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  1. The Reckoners series by Brandon Sanderson might be for you. I only read the first book, but enjoyed it enough.
  2. It is good for more English players to go abroad, personally.
  3. Run over by a car at the age of 55. Real tragic. Great boxer.
  4. Liam


    We won on goal difference.
  5. I had a Sega Megadrive. Played it a lot. Had a PS2 or 3. Bought Classics. Played it a lot. Have a PS4. Bought Classics. Played it...a bit. It is very much accumulative as much as anything else. However, Green Hill Zone is probably the most satisfying level of a game to ever exist and does the most to sell the concept of the game than anything I've ever played.
  6. How did I play Sonic the Hedgehog more than any other game? By pressing the 'on' button.
  7. I think Theme Hospital is a legitimately great shout. However, if I had to think of which game I've played for the longest, excluding simulation games (like FM) and RPGs (which rely on a certain amount of time in terms of gameplay).... Sonic the Hedgehog.
  8. I've not watched the show. However, based on reviews et al, you don't need to read the book, but the book is probably better than the show. I'd suggest reading the book is worthwhile, personally.
  9. https://www.live-footballontv.com/ Always use this to check.
  10. I did a few seasons as Genk. Pissed the league the 1st season Scraped the league the 2nd season. Came 2nd the 3rd season (with a good CL run) Every day I manage the team, I am actively making them worse.
  11. It is quite good to do a mission at a time. I never felt hugely like sinking many hours into it in one go.
  12. I am returned. I preferred the Championship anyway
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