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  1. Yes I'm going to bump this non-thread. What of it? This has got to be the absolute stupidest peace deal I have ever seen an AI concoct: "Yes, we started a war to fight for our own independence. Yes, we were winning by a wide margin. You know what's better than independence, though? Taking some cash off our overlord instead. Which we only get maybe 20 ducats of. And we'll take 10% of said overlord's monthly income...even though, by remaining his vassal, he's getting 50% of our income anyway."
  2. 2023/24 season over: finished 15th in the Championship with Reading (they were 22nd when I joined in January). The board's objectives for me are: Mid-table next season (so basically the same)...then get promoted to the Premier League the season after that. This feels like a dramatic leap. But, hey! Maybe they'll be giving me money to invest! £1.7 million. ...Kay. ¬_¬ P.S. I have Enzo Zidane in my team and Good God if he isn't a massive disappointment to his father's legacy. Oh, and in other news, Liverpool won the quadruple (domestic treble and Europa League). Of course they did.
  3. On the subject of investment, does anyone know roughly how going out in the CL 2nd Round equates financially to a Europa League run via finishing 3rd in your CL group? Just curious if there's theoretically a financial argument (albeit an obtuse one) for finishing 3rd rather than 2nd in your group.
  4. The inductees is. They'll be announced in mid-March. I would presume Alan Shearer and someone.
  5. Now we just need the next 20+ best players in Bayern's squad to also be unavailable and we might be in with a shot.
  6. "Six years since Chelsea last won a knockout game in the Champions League" Didn't realise it'd been that long!
  7. My first six games in charge of Reading: Honestly thought we might never score a goal again. 😂 EDIT: Aaaand in the very next game we do of course lose 4-3.
  8. Although there is no logic to this, I feel sure that the more posts/tweets/etc. I see talking about "REMEMBER MUNICH IN 2012", the more miserable tonight's result is going to be.
  9. I had not considered "not even slightly Crystal Palace" to be a relevant benefit to this year's 3rd kit, and yet here we are.
  10. I sense that will not be a popular one.
  11. I would say The Visitor is an excellent 'concept' episode (I apologise for that unhelpfully vague name, but I don't know how else to distinguish ST eps that are less about Stuff Happening and more about taking one particular bit of sci-fi and running with it), and it has always stuck out to me as DS9's equivalent to The Inner Light from TNG. Whereas I'm sure the enduring popularity of In The Pale Moonlight is centred around how 'dirty'/un-Star-Trek it is... I do find it funny that this episode is loved and similar elements of Discovery are bemoaned. Anyway, so far as DS9 season 6 goes, it always comes back to Sacrifices of Angels for me. It's basically a season finale in everything but name, wrapping up the enjoyable Occupation arc while also setting the characters of Dukat and Damar in motion for their pivotal roles in the remainder of the series.
  12. Sorry, Orient. They're offering to quintuple both my salary and the size of my budget. It's a no-brainer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Have now been offered interviews (without applying) by Swansea, Sheff Wed, Cardiff, Wigan, Sunderland and Bristol City. Virtually the entire bottom half of the Championship, at this rate. Not one of them actually went as far as to offer me a job, mind. They're just here to waste my time.
  14. Coventry invite me to an interview. Okay, sure. I don't really see them as a step up, but I'll see what they say. Interview done... What's my next match? Oh, right - against Coventry. Thrash them 6-1 (4-0 up 15 minutes). Lol. A few days later, Coventry come back to me and say...unsuccessful. Me: "WHAT?! I mean, I didn't really want this job, but this is an insult! What kind of two-bit HACK have you morons decided would be a better manager than -"
  15. Maybe because fuck all happened in the January window...
  16. There were a couple of times in the film where I was like "okay, I don't know who the people who churn out scripts for kids' films are...but they could surely have tried a LITTLE harder on that bit of dialogue/plot point"...but overall, I enjoyed it. I would quite like a sequel, but sod's law suggests that there therefore won't be one.
  17. Saw some of Kipo when I was last up visiting my daughter. Seemed pretty decent, but probably not enough to it for me to get invested. She's more into DC Super Hero Girls (the 2019 version) at the moment, which looked like a much easier/more entertaining watch from what I've seen. Although personally, I'm mainly waiting for season 3 of DuckTales to start.
  18. Yet another official club statement about homophobic chants from the away end at Stamford Bridge.
  19. Put your bets in now for a 0-0 against Chelsea at the weekend.
  20. Between you and lollujo I'm getting a lot of the "oh God Spurs have underperformed HELP" flavour of schadenfreude this week. Keep up the good work.
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