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  1. "You killed xXxXx___Sn1p£rEl!t3SSJ420___xXxXx's horse. You have been banished to the naughty kids server for 6 hours."
  2. What am I, your personal Q&A monkey or something? You can buy a disc, sure. Technically it doesn't run off the disc, it just uses it as a means to confirm you have the license to play it. if you're in the market though... I'm not sure what you're referring to with that upscaled reboot talk, they haven't re-released it or anything, it'll just be the 360 version on backwards compatibility. Even then, it's gonna be pretty close to what it is on 360. I've seen talk on some titles where it runs very slightly better on the One, some titles slightly worse.
  3. Everyone knows Kaney is just itching to buy a PS4 so he can shoot Ollie's horse again and again.
  4. That guy really is injury prone.
  5. Should come with some AA's that you can use. Alternately, you can just use it wired with any standard USB lead, the kind that fit most modern phones/tablets. If you want a rechargeable battery, the official play and charge kits run about £15. Or you can go something more off brand for cheaper. I got some stand thing that came with two battery packs in an Amazon lightning deal last year for about £5, has worked fine.
  6. A little late and ultimately moot given the other responses but, yes, Bleh, I managed to find a team for the event this week. We got Alexa, which is nice. Having said that, not sure how long it will last caus the guy running it is a bit iffy. I put my Diva to an UR in order to go for the WM card and he was shouting at me in the chat asking why my best Diva wasn't in... My deck is starting to move along nicely now. Recently managed to get a Fusion Pro SVR Edge, Pro WM Edge and have two WM Goldusts I'm training at the moment. Those and the aforementioned Ms Bliss, should make the next RTG that bit easier. Only thing is I've fallen behind some on my MitB so might be tight on getting the two Jericho's this month. Oh, and should be able to get my SS freebie soon. Later today most likely... EDIT: SS freebie is Sasha Banks! Tags with Alexa so that's nice. I have my 17,500 games reward coming up soon which is a Diva so if I was very lucky I could get an early pro...
  7. Pretty sure Judgement was GWG at some point. "No no, I didn't ask for this. I no download."
  8. It clearly didn't cross any road, the bike was behind it. :/
  9. I never played Judgement, could maybe play that if you want your Gears fix?
  10. Not overly fussed TBH. One day, sure, but not in any great rush.
  11. A giant wooooooorm?!
  12. La Liga is pretty great. I've got 4 starting XI's to use across single and multiplayer, the more premium squad of 22 for multi having just two players under 80 rated, and I've spent pretty much fuck all on them. The most expensive guy was Nasri and he was only 1000 coins. I can probably upgrade slightly and get Gameiro up front and even he will only cost about 1500 and he's 83 rated.
  13. So, er, anyone got a team that is recruiting? Ace jumped ship and everything kinda went to hell from there and the owner is shutting it down soon. Maybe it'll be PCC tomorrow and I wont be missing much...
  14. Please take this to your own thread, this is for FIFA gameplay talk. :/