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  1. Oh hey, a penalty. I retract every objection I made to that proposed "no rebounds" rule. But anyway: no chance we pull it back from 2-0 down with the way we're playing in this second half.
  2. Kante plays box-to-box these days. He's often the best attacker of our midfield trio...but then the other two are usually Jorginho and Barkley, so not saying much.
  3. 1-0 Everton. Should've seen that coming tbh.
  4. Hazard's been able to cut inside and shoot twice in the opening 7 minutes. And Higuain had a chance too. Promising.
  5. You know full well no one means net spend when they quote these numbers. In that sense, he's not 'wrong'. Not that this kind of dodgy comparison gets any less murky with net spend either. Is it a 'fairer' comparison to take into account that one team had a Philippe Coutinho sitting in their squad from five years prior and managed to find a Barcelona full of Neymar money to spend on him, and the other team didn't? Or another alternative measure, "their first eleven cost £Xm and the other's only cost £Ym". When a player of a certain level can be worth £20m in the market one year, £30m the next, then £50m and fuck knows from there, the total cost of any set of players in top-level clubs can say more about *when* they were signed than anything else. tl;dr: football finance stats are usually bollocks
  6. Giroud hat-trick takes Chelsea to 4-0 over Dynamo Kiev on the night, 7-0 on aggregate. Still half an hour to go. A ridiculous drubbing.
  7. My suspicion is that these last few episodes have been mainly about manoeuvring the various 'pieces' around to get everything in place for whatever the main second-half-of-season arc is going to be, so I expect it to pick up in a couple of weeks or so.
  8. I saw this thread pop up and literally thought "ooh I know what I could suggest......oh wait, I already did. Ten years ago."
  9. I loved the movie, but then I was a big Captain Marvel mark going in so this was probably inevitable.
  10. If Nike etc. are paying a tonne of money to have their name on the thing, obviously they want to start using it asap. That 100% trumps any possible concerns about how it will/won't affect the team.
  11. Official club statement: "ASTONISHED".
  12. FIFA allowed Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid to get their transfer bans (temporarily) frozen pending the result of their respective appeals. Chelsea? Nah. (Chelsea will now take that issue to CAS using the other clubs' treatment as precedent.)
  13. The only time-sink game I downloaded out of curiosity/fondness of the theme was Star Trek Fleet Command. Two months later I forced myself to delete it. It's just not worth the compulsive attention. (Thankfully I didn't spend real money on its micro-transactions. That was/is always a red line with these games for me.)

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