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  1. Bump from the grave so I could brag about the following: My team throughout the year has been a Prem team so when I saw the TOTS SBC, I figured I could try that since I was never gonna use the Criscento card I got from the weekly objective. Had a few cards I could use towards making the team but still had to go out and spend a bit, maybe 20/25k to get the team right. This is what I traded: It was very much worth it
  2. With the archery, I'm just imaging that Sports Champions or whatever it was called for the Move on PS3. I think you had to mimic pulling each arrow out of a quiver on your back, is it anything like that? Caus I could see that being tedious.
  3. "Sir, are you urinating against that tree?"
  4. I just got the last rare weapon I needed in Dark Souls, which aside from the achievement for getting all the other achievements, was the last one I needed. I dread to think of how many hundreds of hours I've played on it but even now, I just feel like starting a new character to try a different play style, different weapon combo or some handicap (level limit, base gear etc etc). That or wait until 2 becomes BC on the One or buy SotFS edition of it on the One.
  5. Can we all stop for a second to admire this magnificent photo of leathery John Gregory and his newly won Indian Super League trophy?
  6. I got Titan Alexa, which is nice if I ever come back proper.
  7. I actually went cold turkey on the thing a few weeks ago. Of course, the nature of one vice replacing another, I just became horribly addicted to Dark Souls instead.
  8. Hmmm, are you sure? I think perhaps we need another opinion on this.
  9. That'll teach me to read properly.
  10. Just had an email from Sony actually, it says that after March 8th (which I guess is this batch?), PS Plus will no longer include PS3 or Vita games. If that's the way of it, at least they're including some top line games here with Bloodborne and R&C.
  11. Let it be known, if anyone else would have made this post, I would not have hesitated in 'liking' it. As it is...
  12. I got the WWR rewards but not the one before, War I think it was. Seems like that happened to a lot of people as I think i saw a topic on it on the official forums. In other news, my Titan freebie was Kane and I got him off the board this week so hurray,first pro. Got Asuka as well for my 50k ladder reward. Had her as a pro in like every level so far so let's hope that plays out again here.