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  1. Have they tried setting the date on their PC clock to June 1999?
  2. Wow, don't think anyone has thought about Dean Gordon or Andy Hincliffe in about 15 years.
  3. That was never proven in a court of law.
  4. I was going to say the eshop has always been a bit of a minefield, like I think there was a game called The Letter on Wii U that got a lot of negativity however many years ago but...yeah, danger wanking is a whole new low. Not just that, but over weird pictures, with a demon baby in the next seat over and a driver capable of spinning his head like Reagan from the exorcist?!
  5. DankPods, specializing in iPod modding but also looking at iPod related accessories, headphones, other mid 00's portable music devices etc. It's a bit of a niche subject but he has personality in spades which keeps things entertaining. Video above isn't exactly the core content but I felt obliged to feature it for it's hot technology on sofa Ashens type action and the banging Cashies song. Also, he does Simpsons remix type music on his other channel. Not exactly the ol' Simpsonswave that our pal GA used to dabble in but it's something.
  6. If it wants to be an authentic Fallout experience then it needs to fully establish it's plot in the first episode and then spend the next 22 completely ignoring it whilst the protagonist goes off on crazy unrelated adventures.
  7. Operation Girders and Ninja Ropes
  8. I watched the video before seeing the surrounding Tweet and just as the multiple worms started piling out, something screamed 'battle royale' in my head. But, the way games are these days, that might just be a 'broken clock is right twice a day' kinda thing. It's not totally out of place, I suppose. It does lend itself to that platformy/shooter type vibe, there's probably other examples but that old XBLA game Small Arms springs to mind to me. Mixing things up is always good, especially in a series that's been around this long and probably doesn't deviate too much from it's core gameplay. Like, I know they make tweaks from time to time but it's pretty much the same game at it's core that it's been since the Amiga days with the very occasional shift like the pinball game once in a blue moon. I can't help but roll my eyes at a battle royale game though, it's about as cliche at this point as them doing a Worms Kart Racer.
  9. Saw the name Gerald Krasner and a chill went down my spine...
  10. What is the official metalman stance on body hair? Is it something you find yourself jelaous of other people for their ability to grow it, something you yourself cannot do due to the fact your body is made of metal? Do you attach donor hair in an attempt to compensate, or perhaps old carpet samples if you want to go to extreme levels?
  11. 22 blokes jumping up and down, spraying champagne everywhere & James Milner taking a celebratory sip of tea.
  12. How do you turn superheroes, well established ones at that, into a loot fest? Like, Iron Man I could see maybe because he has all the different suits but even then he's a bajillionaire so why would he just be finding this stuff and not researching/building it himself? Are you just going to be playing as Steve Rogers and find Captain America's Shield +1 on some random goon?
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