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  1. WWE Supercard

    I normally get the Epic with about 300 points so if you did the same, Larz, that would help pad out your team. 
  2. General Gaming Thread

    You know that section in the board rules that mentions topics coming up multiple times? Specifically the Bloodninja cybering joke that I don't think has ever come up once? That should be re-written to cite the achievement/trophy discussion we seem to have on a monthly basis.
  3. General Gaming Thread

    I hear the Angry Up The Scot achievement might be made obtainable again soon...
  4. Pokémon

    People call them lazy on the design of some of these new Pokemon but they could have stopped at any point on that thing and it would have been enough. Like, there's 4 or 5 defining things on that would be enough on it's own. "Right, new Pokemon ideas. Let's hear it." "It's head is a cog!" "Ok, next..." "No wait, it has like big ears or wings or something sticking out of it's head as well!" "Right, good. Next one..." "Oh, and it's body is some sort of gyroscope thing! And it's wearing a dress that looks like some weird Pokeball thing! And it has weird spiky arms! And giant red eyes with American Football goalposts for eyebrows!"
  5. WWE Supercard

    Looks like people will be #FairToFlair in the hopes of getting a pro Triple H by months end. Epic Bryan Pro under Bret would be good too though. 
  6. WWE Supercard

    Just keep logging in everyday, Larz, and you'll have a Legendary before the month is out!
  7. WWE Supercard

    With an UR Rowan! But yeah, we'll be better equipped for next time. I'll have my L Stardust Pro by then for starters. Just got a L Ultimate Warrior off the board!
  8. WWE Supercard

    Is it just the active players that are 'locked in' for team events? You can still change cards freely? Because, would anyone be opposed to me putting in my new Stardust for training purposes, at least for the first few tiers?
  9. WWE Supercard

    It took spending 250 credits but Stardust is mine!  I think I have a spare D Bryan so if we could get that far in the team event, that would be great. 
  10. The N7 Dragons - FIFA 16 Xbox One Pro Club

    Now that's what I call a slide tackle! Not pictured: Larz wiping me out on the resulting kick off with a slide of his own.
  11. XBOX Megathread

    So, after Left 4 Dead 2 was playable on the One for about a day the other week (waiting for that to come back on sale now for when it comes out officially), people have been able to get Red Dead Redemption playing today. Soon we will all ride our horses again!
  12. WWE Supercard

    A lot of stuff tends to get released in Aus/NZ first, for whatever reason. I am in Legendary on RTG now so getting Stardust would be nice. Not sure I'll get that far though, Miz would make a pro so that would be good at least.
  13. WWE Supercard

    I don't 3MB, I just enter everyone at level 0 and train them once the game starts. What is your ethical stance on that?
  14. The January Transfer Window - 2016

  15. General Gaming Thread

    The developer of Unravel shaking like a shitting dog was a highlight of last years show. Presumably everything would just be pre-recorded like Nintendo or when Konami/Bethasda does this kinda thing so stuff like that wont happen. Shame. It is mostly sports stuff so not too much of value is lost but there's still the odd interesting thing like that or the PvZ2 or Peggle 2 reveal.