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  1. General Gaming Thread

    Noel Batman is my pen name.
  2. Best Music Streaming Services?

    Let it be known, if anyone else would have made this post, I would not have hesitated in 'liking' it. As it is...
  3. WWE Supercard

    I got the WWR rewards but not the one before, War I think it was. Seems like that happened to a lot of people as I think i saw a topic on it on the official forums. In other news, my Titan freebie was Kane and I got him off the board this week so hurray,first pro. Got Asuka as well for my 50k ladder reward. Had her as a pro in like every level so far so let's hope that plays out again here.
  4. The January Transfer Window - 2018

  5. WWE Supercard

    Are we all in agreement that the new font on the cards is shit?
  6. General Gaming Thread

    And I'm leaning towards getting it so that's even better for you, if it weren't for the time differences.
  7. Vince McMahon to relaunch the XFL

    I'm sure there are marketing experts with considerable knowledge that were consulted on this but I'm curious as the value of keeping the name XFL that, if it has any name value after 15+ years, it's only negative. Why not call it literally anything else? I guess with Vince at the helm, people would probably just call it XFL 2 anyway so there's no point trying to distance themselves from it?
  8. Vince McMahon to relaunch the XFL

    This is much higher quality discussion than I was expecting from the XFL Redux thread.
  9. Nintendo Megathread

    Springtime for Rollercoaster Tycoon
  10. XBOX Megathread

    "Good for all those 3 exclusives they have, lol!" But yeah, I might sub for when Sea of Thieves comes out because that's always looked interesting. Same for if/when Crackdown 3 ever comes out.
  11. Cheat Codes

    Alien Breed 92 always had some gems like Aliens Are Benders and Katrina Has Farted And It's A Beauty.
  12. FIFA 18

    The next evolution of the sweeper keeper.
  13. Nintendo Megathread

    General strangeness aside, what's the deal with that transformers-esque thing? Like, it hints at VR but it's cardboard goggles where you put the Joycons in the arms of the goggles? And you wear a back pack but it's not actually VR because you're just activating stuff in the backpack by pulling on rubber bands when you punch?
  14. The January Transfer Window - 2018

    Did he follow them on Instagram?
  15. WWE Supercard

    I stumbled upon a good team at Beast level which jumped up to Monster as people started adding Titan Balor Pro's from MitB and then we kinda raced through Monster in a few weeks. Like, we just got Miz from the TRTG reasonably comfortably. I had a run of luck in the past week or so with cards. I only had the one Monster Pro after getting Big E in the last TRTG (I think), then I've got Monster Gallows, Reigns and Mustafa Ali pro'd in the past few days, and I'm now needing to train Asuka from this week's RTG to make that a pro. That's in addition to me getting Beast Asuka pro'd. Hopefully I can push on to Titan soon. I'm still a few Monster Pros short of being event level for RD. Just made it up to Platinum level in PVP too.