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  1. Clearly it's up to Leicester to overhaul the champions-elect.
  2. Chelsea will now be allowed to register new players in the January transfer window. ...Watch them all be worse than the youngsters we've already got.
  3. I like that the news item felt the need to include a "yes, even the Irish" note.
  4. In fairness, that year is only one digit off, even if it is a fairly significant digit.
  5. I mean, I'm sure that there's some better example of how Roy Hodgson is old that isn't so much of a ridiculous lie.
  6. I have already 'committed suicide' in this by intentionally playing the song on my own Christmas playlist...but I'll still keep an ear out to see how long I last otherwise. Since I listen to a lot of Classic FM and watch very little TV, probably my main vulnerability will come during trips to Tesco.
  7. I'm just annoyed that we've missed out on the possibility of Mourinho at Arsenal, if only for whatever Wenger's comments would have been.
  8. Well that's my life shortened by a few months.
  9. The end of this game is about 1000 times more exciting than I wanted it to be. SEVEN FUCKING MINUTES
  10. Penalty call is a bit weird too. But nvm because KEPA With that said, we are BEGGING to throw this game away at this point.
  11. This VAR decision has taken forever but apparently it was onside. Okay, sure? 😂
  12. And again. We went behind but then KOVACIC SCORED AN ACTUAL GOAL!!
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