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  1. LL.

    NFL 2019

    This all smells like a ratings ploy for Hard Knocks tbh. All of it.
  2. TJ Hockenson, TE, D-TOIT @DMN
  3. Jesus Christ, guys. 7 hours and nobody else mentioned anything?! Thank you, Lineker. Ronald Jones, RB, Tampa (no other words come after this) @RoHitman Reigns
  4. LL.

    NFL 2019

  5. Nyheim Hines, RB, Independence Cults @RoHitman Reigns
  6. LL.

    NFL 2019

    I love you so much, Troy.
  7. LL.

    NFL 2019

    I am disillusioned by so many that do not believe in the brisket.
  8. LL.

    NFL 2019

    Holy shit. After all he's been through it finally looked like he was going to be able to right the ship on his career. Flabbergasted.
  9. LL.

    NFL 2019

    There's a reason Ryan Tannehill is there.
  10. Can't wait for the expansion when we will have the Oklahoma City Lightning and New York Pedestrians.
  11. It was a toss up between the two Crips teams in the NFL, but I guess I'll go with... The Ramming Angels, DEF/ST @DMN
  12. And just in case Ben Roeth... I don't feel like trying to remember how to spell his name, QB, Steeler? I hardly know her @RoHitman Reigns
  13. They already have one with the Chargers.
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