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  1. Zane Dawson and Zane Riley are two different people.
  2. Wrestlingdata has it listed by country too. https://www.wrestlingdata.com/index.php?befehl=bios&wrestler=31122&bild=0&details=7
  3. https://i.imgur.com/xDMQAsf.jpg https://i.imgur.com/v5CL5OO.jpg
  4. Not really. Daveed Diggs is investigating a murder on the train, but there's other unrelated subplots that will probably turn out not to be unrelated. It seems to be more about exploring the whole caste system and what people have had to do to move forward.
  5. Also Mike O'Malley ('GUTS', 'Global GUTS').
  6. C-MIL

    Company logo

  7. https://i.imgur.com/2ALqac8.jpg
  8. C-MIL


    I believe what was cited was that he went into quarantine before stay-at-home orders were issued.
  9. Hmmm... Seems Vulture didn't even place. 🤔
  10. https://i.imgur.com/s0KNsSR.jpg https://i.imgur.com/sNL1kGr.jpg https://i.imgur.com/yQc0HPK.jpg https://i.imgur.com/JsFAupa.jpg
  11. Is it really that bad? I am getting FOMO over it. Is it just like S-Town style poverty porn stuff?
  12. Believer is not the sort of thing I listen to, but it sounded interesting and wasn't very long and I gave it a chance. Not sure I will stick with it, but I could imagine that there are a few posters here that might like it.
  13. C-MIL

    Better Call Saul

    Forgot this was coming back. Is episode two tomorrow?
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