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  1. Did Matt get banned? Do I need to fill in and proclaim WGUAFC after every game?
  2. So do I need at least 1 month of game pass for it work?
  3. Just to make sure I understand this before I do it, my live is good until 30th January 2020. No existing game pass sub, never used it. For maximum benefit, I should tack on more Gold time and then I can pay the £1 and that will turn all my Gold subscription time into this ultimate game pass? I've heard it only counts for like 36 months, so if I buy another 3 years of Gold would I have 36 of ultimate and 6 of gold or does it not allow you to go over 36 in the first place?
  4. Waiting for someone to walk into shot to ask John Barnes where the beans are.
  5. I've been dabbling in the Pokeymans Go so add me maybe? Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 8170 1714 9696!
  6. How much longer is that game pass offer on for?
  7. I am totally down for that Star Wars game. I had been wanting a Force Unleashed 3 for the longest time so this will do nicely.
  8. Lovely goal that, nice flick by Sterling. Hang on, VAR...balls.
  9. @Kaney is waiting for one of those famous European comebacks we've seen this season. EDIT: Right on cue.
  10. You know what, didn't even want to be posting in the Prem thread next year anyway. We're getting Myke back, clearly this is the place to be.
  11. As of sometime later today, the latest film I'll have seen in the MCU is Guardians 2. What's the minimum I need to see after that if I wanna see Capt Marvel and Endgame? I would imagine Infinity War kinda goes without saying.
  12. I've been curious to try The Surge, from what I recall the weapon stuff is like you're cutting off enemies arms and installing them on yourself, a robot sort of thing? That futuristic vibe would be a change from the normal atmosphere of Souls, I think these guys did Lords of the Fallen as well which stuck with that.
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