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  1. As of sometime later today, the latest film I'll have seen in the MCU is Guardians 2. What's the minimum I need to see after that if I wanna see Capt Marvel and Endgame? I would imagine Infinity War kinda goes without saying.
  2. I've been curious to try The Surge, from what I recall the weapon stuff is like you're cutting off enemies arms and installing them on yourself, a robot sort of thing? That futuristic vibe would be a change from the normal atmosphere of Souls, I think these guys did Lords of the Fallen as well which stuck with that.
  3. They don't?! Oh boy, I've been waiting to slag Blackburn off for years!
  4. My body wasn't ready for this.
  5. So is Tetris 99 like multiplayer Tetris, where you clearing lines adds them to the other person's screen, except on a much wider level? Because that makes sense when it's one on one but how does it work for upwards of 99 opponents?
  6. Just got done seeing William Ryan Key and This Wild Life. So good. WRK I was more invested in between the Yelllowcard stuff he played and his solo work but TWL, even though I'm not nearly as familiar with them, was the better 'show'. Like, WRK was more meek and almost self conscious that people would only be there for YC stuff whereas TWL were much more interacting with the crowd.
  7. Was that Aidy White when he was still at Leeds?
  8. Was it like Fifa 13 or 14 that came out on everything under the sun? Like PS2, 3 and 4, PSP, PSV, 3DS etc etc.
  9. 2019 hot take: I got Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and thus, my first physical cart so I can partake in the age old tradition of tasting the poison on it. I can't taste it in terms of any flavour but there's definitely a sensation to it. Is there meant to be a flavour to it or is my palette just terrible?
  10. It's only a red card when you do the big leg drop afterwards.
  11. Do you need an online sub to trade?
  12. I've been leaning towards an Alolan team myself, I've been trying to use stuff I've not really used before. They tend to tie into that (outside of Geodude) and obviously they have that unique look to them. This is what I have at the moment: Growlithe Alolan Sandshrew Alolan Raticate Clefairy Gloom Shiny Nidorina Need to go scour Mt Moon for some moon stones.
  13. Remember that Xmas movie with Michael Bennett and Gangrel? This may be relevant to your interests... http://amplesalty.tumblr.com/post/180995666740/day-5-saving-christmas-2017

  14. Does anyone have an online family plan ongoing or we could maybe set one up and all chip in? Or am I understanding that wrong? Would it work cross region? Is it meant more like 8 individual accounts on the system rather than something that would work remotely? I dunno if/when I'd have any online stuff but even the NES stuff would be worth the pennies it would work out to if 8 people chipped in.
  15. Alternatively, there are the Analogue systems which are system specific rather than the catch all ethos of the Retron. Think they're more for the hardcore enthusiast, the Retron is perhaps a little more frowned on since it's emulation based but I imagine it's probably something you wouldn't be fussed about.
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