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  1. You can get 8bitdo wireless controllers and adaptors so they work on an actual SNES. Might get pricey though if you want multiple as I think you have to get the adaptors separately. There's possibly other similar items, that's just the one I'm familiar with. Alternatively, SNES Mini Classic + 8bitdo controller(s) for your wireless needs. You'd need to mod it if you wanted more then just the base games and there's the odd compatibility issue with certain games. Not got an adaptor for the real SNES but the 8bitdo is great for the mini.
  2. So I started the game, got done with the first town. Fallout and Borderlands were the obvious comparisons, the Mass Effect qualities I wasn't really aware of with the companions and abilities. There's something amusing about Parvati doing her hammer strike thing and then the both of us setting about the victim's prone body with her hammer and my electric beating stick. Been getting a bit of a Bioshock vibe as well, probably because I have been favouring melee and it's reminding me of smacking people with a wrench. Obviously you've got the vending machines too and maybe a bit of the aesthetics as well like bits of the UI. First town spoilers:
  3. Maybe this is like Dead Rising all over again and you need to upgrade to a 4K TV to read it properly.
  4. Deffo going to be downloading this on Game Pass, all the reviews still to be trending towards it being good. Probably will have a look at it next week, need to finish off my playthrough of Bloodstained first. I know you guys are obviously still early on but does it seem linear in terms of the storyline stuff? Just, with Fallout 4 having all the multiple factions I never really focused on finishing it with one.
  5. It's not one I've looked into deeply but the assumption I was working from was that it was modern Fallout in all but name, is that about right? One of the teasers I saw was a bit light hearted but I wasn't sure if that was reflected in the game, like if it would have a Borderlands feel. Like Maxx, I figure I could get lost in it exploring and pissing about. Don't think I ever got too far in Fallout 4's story but had a lot of hours just doing sidequests and the like.
  7. I've seen enough episodes of The Cinema Snob to know that....
  8. In something that may be pertinent to our collective interests, I watched Monster Brawl today. AKA a bunch of monsters wrestle each other. https://amplesalty.tumblr.com/post/188351536490/day-14-monster-brawl-2011

  9. It's really weird to me because I'm used to playing these things in like ultra low-res on DS, GBA etc but now it's all fancy HD textures and faux 3D tilting camera work. I've come across a lot of very familiar enemies but I'm witholding the 'it's certainly another 'Vania game' comment until I come across the boss made up of a million corpses.
  10. I've been playing this thanks to the MS Game Pass inclusion, don't think I've played since like 2013/4 maybe? Doing some Conference North which is fairly new to me as well. Going moderately well so far but I'm very aware that I'll need to bring in a lot of new players at the end of the season since everyone's on 1 yr deals and there's a lot of people I'm not fussed about. I'm worried I'm not going to be able to find replacements though since I'm not finding a great amount on the player search. Not sure if that's down to the foggy idea on people's stats or the lack of overall knowledge of the talent pool due to having only two scouts. Should I be bulking it out by say searching England in general or individual completions like the Conference, or is it a case of just thoroughly scouting lots of different individuals or hope the trial day has a lot of potential in it? Outside of that, my highlights so far have been the player who managed to start 3 games and get sent off in all of them before I blacklisted him from the club. Also, the two own goals scored whilst under absolutely no pressure whatsoever, including my CB scoring one from what must have been 30-40 yards out.
  11. Bloodstained coming to Game Pass, this is the best news.
  12. Is The Lion Long remaster going to be an UHD, photo realistic, emotionless and altogether brown affair in line with the film remake?
  13. Did Matt get banned? Do I need to fill in and proclaim WGUAFC after every game?
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