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  1. In case it needed further clarification, Chelsea are currently Not Very Good.
  2. Finished the final trial in the 3rd Phoenix Wright game (the 'Bridge to Turnabout' case) yesterday, having only played it once before at least 8 years ago. I had a dim memory of who the murderer was, but no recollection of how/why/what happened to get there. Fucking hell that's a ride and a half. In fact, the whole of the Trials and Tribulations game is crafted really well. The obvious exception being... With that said, it would all have been a whole lot smoother if... Putting the storyline aside though, I found the actual trial/evidence work a lot more frustrating than in the prior two games. There were several occasions where I had to resort to near-random attempts at objections just to figure out "oh, so you wanted THAT specific interpretation of THAT specific contradiction, not the half-dozen others that I could equally have picked on at this point."
  3. It would certainly take some serious guts to call for a VAR review/re-take of the saved 5th penalty when everyone has already started running all over the pitch in celebration.
  4. I don't get the goalie-line thing at all. Like, I'm sure it's been the law forever but I just heard people saying this season they're going to actually start taking it seriously or something? And then they don't. Just throw it on the "whatever the fuck" pile along with handball intepretations and the like.
  5. Manchester City have been fined £315,000 but NOT given a transfer ban by FIFA for breaches relating to international transfers and registration of players under the age of 18.
  6. "Let's just say I didn't trust them... TO PAY ME WHAT I WANTED!"
  7. "It was about trust, not money." "After they only offered me a new contract on the same salary as before, I didn't trust them." Okay, Rafa. Sure.
  8. I can't help but be reminded of Chelsea ruining this for Middlesbrough in 1997 and then again for Portsmouth in 2010. TBH if you're the kind of club that has experienced relegation a couple of times in recent memory anyway, the answer seems an obvious yes. I'd be intrigued to hear from the likes of Everton fans or similar.
  9. This is basically how 90% of all my Civ games (in any version) go.
  10. We're traditionally garbage in the Super Cup even when our team is having a good spell. It's going to be a slaughter.
  11. Have the best of the first 15 minutes. Give away clumsy penalty. Yep, sounds about right.
  12. David Luiz will play all the vacant positions at once.
  13. Luiz only signed a new contract in May, so I can only think it's about Lamps coming in and Luiz maybe not being a guaranteed starter. No idea if it's the right call, but It does make me interested to see how we structure our defence in coming games (not least after we shipped so many goals in pre-season ).
  14. Yep. Luiz to Arsenal is official.
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