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  1. All female cards, interesting. I have Charlotte and Nikki at 33 level so hopefully it's one of them. I might push the boat out and spend some of my credits on doublers and try to get Mae as well? TBG Prizes: 33 HANDSOME PRO RUSEV, UL Nattie, EL Woods Happy with that as I have already trained up one Rusev to pad out my Rumble/RTG decks.
  2. Be careful on your pros now is probably the biggest one. You have to play a certain number of games in each of the 4 stats on each single card to get the best stats on the pro. IF the event is signaling a new tier, hopefully my ranked deck is good enough. I am pretty close to a ladder reward.
  3. It's a slippery slope this one. Doctor 14 will be a gay. Doctor 15 will be in a wheelchair. Doctor 16 will be wearing a turban.
  4. No offsides? If they ever make a game of this, Jimmy would be in heaven.
  5. Oh great, now he's taunting us. That's just embarrassing.
  6. I totally have all HD cards this time that I'm not training at all, you guys.
  7. Re: TBG, it wasn't until it was too late that I realised we weren't even in one over the weekend. Rhyno would make a pro for me in the TRTG but I think it would only just make the penultimate or final spot of my RTG team so I've given up on UL now, aside from the AJ I just got since he's like, top 5 ish for the tier? EDIT: Just got support Maryse as my latest 33 pity pull, at least that my first useful 33 support.
  8. TBF, Birmingham City was always his dream club.
  9. My chamber just finished and it gave me the Fusion of Jericho....drink it in maaaaaaaaaaan!
  10. Well, we gave it a good shot and at least got the gold consolation prize. I got UL D.Young, EL Miz (AGAIN) and HD NWJ.
  11. Got my last bouts in, we're up to 9,355 now. Should be able to sneak into 10k, if not win, if a couple more people jump on. Kats has a good hand, Buddy has some bouts left, RW can win some if he gets two male solo matches I would imagine.
  12. And I thought Vince Russo joining the board was noteworthy...
  13. More Everton rejects at Sunderland? I thought Moyesy had left. Edit: NM, I see I'm late on that joke.
  14. Have they done DNA tests? People have been stung on things like this before...
  15. So, he's saying he didn't want to sign for a Prem team because he didn't want to play against Chelsea. What happens if/when they draw Villa in the Cup? Is he just gonna refuse to play?