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  1. Why I'm No Longer Talking... is a great read. This is also the obligatory 'don't read Armada' post.
  2. Excellent book. Can't recommend it more highly.
  3. Just a brilliant striker. Headers, tap-ins, free-kicks, thirty yard volleys - he could pretty much do it all.
  4. What even is Love, Death and Robots?
  5. Thought it might be easier to just post the Tweets about the books I've read.
  6. That was a foul, but also a dive. They should have what they have in Ice Hockey where you can penalise both things.
  7. Yeah, my stepdad said it was really good. I liked the book a lot. It is a realistic enough interpretation of what could happen, worryingly enough.
  8. http://scalingthetbrpile.home.blog/2019/03/14/book-11-look-whos-back-by-timur-vermes/ Book 11 was 'Look Who's Back' by Timur Vermes. TL;DR a thought provoking book looking at what what happen to Hitler if he suddenly turned up in 2011. The answer? A celebrity. Well worth a read.
  9. That penalty was a beaut. I'll also add I thought the penalty was a harsh one.
  10. It was mentioned on Twitter, but the attacking players in the wall change seems to be 'fixing' an issue that wasn't there. Same with the 'no rebound' rule.
  11. Definite red card, though an unfortunate one.
  12. Yeah, 30. However, he might be someone that stays mainly because he hasn't really done anything to warrant someone coming in and buying him. He has potential, but due to injuries and suspensions, hasn't shown enough.
  13. So I can play as Fulham but even more shit than at the start of the season? Fun.

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