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  1. I was expecting it to be Kane who scored the obligatory late winner but Eriksen works too.
  2. Chelsea U18 have tonked Manchester City U18 5-1 (6-2 agg.) to win the FA Youth Cup for approximately the eleven-thousanth time
  3. Lovely interplay for that one.
  4. Costa finally scores a goal!
  5. Thank you, Gary Cahill.
  6. 1-1. Fuck sake. I did just go and look up when was the last PL game in which we finished the first half with a two goal lead... November 5th, I'll have you know.
  7. 1-0, Hazard. Lovely.
  8. N'Golo Kante has been named the PFA Players' Player of the Year.
  9. And hey, maybe if Arsenal don't cock up against Leicester on Wednesday, they'll have some confidence going to White Hart Lane.
  10. Although the replay shows that part of the ball stayed over the line for that City cross, it's so close there's no way I would blame the linesman for misjudging it.
  11. Indeed. But then when the Cahill-Luiz-Azpi trio have established themselves as solidly as they have, I understand why there isn't rotation just for the sake of it. Even though we've had trouble keeping clean sheets lately, it's not got to the stage where it feels sensible to bench the de facto captain in Cahill (but then if it means that Azpi gets to be captain, I am 100% in favour ). All the same, Ake definitely looks like he should be our '4th choice' centre-back, ready to step up at a moment's notice and perhaps stake his claim from there. I don't think Zouma is comfortable enough playing in a three yet.
  12. Some people were gushing and offering up hyperbole like "that's the best goal that's ever been scored at the new Wembley"...and then Matic threw cold water over them when he was asked if it was his best goal and he was like "nah, second best". I mean, fair play:
  13. Macedon's possibly the most OP war-orientated civ I've ever seen. It's just brutal. Damn you, Alexander, you smug git!