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  1. I was playing GT Sport and I executed a perfect overtake of a fellow motor sportsman who proceeded to call me "fat" over the microphone. I use the quotation marks because I can't be sure if he was using the urban vernacular of "phat" meaning "dope, fly or held to a certain standard of excellence" or if he was just calling me morbidly obese. Please advise.
  2. BUCKFAST was also the cheat for every weapon in GTA 1, I believe. And there was 9 year old me just thinking it was a funny word. Though, no assault rifle in the world could ever hope to be as powerful as buckfast.
  3. I now own this. Do we still have a club that only specialises in heart-stopping moments of madness?
  4. Shit, that's a deep cut. Was it "roadtrip" that unlocked all the THPS3 levels?
  5. MGS 2 is straight up prophetic in a lot of ways. Kojima is definitely a class above that hack, Cage.
  6. Thank God I can still name myself "Alan Clunge"
  7. Triple Triad with the Hearthstone business model. They can have that one for 10% of the money that makes them and I can die rich.
  8. Cuphead is really great though I'd suggest re-mapping the default controls to something that suits you as all the actions are mapped to the face buttons and I found juggling things a bit tricky, especially in the Run and Gun stages. I'm finding dash on LT and shoot on RT is working good since I can just keep RT pressed down as I go about my business.
  9. As someone who really can't commit 50+ hours to a game I've already played, the boosters/speeding/assists, whatever you want to call them are a life saver. Or, at least they were for FFVII. FFIX has a ton of charm running through it and if I can let those aspects wash over me again without the grinding, then I'll gladly take that.
  10. I am getting my head kicked in. Turned round a corner, got blasted into bits by a rocket launcher and got the "Touchdown!" trophy. I don't understand it but I'll take it.
  11. Just picked this up and I'm looking to download a ton of wrestlers to extend the roster a bit. Is the built-in community search good or will I have to venture to caw.ws and find some good creator accounts?
  12. Hearing rumours that Riley Djite has signed a five year deal.
  13. Next week is ridiculously stacked. http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2015/10/11/ps3-ps-vita-ps4-new-releases-october-11-17-2015-back-to-the-blight-below/ I count 8 games I want to play from that list and The Witcher 3 DLC reportedly clocks in at 30 hours. Spoiled for choice.

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