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  1. Apsham! Birthday! Happy!

    Have a good one, man.
  2. UK Hooligans Logo

  3. UK Hooligans Logo

  4. She's a noted lube shamer.
  5. Daaaamn, she was not awake at all there.
  6. Birthday :/

    Happy birthdays, guys.
  7. Promotion logo request

    I lightened the text on that one so it shows a little more, though I'm not crazy about it on white: http://i64.tinypic.com/akaf6r.png Here's one with the globe filled in that I think works better on white: http://i66.tinypic.com/w5jdd.png I think if I were to find the right font, the big crescent text will work, but thus far no such luck...
  8. Promotion logo request

    No. I made it out of this. http://i63.tinypic.com/2zf79s6.gif I tried again using a different method of curving the text that kept the letter shape a bit better: http://i68.tinypic.com/213okrd.png
  9. Promotion logo request

    I gave it a shot. Found it a little tough to get text to curve that severely and still remain legible. http://i68.tinypic.com/2wflmky.png http://i63.tinypic.com/2vii7he.png  
  10. Happy birthday RW

    Have a great one!
  11. The General Podcast Thread

    This week's one with Jim Rash is the new peak.
  12. It's Ollie's birthday

    Have a great birthday.
  13. Have a great birthday, JTH.
  14. General Television Thread

    It was on USA. There are a couple of twists that play off of each other really well, I thought.
  15. That blue guy is a fucking destroyer. That's why he's so happy. Anyway, gave it a shot... http://i61.tinypic.com/j626wo.png