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  1. So They Live is just plain ridiculous, huh. Nowhere near Big Trouble in Little China or Escape from New York in terms of quality zaniness, but some top 80s nonsense nonetheless.
  2. Hooray for goal-line tech - the one bit of VAR I can unreservedly get behind And a lovely second goal from Mount, too.
  3. I've been binge-watching the Ducktales 2017 reboot and just watched the "Whatever Happened to Della Duck" episode. Now I just listening to the old NES Ducktales Moon theme on loop because I am the ultimate gooey sap.
  4. Apparently beating Brighton and Wolves while losing to Liverpool is enough to earn a Manager of the Month nomination now? 🤨
  5. I wouldn't overstate this. These days the Spanish, Italian, German and, to an extent, French leagues are much more competitive than they were, say, a decade ago. There's a reason that transfer windows now are full of bids of £60m for far-from-proven prospects rather than the Premier League swooping for Europe's best like years of old. Could Man Utd etc. afford to spend £100m on Europe's best players? Sure. Would said players jump at the opportunity when they could get the same in Serie A or La Liga? Quite often not.
  6. N'Golo Kante: still infinitely more likely to produce goals than either Kovacic or Jorginho.
  7. Basically the remainder of this game is going to be Chelsea players getting injured over and over.
  8. Azpi bundles in an equaliser! OR NOT
  9. I completely misinterpreted this at first and was wondering why people thought Ole making posts on Twitter would help the team. Meanwhile, it begins.
  10. Trying to really savour this next half-hour before we get blitzed.
  11. Similar to what everybody else is saying about MGSV, I would chuck GTA4 out and replace it with GTA3. It may still not be as good as Vice City etc., but for the sake of influence and whatnot. (Obviously I will leave GTAV alone on account of its ridiculous success.)
  12. Chelsea could rescue a point here after being given a fairly dubious penalty for handball via VAR... Barkley grabs the ball and immediately insists that he's taking it...and fluffs it against the crossbar. The fucking state of this.
  13. "Frank, what are your thoughts after that disappointing loss?" "I think if we had not conceded those goals, or perhaps scored more goals than they did, then the result would have been very different."
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