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  1. Yeah, I figured the same. Did episode two...
  2. I am off today, so I am going to burn through as much of this as possible because I have a feeling it's all anybody's going to be talking about at work tomorrow. Just watched episode one...
  3. I spent a good bit of 2016 screen time catching up on stuff from previous years (Happy Endings mostly) and lately EWB Film Club, though I think I can get to 15 if I reeeeally try. You're The Worst Orange Is The New Black Better Call Saul American Ninja Warrior Mr. Robot Stranger Things American Crime Story Silicon Valley Angie Tribeca Worst case scenario: Search Party can qualify as last... The Night Of is next on deck.
  4. If anybody still needs to cross off a documentary (or has about ten minutes to burn), there's this: Matt Gourley lives out his lifelong dream of being murdered movie-style. Nothing revolutionary, but I'm a sucker for any story where somebody gets to live out a childhood fantasy.
  5. I watched one called Winnebago Man. It's the story of a guy who was hired to film a commercial for Winnebagos and his angry outtakes of it went viral. He gets humiliated, disappears from society and a documentary filmmaker seeks him out and ends up in a weird way bringing him back. It was thought-provoking, though I don't think intentionally. It only briefly and lightly touches on how cyberbullying can ruin lives, though it's careful to hit that point, but at its core it's the story of a guy who has very clearly intentionally isolated himself and another guy bringing all the notoriety that he's trying to escape right back to him in kind of an unfair way. However, it works because the guy's such an attention-seeking wacky character than when he's finally drawn back into the world, it feels like a real victory. I have not had great luck flying blind into these categories, but I really liked this one.
  6. I googled for a list of movies that fit the advanced criteria. One of them matched a title that had been long and emphatically recommended to me by a friend. So I watched Bubba Hotep. I'm not sure it actually fit the advanced criteria. I'm also not sure I'm going to be friends with that friend anymore. I think I needed something more uplifting this go-round.
  7. That was my confusion. I thought you meant something like Independence Day where the U.S. President was a character. I guess that's a better example of what I meant... though I guess that's out.
  8. Ran low on time so I scored this one too, off of youtube. What a killer movie. Tons of twists and turns. By the end, they got a little predictable, but still very cool. Something I never would've thought to watch without this project. Would something like Dave qualify for this week? I've already seen it so I'm not asking about it specifically, just to make sure I understand the criteria.
  9. Anyone got recos on a comedy that fits the theme? I could use a laugh.
  10. A version I found on youtube was 1:58. I'm not sure which is the original or how all that works though.
  11. It was not. Probably going to do a re-do if there's time because there was really nothing to this one. It was a psychological thriller with very little psychology and only one actual thrill. Very, very weak.
  12. I didn't like the ending or the movie, but I thought the ending worked for the story I thought they were trying to tell. I am going to watch A Good Marriage (2014) for this. I have already seen a lot of the options on the list, but I have never heard anything about this one. I am holding out hope that it is a somehow a Face/Off sequel.
  13. Nick Nero, Cubantude & The American Giant are the first three. Kameron Kade is the last one.
  14. I think Misery is a really rare case where the movie is better than the book. Looking up options, I had no idea Secret Window was a Stephen King thing. It makes sense though.
  15. So close. I really, really love that movie though.