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  1. Delac should have stuck around at Chelsea, he might have finally got his debut after a decade of waiting. There's always Joe Hart...
  2. Very disappointing in the sense of what might have been, especially given some of the first half chances to increase the lead, but overall they can be proud of what they've achieved to get to the semis. Hopefully they can kick on and have a good showing in the Euros next.
  3. Where has that guy with the glasses been out on loan at?
  4. It's like your original controller and an Ouya had a baby.
  5. Need to be careful here, this ref is an aggressive steak eater apparently...
  6. Tee hee hee, he is called Blackman and he is black man!
  7. I don't know if anyone has realised this but this is potential redemption for Southgate.
  8. The Love Train is heading on out today

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