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  1. Jose at the Bridge again... Tottenham/Millwall. lol. Sutton vs. Lincoln~!!
  2. The lady killer line was the other one I was considering when I posted,
  3. I always forget how good the scripts in the Addams Family films are. "Ah [the baby], he has my father's eyes." "...Gomez, take those out of his mouth."
  4. And a little bit of a gift for Costa makes it 2-0.
  6. Well that half was pretty crappy viewing in almost every respect.
  7. ...Well it looks like Chelsea are playing their "we don't really care how we play because we're hoping the other team will be tired in the last half-hour of the game" strategy. Joy.
  8. Chelsea not messing about with their team selection. The attack is virtually first-choice - Costa, Hazard, Willian - with Moses, Pedro and Fabregas all starting as well.
  9. Oh fuck off Millwall.
  10. I mean, 'Arry said something pretty similar back in 2013, but okay.
  11. I flicked over briefly just after Arsenal made it 1-1. I come back now and it's 5-1. Never change, Arsenal.
  12. Meh, annoying. Not bad, just...annoying.
  13. Ah, the Cesc Fabregambit. Fingers crossed.
  14. Ugh, Matic AND Cahill AND Luiz cock up...thank god for Tibo on the end to make the save.
  15. And now we keep giving the ball away. I have a sinking feeling about this game.