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  1. ...what? Wins the ball and has his eyes on the ball for the entire time. Not a red surely. Oh handy replay, follow-up foot and high, ehhh, okay then.
  2. Unfortunate for the game and for Arsenal, but stupid by Koscielny. Unless something drastically goes wrong, should be quite a few goals in this one. Excellent finish from Milner.
  3. Really enjoyed that, my stream is shit so I thought it was Van Persie at first, wonderful tekkers from Rafael. I feel weird watching this game and liking Suarez. Liverpool are shit, but he's running after everything. It's good to see, even if it's worth nothing so far.
  4. It's not that bad anyway, I'd rather my players went to somewhere where I would still have a decent amount of control. Sure it sucks for other teams around the area, but last I remembered Matt, you were getting sick of all your loaned players >_>.
  5. Looked like Ba clipped his toe to me, but whatever, wasn't a penalty or a yellow, but ehh. Great disallowed finish for Ba. But awesome for Swansea, really hope they can push through to the final. Rode their luck at times but some good finishing from Michu and an awful mistake by Ivanovic.
  6. Aston Villa 2-2 Southampton Everton 3-1 Swansea Fulham 2-1 Wigan Man United 2-2 Liverpool Arsenal 2-4 Man City Sunderland 0-2 West Ham
  7. Argh that game, honestly thought Norwich were going to snatch it at any moment. Fun game in hindsight, horrible at the time. Clichy had a phenomenal game running up and down the left flank, and some goals were scored, early, for once. Good performance, still don't like the Nasri decision but ah well. Anyone know how long Michu is out for Swansea? He needs to draw back level with RVP >_>.
  8. Never a red for Nasri and nothing for Bassong. Ridiculous Edit: Bassong got his yellow for the follow through on the tackle, not the aftermath.
  9. Aston Villa 1-1 Wigan Fulham 0-2 Swansea Stoke 2-0 Southampton Arsenal 3-2 Newcastle Everton 1-3 Chelsea QPR 2-5 Liverpool
  10. Yeahh he did, and he blamed it on the ref being young and blah blah. It's o the BBC website I presume, but pretty sure I saw it on motd.
  11. Would love the visual of the execution, but you'd have needed a contingency parent, I guess Jamie could take him on but she, like Deb, has a terrible taste in guys. I get the 'need' to have Dexter get caught but so far he has killed people (99% of the time) who deserved it. Deb, however, has killed an innocent but can get off scot-free? In the morality of the Dexter universe, she's worse than justice killer Dexter.
  12. Man City 3-0 Reading Newcastle 1-0 QPR West Ham 1-2 Everton Liverpool 2-2 Fulham Swansea 2-1 Man United Chelsea 3-1 Aston Villa
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