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  1. I am not a Matt Hughes fan, but he is Mr. Big Fight. Drama, comebacks, championship bouts, and emphatic finishes. And this has to be in there somewhere, yes?
  2. Great game last night! I actually went last night for the first time in a while and it was worth the wait. Fabulous Phil hat trick, Diondozer, Mike Brown, random British dude in a Dave Ellett jersey, and a Colton Orr goal!
  3. Edler knows Hall is coming, forgets about the pucks and decides to ready the shoulder check instead. Not necessarily targeting the head, but goes in with a general upward trajectory. The problem I have is Hall coming in with a head of steam, then letting up and deciding to timidly prod at the puck, setting himself up for what could have been really devastating. Hall is fine here, the aftermath is minimal, but whats happens if Hall goes down hard here? Edler quickly abandoned any intention to play the puck as soon as he knew Hall was coming. But if you're racing to the corner with a solid body like Alex Edler visibly coming into your path, suddenly pussyfooting and taking a stab at the puck is the worst thing you can do. I hope you enjoyed eating, sleeping, and family, Shanny.
  4. Brutal. Campoli should fit in well. Isn't that the way the Habs like their d-men? Injured?
  5. And if this was Japan, they'd be fighting. From that article. Ok. MPH, why you being so silly and telling me Rachelle won ADCC? The early stoppage sucks but that's MMA. It's a sport, not a fight to the unconsciousness. I haven't gotten a chance to watch the fight again but I remember Charlie was back peddling, turning away from Anthony before the head kick, then went right down and it looked like Rumble could have followed up and had him in a vulnerable position. It looked bad on scene and that's what mattered to the ref when he made the call. It happens. Unless you have the respect of the ref after earning some sort of reputation, he should stop it before he thinks its going to get ugly.
  6. Heh, I forgot about my av until I posted. I uploaded that like 4 years ago. How the hell is it still hosted? Whatever. She's so pretty. I want to comb her hair and feed her grapes.
  7. Met Wanderlei today at the opening of some supplement store literally right around the corner from me. Fucking awesome. By the time we got inside the store, which was about the size of a mail box, it was already five minutes after he was supposed to leave. The guy was still smiling and signing everything even though the people running it were telling us the limit was one autograph and one photo. I just wanted a photo with the guy, but the comp 8x11 was cool and I got him to sign my Chicago Blackhawks hat for the hell of it. Yes, I have canned hams for hands. Bench warming ring girl Brittney Palmer was there too. She was gorgeous and really sweet, but wasn't getting a whole lot of attention. I'm sure she was over it quickly enough. Her autograph was personalized. That was cool. Anyways, I think tonight's main event is going to be worth the price of the event alone. I'll never count Page out of a fight. Especially this one. Not only does he want that belt like burning, he is super pissed that he isn't the black alpha male of MMA. May sound ridiculous but I bet it drives him nuts knowing that not only is not in that position any more, but Jones is doing it while pretty much being the anti-Rampage. Top rate main event here. Do not give a shit about Hughes/Kos. I don't particularly like either of them. How much does Hughes have left to give? Not enough for Josh. Just make it quick and don't be a jackass post match. Have some respect for the man if this is indeed his last bout before his first retirement. Gomi gets subbed by another Diaz. Then gets cut. Then gets resigned if/when the UFC goes to Japan. I dunno, maybe. And Mark Hunt. Go nostalgia! Ben Rothwell is ok and he'll probably win this. He is also very bleh overall despite that what he does is stand and trade. He'll taste one Hunt shot, hug him til its on the mat and finish him there. Mark Hunt can fly planes better than he can grapple. And I hear he is a pretty shitty pilot. Or Ben will KO Hunt and part of me will die like it did last time.
  8. I think his fight a few weeks ago when he went Carlo ColaiaLiddell on Keith Ballard was funnier only because that's the last thing I ever excepted Carlo to do. http://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/99620 What the fuck. This waffles shit... http://www.thestar.com/sports/hockey/nhl/mapleleafs/article/910794--waffles-fly-in-protest-as-leafs-losses-pile-up I don't know whether to shake my head or support it.
  9. Ha. For lack of better words, I guess. And if you think about it, with the rise of the bloggers and twitter..ers... and their "sources", that shit isn't that far off really.
  10. You are the new Bluey! And it was still your birthday. So be happy.

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