8. Can't think of a better way to phrase this, but rather than your favourite comedian, what is your favourite comedian joke, or at least overall segment of a comedian? This is my example - Stewart Lee on Top Gear. Might not be the whole thing on this clip, but saw him live doing this and it cracked me up.
  9. How do you change it then? That's pretty much the way it is for most tournaments.
  10. I wanted Real Madrid to win. Juventus can fuck right off. So yay it seems.
  11. Reading played horrible football for a lot of the season and got to the playoff final. Huddersfield only ended up in the situation they ended up in due to basically phoning in the last few weeks. They were the third best team for pretty much all the season.
  12. That's just accepted knowledge or you are patently wrong. Connery so far outstrips the other Bonds to make it not a worthwhile discussion, almost.
  13. At 7-1 we call that a mercy killing.
  14. Pretty much. When Romario scored his (dubious) 1000th goal, the game stopped for twenty minutes for celebrations and an interview. I'm not saying that made sense, but there has been more egregious things happen. If it wasn't Terry, few people would care that much.