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  1. I could have Mick Fleetwood do the walkout music. Tom Lister Jr (AKA Zeus or Z-GANGSTA) could do the security maybe or he could be the target man up front, just try and stick it on his head all game.
  2. I'm enjoying the cutesy charm this game has, stuff like catching the bugs and what not. It'd be quite dry to just say "You caught a carp!" so it's nice they throw the puns in. The characters are very expressive as well which helps since everything is text based essentially since all the sound is gibberish. I say cute, it could very easily go too far and be very saccharine but so far it seems like there's enough to dial it back a bit. Like, Gulliver is very blase about the fact that he keeps waking up face down on a beach, as if it's happened so often that it's sort of lost all meaning at this point? Or Blathers, Blathers is really cool. He has a total geek chique thing going on with his bow tie and the patch on his belly that looks like a sweater vest. He's just really enthusiastic about the fossils and his weird tangents make me want to hear what he has to say about everything rather than just dump my inventory on him and run away. Like, I just handed in a Eusthenopteron fossil and he ended up pondering what life would be like if everyone lived under the sea. Really doesn't like bugs though, again that helps take the edge off that overly happy tone. Looks really nice too, there's something very soothing just standing on the beach in the twilight, watching the waves lap the shore whilst my villager happily plays the Ocarina. I think I was a little worried about how grindy the game would be, it can feel a little like a glorified freemium game at times between collecting materials and the way it drip feeds content. But on the other hand, it does give you something to look forward to when you next load the game up to see how things have progressed. I mentioned Twitter the other day, it seemed like everyone being at roughly the same pace (unless you're a time traveller) enhanced this community feeling. Like, one example was someone mentioning the museum and how grand it was (totally right BTW, massive TARDIS situation going on there) and their friend was still a couple of days behind, only for them to come back after those two days and be like 'OMG'.
  3. GK - Diego Alves LB - David Alaba CB - David May CB - Micah Richards RB - Tomas Helveg MC - Kevin Nolan MC - Wesley (2 Brazil caps, played for Santos and Werder Bremen so he'll do I guess? AML - Luis Garcia AMC - Juan Riquelme AMR - Shunsuke Nakamura ST - Lionel Messi Couldn't see a good manager at a quick glance, call Kevin Nolan player manager? I know he's a bit out of position on the left wing but again couldn't see much out there. There's Luis Garcia knocking around, or you could put Messi there and stick Aruto Lupoli up top? EDIT: NOW WITH CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS
  4. So, because there was a cheapish digital copy going, I have Animal Crossing downloading right now. I blame the Twitter hype, even if the prospect of tarantula islands put me off slightly. Never played an AC before so this will be interesting! Having said that, I do have a copy of Amiibo Festival because it was really cheap at one point. Does that get me anything here?
  5. Wait, surely Bravely Second was Bravely Default 2?!
  6. His condition has been upgraded to alive.
  7. Team meetings are dumb. Up into League One with Alfreton and expect to get blown out of the water but was never anywhere near the relegation zone. Lowest I got was 14th after 8 games but managed to spend most of the last third around the promotion spots, managing to scrape into 6th spot before narrowly going out in the semis. Figured I'd be able to give an inspiring speech about pushing on next season but literally every option was about avoiding relegation but all of my squad thinks I'm being too ambitious. We were 30 points above the relegation area! Hopefully the game gives me a nice reputation boost over the summer because it still treats me like a minnow. Maybe the league position and cup runs will help. Got to the semis of the tin pot cup after knocking out the U23s of Newcastle, Man U and Man City before falling to Wigan. Managed to knock out Derby in round 3 of the FA cup before making the unwise decision to take the game to Liverpool in the next round and got spanked 5-1 for my troubles. At least noted Bourne alumni Fidel O'Rourke managed to score against his old club with a nice jumping volley ahead of VVD. EDIT: Oh good, the youth facility upgrades the board have been pumping money into all year have been cancelled at the last minute due to lack of funds. According to my finances they've spent 1.4m this season and I haven't got any of it back now, will they at least be able to pick up from where it left off when I ask next or are they gonna spend all that money again?
  8. First game post patch is a 3-1 away win, complete with my striker breaking his 10 hour goalless drought. Granted all 3 goals were set pieces and a shot from just inside the area so no shaking the one on one blues just yet but all good. If anything, in the following few games, I'm not seeing many one on one highlights at all. Maybe that speaks more to my team or maybe that's the ultimate fix; they can't complain about seeing a bunch of wasted one on one highlights if you just don't give them the highlights.
  9. Yeah I got hit with the whole squad replacement thing in my brief foray in 19 when it was on game pass. That's what made me a bit wary ahead of the end of season on this Alfreton game I have on 20. I've got one or two signed up for another year but I feel like I wasn't able to recruit anyone good in the 19 game and ended up panic re-signing some of the squad guys I already had. One of my star guys here is willing to sign (albeit at a big jump in pay) but I hadn't factored in not being able to shift all my chaff so I'm considerably over budget. I get that I have to let them all go on frees since we're all in the same no budget boat down here but they all just refuse to even talk to the other teams pretty much. I get the 'talk into joining' option on all of them but they all say they're going to turn the move down even if I accept the bid. Might have to take the hit on releasing them to try and claw back some budget since my board aren't playing ball. All the compensation pay probably won't help.
  10. Just had a message pop up about one of my left backs being unhappy at his playing time. To be fair he has been out of the side a little recently but it's not like I've completely exiled him like I have some players. Then the rest of the squad chime in to back him, mostly from some of those aformentioned people I exiled. For context, the one person who supports me is the other left back.
  11. Is that former Wolves CB Roger Johnson? If I'd known he was around I totally would have got him. As it is, I do have Jay McEveley playing back there. I got Romario Viera in as well actually, if only caus I was able to whittle him down to like £100 a week. Only a fringe player mind.
  12. Snivy, and it's whole evolution line really, has swagger. Just the look of it, it has this cocky attitude to it. Tepig is cute and I like that Pignite looks like it has a singlet on but Emboar is a but of a mess visually. Oshawott I can't shake the feeling of it just looking very childish, that doesn't carry through the rest of the line though. You get your save back then? I saw your tweet about your SD card maybe being busted. And whilst I'm here, starter/Go talk since it's the CD today, shiny Piplup line is so redundant. At least it's more pronounced once you get to Empoleon but you can barely tell the difference between the normal/shiny versions of Piplup and Prinplup.
  13. lollujo fan club represent!
  14. If you have the means, there's a DS port that benefits slightly from being played on a 3DS due to the circle pad.
  15. Random Pokemon Go talk, I recently got my buddy up to level 2 which unlocks like gifts and bonus catch chance or something. I didn't bother looking into it and just assumed it passively improved the catch rate. Cut to today, come up against a Makuhita and the catch ring disappears mid throw. The ball bounces of it and starts heading back toward me, NBD. All of a sudden, my Gyrados comes out of nowhere and proceeds to head the Pokeball back towards the Makuhita, this counts as a Great throw and I end up catching the thing. Pretty sure I died from seeing this play out.
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