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  1. General Television Thread

    I've heard of Who Jackie, but Two Becky?
  2. TV Shows that deserved more

    And now it is not, but NBC is streaming all episodes. https://www.nbc.com/shrink?nbc=1 Since it's network, I'm guessing it's available without a cable sub...
  3. General Television Thread

    Nicole Richie is fantastic in it.
  4. General Television Thread

    Do you mean Great News or is this a different show?
  5. Book recommendations

    American Desperado.
  6. The General Podcast Thread

    I don't know how much overlap there is between the EWB comic book folk and the EWB podcast folk, but this could be relevant to somebody here... They are making a Wolverine one.
  7. EWB's Favorite TV Show 2017: The Voting Thread

    GLOW Shrink Stranger Things You're The Worst Better Call Saul Great News Cooks Versus Cons shows I will remember/watch later/over Christmas to be added Difficult People (cancellation sympathy vote) Best New Character: I really liked 008, but I will back up the Bob Newby vote.
  8. General Television Thread

    Fell asleep early but this was a fun one. Thanks, GoGo!
  9. Whose music do you listen to the most?

    Yeah, before you know it he's done, done, onto the next one.
  10. General Television Thread

    I totally forgot what I had voted for last year, so I decided to look up my ballot and it's pretty much unrecognizable. I had Orange Is The New Black and Mr. Robot in my top five and I didn't even bother watching them this year. I was only able to muster a ballot of 12 and I'm not sure I could do even half that this year. I knew my TV watching had dropped off, but I had no idea by how much.
  11. General Television Thread

    The two-hour Nathan For You finale is every bit as long as it sounds, but I'm glad I invested the time.
  12. Face-Paint request

  13. Another Logo Request