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  1. That's... kind of why it seems more appealing now that it's been released I think. When I first got No Man's Sky when it came out I found it relaxing even though it was literally just the same thing over and over and over, and then I just got bored of it. I guess the perk of this is there's an actual story to it (whether I would be able to follow it to enjoy it who knows). How does the whole "connectivity" aspect work? Do you actually need the online subscription or just be connected to the internet? Probably silly to ask, but you never know I guess
  2. I ended up buying the double pack, but Sword will be going to my roommate and Shield to me. Partially because I like the way the legendary looks more but that dang Ponyta is a plus.
  3. Here's a link for some differences between the two. There may be other stuff not revealed yet, too, but I can't imagine there's anything beyond the slight differences like Pokemon exclusives. I'd say find out if any of his favorites are exclusive to one version if he's played a previous game before and get that one, otherwise get the one you think he would find coolest (or the ones he tells you if he knows what's in the game so far) https://www.ign.com/wikis/pokemon-sword-shield/Pokemon_Sword_and_Shield_Version_Differences#Exclusive_Legendary_Pokemon_in_Sword_and_Shield
  4. I had very little interest with pre-release stuff because it just seemed like weird trailers and teasers and basically "it's from Kojima" was the selling point, but seeing actual play footage makes it seem... a bit better? I don't think I'm going to get it full price and wait for a decent price drop unless temptation/depressive splurging wins over, but at the same time I don't feel like I'm missing much from watching someone else play it instead of getting it myself.
  5. I'll never not be excited when something has a night mode. Also I just discovered the mobile site has a night mode and my poor eyes thank whomever gave that option. 

  6. First time on here in 3 years I think/15 years since I joined and seeing some of the members online hits that nostalgia bone even though I was never really  all that active on here.

  7. I haven't noticed if the tracking was off for me, but yeah generally if you have the "nearby" list open so you can see all of them that are near you, the closer you get to a Pokemon the closer to the top left spot they'll get, then the footprints will go down to one or none when you're on top of it.
  8. It could be. Once it freezes usually there's the servers Pokeball icon that appears, then in another 30 seconds or so it pops up again. I think restarting after that second time will secure the Pokemon as caught when you open it up again, but I'm not 100% certain if I've actually checked when it's happened to me. Still, it's worth a shot.
  9. From what I read, if it freezes when the Pokemon was actually caught but it just stays on the Pokeball, if you wait a minute for the white Pokeball loading icon thing to happen again that's when it actually saves the Pokemon being caught and you can restart the app.
  10. Yeah, at this point I think I have close to or more than 100 candies for each of those three. Really the majority of the time I see something new in that list on the bottom right is if I'm at work and can't really go around walking outside to find them. If they introduce trading and just battling with people via a "Nearby Players" sort of list, it would be a bit more fun.
  11. At this point I doubt I'll actually try to go after gyms because everything is basically close to 1000 CP, and working full time I really don't see myself getting my level high enough to actually get a higher max CP for Pokemon. I'm really hoping an update comes soon to fix some issues, though, like needing the app and screen on in order for it to count your steps and the whole "getting the same amount of candies for transferring a 10 CP Rattata as you do transferring a 400 CP Pidgeot" thing.
  12. Living in a college town was pretty nice today. Went a few minute walk away and there was just a bunch of people sitting on the grass or walking around playing it. My phone died as I was in the middle of a gym battle, though.
  13. Went downtown and there were a bunch of people at a spot just playing it, was pretty cool. I also caught a Pidgeot and a Gastly while down there so I did rather well I think.
  14. Used an incense last night and got a Hypno and Nidoran female, along with a bunch of Rattata. But I evolved a Rattata today to get a Raticate! Also all the gyms around me have upwards of 400 CP Pokemon, so I'm not sure when I'll actually try battling unless you can battle friends somehow. Does anyone know what the little spinning white poke ball icon is for? It's usually in the upper left corner or so and I'm not sure why it appears.
  15. I ended up getting all 9 egg slots filled during my walk downtown earlier. I have one in the incubator but we'll see how long it takes for me actually walk to hatch it.
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