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  1. I'm sure the fact that he seems to have the benefit of Kovacic playing 60+ minutes of every match for him hasn't harmed matters.
  2. It's not the most challenging of games tbh.
  3. #lads I see he's been taking cues from Donald Trump on how to defend his actions. Also, the Grauniad using the wrong 'there'.
  4. I think that Maurizio Sarri may have attended the Scott Steiner School of Mathematics.
  5. The Carabao Cup loss must have hit him hard.
  6. Nice to have the top three teams on equal points.
  7. Obviously Morata spurns another chance one-on-one with the keeper... I also notice that, rather than have a chant for Kepa when he does something spectacular, the away fans choose to sing "Tibo, you're a cunt" instead.
  8. I suppose that would be easier to arrange than travelling back to 1995... A goal and an assist for Ross Barkley today! The hard work done by Giroud, of course.
  9. Speak of the devil... He's mine too.
  10. So, Southampton vs. Chelsea... 0-0, or 0-1 with a Hazard goal?
  11. They have! They won a football in the local school fete's tombola.
  12. "Morata in the Europa League so far this season: 12 shots on goal...none on target." ...Aaaand on comes Hazard in the 54th minute. We are such a one-man team these days.
  13. I swear that everyone in the Chelsea squad not named Hazard has completely forgotten how to shoot properly.

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