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  1. Zoe Saldana can boast she's in the top two box office films of all time (no inflation). Also, a question I have.
  2. Correct. MOMA is smack in the middle of Manhattan and Peter says it when IronMan asks him where he came from.
  3. I agree with most of this if not all, but need to point out there are a lot of stories that Stockton's assist total is buttered up greatly due to scorers tables in Utah being quite generous with giving him assists. EDIT: want to add I don't necessarily think it's true, just something I've heard/read multiple times
  4. While I wouldn't take Billups over Nash, Billups is the most underrated player in NBA history and you can make the case he is actually a greater NBA player than say, Allen Iverson.
  5. I was thinking of doing a NASCAR one myself. Interestingly, it's the opposite for me. I'm a Dale Earnhardt fan, and it actually pains me to say this, but my hot take is that Jimmie Johnson is the greatest NASCAR driver (it's definitely not Richard Petty) of all-time. The rules are definitely different, but I find that cars are closer in...usefulness than ever before and for JJ to dominate as he did is tremendous.
  6. Yes I've seen him play AND seen the shoe commercials. I also am a bit of a basketball junkie, I go back and watch everything I can from pre 1990 and I would even use the word study when it comes to basketball history. That's why my statement is a hot take.
  7. Michael Jordan is actually underrated. He's so far ahead of anyone else who played in the NBA it's almost laughable. Only people's misunderstanding and use of basic statistics make it seem that he could be caught up to legacy wise.
  8. Playing on the PC, I encountered a strange glitch and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to fix. The wrestler menu spazzes out, as if I am holding a button to toggle through the feds. The reason why it begins stopped and ends stopped is that I don't have the window active anymore. When the window is active, the spamming happens. It's not my game controller, I restarted Fire Pro without it. It's not my keyboard, I used OSK to check to see if I had anything pressed (even if it was a keyboard malfunction) and I don't.
  9. I agree for Pippen, not for Gasol though. Gasol was already an All Star and best player on a 50 win team in the tough West. He was just in his prime when he went to LA. As for LeBron, yes. Mo Williams had his only All Star appearance for Cleveland with LeBron (advanced metrically his best season ever by a lot). Chris Bosh went from a defensive 0 to a very good defensive player playing with LeBron. On the loyalty piece, I see that as someone who was burned by a team against someone still in his rookie deal. I'm sure Durant would have felt the same way if OKC didn't get cheap with Harden.
  10. I wrote an article on the very topic of why players shouldn't be loyal. http://www.rdtworldofsport.com/2017/07/28/its-not-the-players-to-blame/ History has shown the exact opposite. M.J., great as he is (and he is the GOAT imo) did never get past Round 1 without Pippen (and got to greater heights, winning wise, when Phil Jackson installed the triangle and gave others a role, never mind Horace Grant and Dennis Rodman being on these teams as well). Ditto for Kobe Bryant, he couldn't get out of Round 1 without Shaq or in his prime Pau Gasol (and his championships have Shaq, Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom on those teams). LeBron made the 2007 Finals with a team that would have won 30 games otherwise and actually had shots at stealing the 2015 NBA title after Kyrie went down. Nobody on the current Cavs know their place because half of them joined the team in February.and the other half a decent to good, but incomplete players.
  11. The teams often have no loyalty to the player as well. Which is why I rarely blame the players for this.
  12. People still think Kobe Bryant is a better player than LeBron James these days?
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