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  1. LL.

    NFL 2019

    Carlisle Lloyd definitely has a trust fund and definitely will hit on your girlfriend in front of you.
  2. LL.

    NFL 2019

    The Dolphins would be silly to draft a QB, I think. As mentioned earlier, they have a bunch of holes that they need to be filled. Clearly they are in a full rebuild from the ground up mode so they are going to be mediocre at best for the next couple of seasons as they flesh out their starters and depth. You have Josh Rosen on a rookie contract still for at least another couple of seasons. Why not build around him and see if he can prove his worth at any capacity? And if not, draft a QB for the 2022 season. I'd say priority one should definitely be getting that defense up to snuff.
  3. LL.

    NFL 2019

    Yeah. It's really impressive to see just how much of a bear it is to make that show. I barely can keep up with it when there's multiple red zone drives happening, I can't imagine having to constantly monitor 7 games at once.
  4. Simple as, to call El Camino a movie is a complete disservice to it. It is two episodes of the show that came a few years later and I loved it. Super entertaining and was awesome to explore Jesse's world once again. Was it necessary? Not at all. But damned if it wasn't a wonderful time.
  5. LL.

    NFL 2019

    Minshew puts the LL in NFLL!
  6. LL.

    NFL 2019

    I tried to pick up Kirk Cousins in our league for his revenge game since Dak is on bye, but ended up getting my back up Gardner Minshew and, honestly, I feel like that was always where this was headed for me. He and I must be kindred spirits.
  7. LL.

    NFL 2019

    You better not be faking the funk.
  8. LL.

    NFL 2019

    Boy the Rams really went all in on Jalen when they have other needs to take care of.
  9. LL.

    NFL 2019

    Oh hey Steffon Diggs. You finally got here.
  10. LL.

    NFL 2019

    Would be nice if Odell could get anything going this season and justify his god damn draft position. (money league woes)
  11. LL.

    NFL 2019

    Looks like I'll be watching The Joker this weekend after all. I don't even have to go to a theater! They'll be playing the Patriots.
  12. LL.

    NFL 2019

    Of course not. Just trying to view it from an objective lens. What I want for the Eagles is only doom.
  13. LL.

    NFL 2019

    That's a silly move. The Jags can win without Jalen Ramsey (he obviously helps) and they're definitely not going all the way with this team. Can you imagine what an extra first and a second can do for your team?
  14. LL.

    NFL 2019

    I'm planning on going to the Dolphins home game versus the Jets in November. I figure both teams are so shitty that it'll probably be the most competitive game the Dolphins play this year. Tickets are already cheap but I figure I'll wait another couple of losses to get them REAL cheap.
  15. LL.

    NFL 2019

    You're going to ear those words when Kyle Allen proves out to be a world beater!
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