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  1. Yeah in my experience big clubs usually offer a shirt exchange if a player's number changes after people have bought it. Edit: Like so.
  2. Apparently Chelsea are doing that thing where they keep submitting incrementally-improved bids for a player (£2m or £3m more each time), which keep getting slapped back because it's Not Happening but they're going to waste a month trying for it anyway. At least, this is the impression I get from the stories linking them to Alex Sandro. It all feels horribly familiar and fruitless.
  3. I've decided to couple my objective to read more with my objective to write more - in that I'm going to write a 200-word review of every book I finish. Here is the first such exercise, relating to 'Rivers of London' by Ben Aaronovitch: My next read? Classic science-fiction Ubik, by Philip K. Dick. Its wikipedia article quotes a review that describes it as ‘a deeply unsettling existential horror story, a nightmare you’ll never be sure you’ve woken up from’. Sounds lovely.
  4. Multiple reports out of Argentina that Caballero has signed a contract with Chelsea and they're just waiting until July 1st to announce. Erm, yay...I guess.
  5. I've read......three.
  6. And oh look, on Boxing Day we're AT HOME TO SODDING BRIGHTON WHY The back-to-back away games at the two Manchester clubs at the end of Feb looks bloody ominous.
  7. Sending one of the promoted teams to Stamford Bridge for the opening weekend seems like the sort of thing they'd do. Plus giving us a home game on Boxing Day for the FIFTH BLOODY YEAR IN A ROW just to force me to miss one of my season ticket fixtures. I dunno about the season as a whole. My standard hope is that Chelsea are still in title contention come April. Then again the benchmark these days is more likely to be "don't do another 15/16". Quarter finals in Europe would be great too (although just the 2nd round is probably more realistic).
  8. I'm not sure this universe could handle Brian Blessed as The Doctor.
  9. I edited in his first name. Happy now?
  10. L'Equipe says that Tiemoué Bakayoko to Chelsea is nearly done, with a €40m fee agreed and the player himself heading to London today.
  11. At least then you'll get one year's reprieve from him scoring a bucket load against you.
  12. Well he wanted to go back to Atleti last summer, but they bought someone else instead. Then he spent January trying to get a move to China, only having since decided that he doesn't want to go to China and only wants to go to Atleti. And now Atleti can't buy him unless he fancies sitting around with no football until January, so who knows. In a way I'm not surprised that Conte doesn't want another season dealing with that.
  13. Diego Costa has said to news reporters following Spain's friendly match with Colombia that Conte is not counting on him/doesn't want him/doesn't have him in his plans (delete preferred translation as appropriate) for next season. Welp. *throws all eggs in the Lukaku basket*
  14. 99% sure it's United. The Greizmann deal is off thanks to Atleti's ban being upheld, for one thing.