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  1. https://www.remove.bg/ I think this is a website that some of y'all might appreciate.
  2. What is the idea? Building a promotion out of the various one-off supershows? Or adding the foreign promotions running events in New York? I'm not an EWR player any more, but I'd like to read someone that is attempt a Stardom story in The Dome, so I will cast a vote for that if it's the latter.
  3. https://i.imgur.com/3kbSOKh.png
  4. What is it about? I have seen some ads, but they don't explain the premise at all.
  5. It has a few funny moments, but holy shit is it a psychological deep dive. These guys are some driven dudes.
  6. There is a website for this. https://www.doesthedogdie.com/
  7. C-MIL

    Logo Request

  8. You don't have to, but you can if you want to. EWR allows you to have multiple saved games at the same time. The update will only apply to new games you start after you download it. It will not affect anything you have currently unless you choose to overwrite it.
  9. No, but the update won't make any changes to the game you have saved. It will be the same.
  10. Could you please post what the spoilers are about outside the spoiler tag from now on?
  11. https://i.imgur.com/LlLWrsy.png
  12. I didn't think the first season had a cliffhanger at all. In all honesty, it reminded me a little bit of The Wire's finale.

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