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  1. Is that former Wolves CB Roger Johnson? If I'd known he was around I totally would have got him. As it is, I do have Jay McEveley playing back there. I got Romario Viera in as well actually, if only caus I was able to whittle him down to like £100 a week. Only a fringe player mind.
  2. Snivy, and it's whole evolution line really, has swagger. Just the look of it, it has this cocky attitude to it. Tepig is cute and I like that Pignite looks like it has a singlet on but Emboar is a but of a mess visually. Oshawott I can't shake the feeling of it just looking very childish, that doesn't carry through the rest of the line though. You get your save back then? I saw your tweet about your SD card maybe being busted. And whilst I'm here, starter/Go talk since it's the CD today, shiny Piplup line is so redundant. At least it's more pronounced once you get to Empoleon but you can barely tell the difference between the normal/shiny versions of Piplup and Prinplup.
  3. lollujo fan club represent!
  4. If you have the means, there's a DS port that benefits slightly from being played on a 3DS due to the circle pad.
  5. Random Pokemon Go talk, I recently got my buddy up to level 2 which unlocks like gifts and bonus catch chance or something. I didn't bother looking into it and just assumed it passively improved the catch rate. Cut to today, come up against a Makuhita and the catch ring disappears mid throw. The ball bounces of it and starts heading back toward me, NBD. All of a sudden, my Gyrados comes out of nowhere and proceeds to head the Pokeball back towards the Makuhita, this counts as a Great throw and I end up catching the thing. Pretty sure I died from seeing this play out.
  6. If we're strictly talking stuff from the first movie, I'd go Harry. Including 2, as Forky points out, it's hard to discount the whole electrocution thing for Marv. Though, Harry also sticks his flaming head into a toilet bowl of flammable liquid so...
  7. It's like a reaction to all the feedback to the initial Xbox One launch. "Oh, you little shits want a console you can stand up, do you? Well get a load of this!"
  8. THE GOOSE is coming to game pass as well, next week I think it is. I look forward to this.
  9. I took SAM for the last part of Max's companion quest which was an interesting experience. Also hilarious.
  10. Hopefully they take the opportunity to troll and call it Half Life 3-D.
  11. I really like the look of Grounded, mostly because it has this Honey I Shrunk the Kids vibe. A bit wary of the survival mechanics though, not sure if it's going to turn into some sort of Fornite lite or Sea of Thieves without any core stuff to do.
  12. You can get 8bitdo wireless controllers and adaptors so they work on an actual SNES. Might get pricey though if you want multiple as I think you have to get the adaptors separately. There's possibly other similar items, that's just the one I'm familiar with. Alternatively, SNES Mini Classic + 8bitdo controller(s) for your wireless needs. You'd need to mod it if you wanted more then just the base games and there's the odd compatibility issue with certain games. Not got an adaptor for the real SNES but the 8bitdo is great for the mini.
  13. So I started the game, got done with the first town. Fallout and Borderlands were the obvious comparisons, the Mass Effect qualities I wasn't really aware of with the companions and abilities. There's something amusing about Parvati doing her hammer strike thing and then the both of us setting about the victim's prone body with her hammer and my electric beating stick. Been getting a bit of a Bioshock vibe as well, probably because I have been favouring melee and it's reminding me of smacking people with a wrench. Obviously you've got the vending machines too and maybe a bit of the aesthetics as well like bits of the UI. First town spoilers:
  14. Maybe this is like Dead Rising all over again and you need to upgrade to a 4K TV to read it properly.
  15. Deffo going to be downloading this on Game Pass, all the reviews still to be trending towards it being good. Probably will have a look at it next week, need to finish off my playthrough of Bloodstained first. I know you guys are obviously still early on but does it seem linear in terms of the storyline stuff? Just, with Fallout 4 having all the multiple factions I never really focused on finishing it with one.
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