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  1. Star Trek Discovery

    This. Each series is so obviously 60s/80s/90s when you look back on it. The iPod-esque Bridge decor of the Chris Pine films will feel the same in time. I don't see it as a problem though.
  2. Premier League 2017/18

    Yeah I groaned when I heard tell of the original version, but tbh I was slightly astonished at the speed with which that chant was changed from including the word 'yids' to not. Now if only the same could happen to all the other songs that include it too (including, in my opinion, those sung by Spurs).
  3. Premier League 2017/18

    Morata nabs a hat-trick at Stoke. 4-0 now.
  4. General Movie Thread

    Even I liked this film and I usually have zero interest in this sort of thing.
  5. General Movie Thread

    Even by Wes Anderson's standards, that looks fucking weird. I mean, probably good weird. I tend to either utterly adore his films (for example, Grand Budapest Hotel and Fantastic Mr. Fox are legitimately two of my favourite films ever) or find them utterly tedious (most notably Moonrise Kingdom). We shall see. And is it me, or has he dialed his favoured use of 'symmetrical 2D camera shots' (or whatever the proper name for them is) all the way up past 11 in this one?
  6. Premier League 2017/18

    Thank fuck that's finally been dealt with.
  7. Carabao Cup 2017/18

    Surely as the League Cup mainly runs from September to January (plus the Final), it should only really affect performance in the CL group stage (if it affects performance at all, which is questionable). And how often do Manchester United/etc. fail to get out of the group stage? Srsly.
  8. Carabao Cup 2017/18

    Or he'll score a hat-trick. One of those.
  9. Carabao Cup 2017/18

    Chelsea line-up exactly as I predicted earlier this afternoon: Cabellero, Cahill, Christensen, Rudiger, Kenedy, Bakayoko, Fabregas, Zappacosta, Musonda Jr., Hazard, Batshuayi Excited for Charly Musonda's first start. And watch Batshuayi fluff easy chances all game but somehow sneak a goal in towards the end when the result's already decided.
  10. Carabao Cup 2017/18

    I know people say that actual-double-Premier-League-winner N'Golo Kante is secretly twins, but as far as I'm aware he hasn't started converting his fellow midfielders into himself like some kind of footballing Agent Smith. But I would be totally in favour of that if he did.
  11. Carabao Cup 2017/18

    I'd say that the Drinkwater one is more surreal, given that it hasn't actually happened.
  12. Carabao Cup 2017/18

    Suddenly feeling all the more excellent about us getting Drinkwater (or Zappacosta, depending on where you'd expect Conte to play Ox) instead. And yes, that's even taking into account how DD has been injured all month.
  13. Premier League 2017/18

    You know in The Lion King, when Simba returned to the pride lands and they were all blackened, lifeless and generally looked like they'd been ravaged by an unspeakable evil? That's how my soul felt watching that video.
  14. Carabao Cup 2017/18

    And to make up for it (in addition to the X million pounds they already get), the top few Premier League clubs will instead get a conciliatory McFlurry to share.