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  1. Liam

    Eurovision 2019

    I backed Italy and Iceland each way. I have no idea how either will do.
  2. He's more likely to be the nonced rather than the noncer.
  3. Was 4th still there to be won?
  4. Man United are really shit.
  5. It must be bad when you consider all that and people still prefer Manchester City to Liverpool.
  6. Could be darkest timeline time. Sergio!
  7. It'll be interesting to see how many players Fulham sell. Cairney signed a new contract though, which is interesting.
  8. I still think you have to fancy Barca to score at some point - too much class on the pitch. However, they don't really deserve it.
  9. The lino isn't giving it and only flags when he dives. It's poor work by the official I guess if you are going to try and give the benefit of the doubt, but the player also shouldn't have dived so blatantly.
  10. Yeah, I wish some of these older games were ported to the PS4. They have some random stuff like Romancing Saga 2, after all.
  11. I'm in the final chapter of Ys: Lacrimosa of Dana. Has been by far the best RPG I've played in a while. Stranded on a desert island, you spend a decent whack of time finding survivors. A bit different from your average RPG.
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