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  1. Thats absolutely bonkers. RIP Kobe Bryant
  2. I think ROS is fantastic. I cannot wait to watch it again.
  3. The idea is they made a great Spiderman move and a profitable one in 2018, so they probably think they can make $1B with a future Spiderman film without Disney.
  4. That's where Spiderverse comes in. Movie won an Oscar afterall.
  5. Just agreeing that this was pretty fucking awful.
  6. This whole time I was wondering what the Clippers had to entice Leonard and now we know.
  7. Zoe Saldana can boast she's in the top two box office films of all time (no inflation). Also, a question I have.
  8. Correct. MOMA is smack in the middle of Manhattan and Peter says it when IronMan asks him where he came from.
  9. I agree with most of this if not all, but need to point out there are a lot of stories that Stockton's assist total is buttered up greatly due to scorers tables in Utah being quite generous with giving him assists. EDIT: want to add I don't necessarily think it's true, just something I've heard/read multiple times
  10. While I wouldn't take Billups over Nash, Billups is the most underrated player in NBA history and you can make the case he is actually a greater NBA player than say, Allen Iverson.
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