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  1. Damn it. Run out of Discovery episodes again.
  2. Then hold an Arsenal vs. Chelsea Europa League Final at Spurs' new stadium?
  3. 4-3 the final score. Well that was all much more of a hardship than it had any right to be... But we advance, in spite of ourselves. How many years has in been since we've had as many as four English teams in the 'last eight' (i.e. 2x last four) of European competitions? EDIT: After a bit of research I have come to the conclusion that it has never happened.
  4. Just continuing our recent trend of coming out for the second half with zero concentration or mental strength about us. It's shocking how many games we just get worse and worse as the clock ticks on.
  5. Suddenly Slavia Prague have scored twice from 20 yards and it's 4-3 (5-3 agg). Hmm.
  6. Lovely passing goal to put Chelsea a goal up after 5 minutes (2-0 agg). And Pedro somehow contrives to miss an easy chance but gets a silly own-goal off the rebound.
  7. Not in a way that functions properly, it isn't.
  8. It is patently ridiculous that I should consider *re-buying* an Xbox 360 console just because I miss playing Viva Pinata, of all things, and yet here we are.
  9. Alonso makes it 1-0 with five minutes to go! Slavia Prague have been so much better than us. This is absolute theft.
  10. Alternative take: we've just been playing badly and are now playing even worse. Hazard off the bench in the 58th minute to try and fix things. Sigh.
  11. These Sevilla-conquering Prague players do seem a tenacious bunch. I only hope they tire of pressing as the game wears on.
  12. Was looking for a pleasant puzzle or sandbox sort of game (as a change from all my super-cereal strategy or RPG sort of games) and ended up with Gorogoa. It was fun, and very nicely put together. Really short though - I think it took me about an hour in total to finish the game (one of its secret achievements is to do it in under 30 minutes). When you complete the main game, you unlock the original demo they made in 2012. It's basically the first half of the game again (maybe 40%), with a few differences. I do have to wonder if you had played that demo for free and *then* forked out c.£11 for maybe 30 minutes' extra content, you might feel a little ripped off...! But hey, I liked it.
  13. Reading this thread has reminded me that I still haven't played more than literally five minutes of X-2...which is nonsense considering that not only do I have the FFX/X-2 Remaster, but I fucking platinumed FFX as well. TBH I had forgotten that I even owned X-2. That's how little of an impression it's ever made on me.
  14. So far as I can tell, since becoming largely estranged from the Chelsea matchday squad, DD has spent most of his time out on the lash. Obviously the initials DD potentially now stand for drink-driving as well, the utter pillock. He should count his lucky stars that he's not Raheem Sterling/Ashley Cole/insert other favourite target of the tabloids here.
  15. If that game doesn't exemplify how fucked we'll be once Hazard's gone, nothing will.
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