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  1. Won my first game via Culture (was going for Domination but stumbled into it after getting rid of Greece). I think Science is going to be a bitch to pull off because (like in Civ V) you need a bunch of high-production cities to build the various space projects and stuff at the end, but unless you have some really OTT industrial cities then they're still going to take forever. Case in point: my highest production city was London and I did everything I could to boost it further - e.g. having a thousand trade routes emanating from it to other cities in my empire, each of which added between 3 and 6 production - and even then it's like "yeah, 30 turns to build a Spaceport". Christ. It's still going to take time to adjust to the new yield levels. Gold seemed to be coming out of my ears but in the late game it takes more than 2,500 gold to buy a single unit so even +200/turn doesn't amount to a massive amount. Conversely, I could get by (on Prince) with Science of barely +40/turn in the middle part of the game when in Civ V you'd need at least 150 or 200 to keep up. I hope there's a setting somewhere to turn off some/all of the sidebar notifications though. I really don't need to be reminded every other turn that half a dozen cities are at their Housing limit. Well anyway - winning a game with a bitching navy and a fuck-tonne of gold seems like it was the right way to play as England. Might have a go with a more faith-orientated civ next.
  2. Cool as a cucumber, Kante!
  3. Okay, probably not a draw then.
  4. I can't decide whether it will be Costa or Luiz who will be the subject of "should have been red-carded" talk in all the post-match analysis. #whynotboth.gif
  5. Surely this weekend can't end with Liverpool the only team in the top 8 to take 3 points... Oh wait, we're left with a Chelsea/Man U match and Jose's in attendance. Yes it can.
  6. Been playing as England. Spawned my first Redcoats unit just in time to have it walk into America's capital city. Fitting.
  7. I played about 20 minutes this morning and, similarly, managed to have Rome DOW me because I had only two warriors and one slinger to speak of. I then left for work before they could reach my city...aka a tactical retreat. I love the districts and the hard choices you now have to make about cities/terrain/wonders/etc. I love the strategy that creeps into your play just because you're motivated to chase the various science eureka/civic inspiration moments. I love that Builders' improvements are instantaneous (and the fact that they're limited to 3 shots doesn't seem to bother me at all). In short, I just love it.
  8. Dunno about the skins. I'll have a look when I get home from work. Am slightly annoyed by the selection of Conference North/South teams this season... None of them look appealing for a long-haul game (closest is Oxford City?!). Admittedly I now have the option to create a new club that replaces one of them, but right now I'm too lazy/unimaginative to consider it.
  9. Finding some aspects of the interface a little disorientating at the moment...though I suppose that's natural. However I most definitely wish my stupid 'you can try not to look like a knockoff AVB but you will fail' manager avatar would go die in a fire.
  10. Will I feel more worried for Chelsea if United win and are on a high heading into next weekend, or if they lose and feel motivated to 'bounce back' against us? Gah...
  11. Four days prior to release, a very typical Civ trailer appears. Not that interesting, but I'll use it as a cynical excuse to bump the thread. My favourite bit of game footage I've seen so far is definitely Sean Bean quoting Python with "Listen, strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government ... You can't expect to wield supreme power just 'cause some watery tart threw a sword at you!" upon researching the Divine Right civic.
  12. The start of this second half is certainly more familiar fare... :/