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  1. Chelsea have officially confirmed their away kit, which is your basic Nike plain yellow kit. But of course I am a complete sucker for any yellow away kit and therefore adore it. (Cue obligatory "lol Hazard will be off to Madrid before ever playing in that" quip)
  2. I know. I had to find a Chelsea fan wiki to get any details.
  3. Now that even Delac has moved on (and Blackman is already loaned), I have a new raft of unfamiliar/irrelevant goalkeeper names in Chelsea's early pre-season squad to learn. Marcin Bulka? Who the fuck is this? Apparently he made four appearances for our U18 team last season... Those Australian Chelsea fans going to the match against Perth Glory must be super excited.
  4. Gianfranco Zola is confirmed as Sarri's new assistant.
  5. The figure I've seen is 40m euros which is more like £35m, but this is splitting hairs. TBH I don't even know how the selling club can push the fee higher given the contract situation and how the buying club pretty much hold all the cards.
  6. Kenneth Omeruo. I would like to be able to tell you something about him but obviously I've never seen him play.
  7. Latest word is that Chelsea and Real Madrid are virtually there for a Courtois transfer, but naturally it hangs on Chelsea finding a replacement keeper first. I can picture us replacing Courtois, although I'm not sure who with (people get too hung up on trying to find a young keeper who will be here for 10 years... Like, why is getting an older keeper who's good for 4 or 5 years so bad? Plus it's Chelsea. Odds of anyone sticking around that long are low). I don't see Hazard going though. The rumours haven't a great deal of momentum to them so far and there have been no majorly strong "replacement signing" rumours either. In other words, it's just been like every other summer... Mourinho once joked that Hazard would cost Madrid £100m...per leg. To be honest given the way things have gone these days, if the fee were south of £150m it'd be a joke.
  8. You hire another company who fly people around the world to have meetings with bigger companies, where they smile and flutter their eyelids in the hope that it'll persuade them to throw millions of pounds at West Ham.
  9. So far £447,000 of taxpayers' money has been spent failing to find a naming sponsor for the London Stadium, because West Ham and their stadium are both awful. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44848750 I'm sure all the fighting in the stands last season did wonders to attract punters.
  10. I don't know about Allison, but I want the Courtois situation sorted. Now. His kids are in Madrid and that's a perfectly legitimate motivation to leave - and it's not one that's going to disappear if he signs a contract extension either. We'd just be setting ourselves up to repeat this in a year or two, and therefore I can't see why Courtois would want to re-sign. It's not like he'd have any reason to do so other than to give Chelsea more bargaining leverage, and why should he do that? In fact, everything he's said has thrown up red flags for me that he's looking to string this out to the last minute and leave Chelsea trapped in a corner. "I'm not going to think about my contract until after the World Cup." Okay. "Actually it won't be until August." Fuck off, Tibo. Our deadline for getting any replacement in is August 9th. We cannot allow ourselves to enter that final week of the window with the possibility of you NOT signing anything and basically saying to Chelsea "lol, you can either sell me now (since Spain's window closes later) with no replacement or in January for a little bit of cash or let me go for nothing next year. In either case, bye!". Add that he's now been making noises about possibly staying if his pay is increased enough... Dude, either you want to see your kids more or you don't. Don't play the kids card and then say actually a bit more money will do just as well.
  11. These award ceremonies are a bit awkward when you have some recipients there and some not (Courtois, Kane). Although not as awkward as if they'd flown Harry Kane in, Mbappe scored a hat-trick and they'd have to be like "nah, sorry mate" and sent Harry away again. I would have laughed.
  12. 'ATV Irdning' apparently. And if you google ATV Irdning, you find...mainly results talking about their match against Everton.
  13. I think Jorginho is a good signing but I can't be bothered to type out all my reasoning on my phone. And Barca can fuck off because that's not happening
  14. No idea but I'd be astonished if he weren't now on the classic 'loan-loan-loan-sell' cycle.
  15. More so than the centrebacks that I've seen us linked with...

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