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  1. I can't imagine clicking the "buy this game with all DLC as well" button on Steam that would literally take £200+ from you in one fell swoop. I only ended up with all the EU4 DLC by occasional whims that added up over months without me really realising. It's also pretty much the main reason why I refuse to let myself play even vanilla CK2 these days. Frankly, I can't afford to learn to enjoy it.
  2. Away games at Spurs and Arsenal either side of Boxing Day is pretty weighty. Feels a little surreal to not be caring about which weekends the home games fall on for once!
  3. Perhaps we'll get Chelsea season variant #7: Club legend [Lampard] takes reigns...achieves remarkable cup success against all odds...is sacked within months.
  4. The Mail has stolen Hazard's FA Cup win from him.
  5. If Lampard came to Chelsea now it would be an utterly self-destructive decision on his part. Maybe the club could say something like "look, given the transfer ban and other assorted bollocks, you can finish 10th or whatever in your first year and we'll give you a free pass" - but even if they did (and he somehow believed them), there would still be that toxic element of the fanbase who would find a way to turn on him after even a few sub-par results.
  6. Can't let a week pass without the club finding a new farce to descend into, after all.
  7. On the subject of backup keepers, let us not forget that Hilario is a goddamn legend.
  8. I heard a pundit say that if the '39th game' ever came into being, this is what it'd be like. Ugh.
  9. TBH I wouldn't be surprised if Kante has to come off within 15 minutes, like he did in whatever game it was a few weeks ago...
  10. With all due respect to the legend that is Petr Cech, I hope he has a mare. (It's a cup final. He won't.)
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