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  1. General Gaming Thread

    Best Chinese game? What?
  2. WWE 2K18

    Because laggy 6 man matches are one thing, how about laggy entrances?!
  3. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    Liverpool clearly looking to beat the Besiktas record.
  4. WWE 2K18

    Is Nikki Cross already eliminated at this point in the video or is she just allergic to getting into the ring?
  5. Premier League 2017/18

    Holding a whole roof up, eh?
  6. FIFA World Cup 2018

    I thought you and Rich already had a well established thread for this? Myke's been dying to post in it for years.
  7. Any unpopular opinions on certain games?

    Wait, there's stuff to do outside of swan diving from the second floor of her house?
  8. WWE Supercard

  9. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

  10. Steam/PC Mega Thread

  11. Football Manager 2018

    Finish the Pentagon.
  12. WWE Supercard

    Think I'll save my tokens until I hit 25 in the hope of getting a Titan and Monster. Have also got enough BP to get a Monster at 15k, or could get a Beast for 13k. Choices... NWJ makes a pro from the event, that goes with event Kane and Fusion SS17 Miz I have. Problem is, without KotR or RR to help with cards, will take a little while to train them.
  13. WWE Supercard

    Got Zack Ryder Beast card and then the servers died.
  14. WWE Supercard

    I'm slightly dubious on the new KotR as it sounds like as soon as you lose, you're out. Whilst it's good you're not locked into an event for 2 days if it's going bad or if you end up needing to do something with the cards you have in there, how likely is it that you're going to be able to actively energize every match for the entire 25 hours that it runs?
  15. FIFA 18

    The game makes me feel so shit at pens. I had one game where the first 4 were scored between the two of us but then the next 8 were missed. I tend to miss alot on individual ones too. Though, that's just been Cesc recently, Chicharito and Morata have scored some.