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  1. That was Ross Barkley's first career goal in European competition. Feels strange, even though it makes sense.
  2. Come on now, Arsenal. Even we managed to master BATE. Twice!
  3. There's the 2-1 win over Newcastle and 2-1 cup 'win' (via penalties) over Spurs that mess up that sequence, so not really.
  4. Chelsea's most recent away results: 2-0, 4-0, 6-0. Stay tuned for Malmo to hand out an 8-0 thrashing later this evening!
  5. Current mood re: football/real-life Chelsea/etc. "Fuck this, I'm loading up a new FM12 game. Yes I've got the likes of Bosingwa and Romeu to deal with, but Lampard and Drogba!" *Drogba breaks his leg in pre-season* "...Oh."
  6. Seems to me like you're quibbling over Seamantics.
  7. TBH I'm just waiting for Good Omens.
  8. Uh oh, Wolves picked up a late point. They're closing the gap!
  9. Presumably the business case for it wasn't gouda nuff.
  10. I see that City continue to play 'One Step Beyond' after stealing it from us a few years ago. The fact they only played about 10 seconds of it proves it's nothing but pure trolling.
  11. Yeah but the average lifespan of a Chelsea manager is probably something like 1.25 seasons.

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