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  1. Got through HD on +5's, albeit with a few losses towards the end. Got to around 40 in +3's before the wall kicked in. Not gonna +1 my way to Rusev but hopefully I can improve again before the next one. Got EL Joe from the board though, which is nice. Shame he was already on an event recently but he's like one of the best cards in the tier so at least he'll make a nice addition to my team. Other picks include SS Alexa (makes a pro for fusion food) and WM Blassie. Used up all my contracts on a 2nd Charlotte so probably wont be able to get enough to get 2x Wyatt this month. Will probably save and get whatever is on next month. Hopefully it's WM themed, will probably look cooler than Fastlane themed ones.
  2. Never mind that shit, emojis! Only 900 credits for Xavier Woods! On Fusions, I have a bunch of SS ones I never proed so that will help on the push to get HD ones instead. Plus, it looks like they shortened some of the existing tiers. Either that or I had less time left on my latest SS one as it's up in 20 mins. EDIT: Yep, SS down to 3 days, HD 4, EL 5 and UL 6. 50k for a UL card though...No S3 Vince cards either. And Authors of Pain don't even get tag bonus together?!
  3. I had a really lucky event this week, you guys, EL Cesaro and AJ Styles to go with my Bray prize and HD Sami shortly!
  4. I'm wary of doing this in case they come down on it. Then again, they might turn the other way and that'll leave me with only 1 card when everyone else has got tens.
  5. Hmmm, Elite AJ Styles. If only I'd been able to do the past RTG to that level.
  6. What's the minimum on a team like that? "You only got 27 shards, get out!"
  7. Anyone interested in Enslaved or Ace Combat? Bought the Humble Bundle to get the Pacman 256 game and already have those two on Steam. Kind a moot point given you could probably just spend a buck yourself to get them if you were interested but eh.
  8. I got a 2nd SS Big Cass, which I do kind of need for RTG and it would match with Enzo but he'd be like...13th best card or so? Can't really be bothered at this point. Also, should get to EL tier in Ranked at some point during this event so that'll be nice. EDIT: Using RR to clear the board a little, three picks in a row I got 2 rare supports and a SS AJ Styles. EDIT 2: Made it to Elite, freebie is Paige! My female lineup will be looking pretty good soon: 2 x MitB Charlotte, EL Paige and SS Asuka. Male Elite would have been nice for the next RD, hopefully Bray pushes me through.
  9. How are your support cards? You could stack your deck with common cards and, if you have something that will enhance the whole deck (ideally a Vince card), that'll help you out. On a personal note, on the run in to Joe now. Like Deathlok I also got HD Becky this weekend, along with a SS card or two from the board and a HD Mojo from KotR.
  10. So he's regressed from Five Moves of Doom to just three?
  11. My Royal Rumble team is left arrow central, really annoying when you get like 5 in a row. EDIT: Came 2nd in a HD KotR, got Liv Morgan. Got a WM Kendo Stick off the board too which is nice...I guess? I never got too many support cards past SV.
  12. Though me and Bleh have our differences, we are united in our utter loathing of Ace.
  13. Noted person who didn't also quit the team: RW
  14. Clearly they saw how well the Witcher was doing with it's sexually charged pictures of Geralt in the bath and took it to it's natural conclusion.