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  1. Aww man.Things have gotten really out of hand here in St. Denis. There's so much blood on my hands. All the Xs on the mini-map are blending into a giant blob. It is hour 5 of this boat standoff and there's no end to the death in sight.
  2. LL.

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    No, you idiot. He said 10.
  3. LL.

    NFL 2018

    But we will be meeting them Week 13.
  4. Marlboro should hire me to take their pictures.
  5. It's funny, I always seem to run into some sort of trouble like this when I have perfect pelts on my horse and then end up dying. But everything goes smooth when I have poor pelts to donate/fence.
  6. Felt cute. Might delete later.
  7. When I figure out how to name horses, I will be naming mine Esroh. And I hadn't lost a hat until that train heist near the start when it got punched off me and it flew off the bridge we were rolling on at the time. I had no chance. Finally, I took a beautiful picture of a man I killed along with his lover that I also killed.
  8. LL.

    Comic Book Films & TV

    Never mind. It's not on US Netflix.
  9. LL.

    Comic Book Films & TV

    How long is it? I may watch it tonight.
  10. LL.

    NFL 2018

    I too hope the Jags win!
  11. LL.

    NFL 2018

    But would they though? Unless they sign a QB they are not benching Eli. Who are they gonna start? Alex Tanney? There's no reason for that. He's always going to be a third round QB only necessary when the back up gets hurt. And trick shots aren't gonna improve a team that has multiple issues beyond Eli. They got rid of Davis Webb and clearly don't have much faith in Kyle Lauletta if they put him as third string instead of Tanney.
  12. "Alshon Jefferey had a tough week last week and they play on Thursday, better bench him." fml
  13. LL.

    NFL 2018

    In our league I have both Cousins and Goff (I also have Goff in every one of my leagues because I knew I could draft him late due to unreasonably low ADP.) I had been starting Cousins over him (despite starting Goff in all my other leagues except the one I have Mahomes in) until this week because after what the Bills did to this supposedly great defense I knew I'd hate myself if I didn't start Goff.
  14. The only reason it's showing that way is because your opponent has 2 empty slots in their lineup and that means 2 extra spots on their bench. Once they get plugged in you'll notice that it goes back to nromal.
  15. LL.

    NFL 2018

    Ryan Fitzpatrick is currently on pace to throw for 6,552 yards. Ryan Fitzpatrick. I know it's not gonna happen, but holy shit.

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