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  1. UL Sami, EL Jericho and Charlotte Bought a WM33 card from the BP Store, got Charlotte. Though, that card is when they changed her back to Charlotte Flair so now none of the other art works.
  2. Just trained up my UL Ziggler and Kofi to the verge of level 50 and have just snuck into WM33 tier in RD so get to start from Nattie. Not gonna push for Jinder here but for the right card, I might in future as it will help my RTG some for a little while. Just put my first Nattie in KotR in preperation, be prepared to see her and her twin in future TRTG's.
  3. UL Joe, EL A Double and Jimmy Uso Getting close to being WM in RD. Reddit seems to be pointing towards Nattie as the UL card, that'd be a pro for me. I have Nikki and Becky too so pretty good odds.
  4. Anyone around to drop their team cards down? I have some picks stored on TRD, would be good to use them to get charges.
  5. That feeling of seeing an Uso as a prize and instantly going to your deck to find out which one you have (the wrong one in this case for me)...
  6. In news that will shock and surprise everyone, Red Dead Redemption 2 is now delayed until Spring 2018.
  7. Just finished the HD level on RTG. Not sure if I'll be able to get the UL just yet but we'll see. TBG I got UL Cesaro and EL Brock and Miz. Miz I can pro but he's way down the pecking order in terms of cards I need to work on. He's essentially taken over Goldust's spot in that regard since Miz is a better card. Annnnnd I just got UL Nattie off the board. EDIT: Moved up to UL++ in ranked mode after levelling up Gallows, got UL Becky off the board as well.
  8. Man, anyone on the Hitmen getting 400 points would be made team captain, not ridiculed. Anyway, today's good news and bad news: Good - TBG prizes are UL Gallows (Pro!) and 2 x EL Sheamus (Fusion fodder pro!) Good thing the SS Gallows card exists because the UL art is ugly as sin. Bad - Whilst absently mindly tapping away on my phone, I somehow bought a 1300 credit Deluxe Pack. We're talking E Miz level prizes in that BTW. Emailed support but I can't see that doing anything.
  9. Left 4 Dead 2 demo is out is on sale again as part of the BC sale, £3.74. We totally need to make that a thing. I'm gonna get Portal 2 (amongst other things) as well if anyone else has that?
  10. Just remember to apply your charges as you go this time, eh?
  11. Finishing Gallows shortly on the RD. I do have like 10 doublers stacked but I doubt that will help me get the 33 card. But, from our TBG win: UL Ziggler (Pro!) EL Sheamus EL Naomi So at some stage, my Ranked deck will be UL P Kofi, UL P Ziggler, 33 Shamrock, Event Matt, MitB P Charlotte and MitB Alexa. Should get me to 33...possibly?
  12. Who let that idiot back on the team? Wouldn't we have been better promoting someone from the Vipers again?
  13. A Double 22.8k Bliss 24.1k Bliss isn't really compatible with my deck and male superstars would be more useful since they can go in RD but... It's Alexa...
  14. I think there was a modifier in place over the weekend. I remember there was a pop up but I forget the exact derails.
  15. My team lost our second match like 14k to 10.5 so we at least got the best consolation. Got EL Moon, Rollins and HD Lesnar. All pros, though Lesnar is fusion fodder and I'm not sure if I'll train Moon, might just use Dana as my 4th. CBA training a card that will be the first to go when I get an UL pro or 33 single.