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  1. EWB Fantasy Basketball

    Thaddeus Young, SF/PF, Brooklyn Nets Stanley Johnson, SF, Detroit Pistons @Quom
  2. NBA 2015-2016 Season Thread

    And if you like to be constantly disappointed, even during good years when they eventually shit the bed and choke in the playoffs, become a Phoenix Suns fan :'( it'll just feel that much more satisfying if we ever do win something I second the taking a look at Milwaukee and New Orleans teams though as young up and comers... 
  3. EWB Fantasy Basketball

    Already taken @dedhemingway think Srar took him a couple of rounds back
  4. EWB Fantasy Basketball

    Darren Collison, PG, Sacramento Kings Wesley Matthews, SG, Dallas Mavericks @Quom
  5. EWB Fantasy Basketball

    Kenneth Faried, PF, Denver Nuggets Robin Lopez, C, New York Knicks   @Quom
  6. EWB Fantasy Basketball

    Dwight Howard Kyle Korver @Quom
  7. EWB Fantasy Basketball

    Think Srar took Dirk in her last lot of picks...
  8. EWB Fantasy Basketball

    Derrick Favors, PF/C, Utah Jazz Isaiah Thomas, PG, Boston Celtics @Quom
  9. EWB Fantasy Basketball

    Goran Dragic, PG/SG, Miami Heat Andrew Wiggins, SG/SF, Minnesota Timberwolves  @Quom
  10. EWB Fantasy Basketball

    2nd Round: Paul George (Indiana Pacers) 3rd Round: DeAndre Jordan (Los Angeles Clippers) @Quom
  11. EWB Fantasy Basketball

    Anthony Davis
  12. NBA 2K16

    Yeah you'll be back to the original stats your character has as far as I believe... anyone have anything interesting come out of the second year of MyCareer yet? So far I've only had what seems to be the start of a "feud/rivalry" with James Harden in a couple of cut scenes before games against Houston...
  13. EWB Fantasy Basketball

    Do we have a draft order and what not yet?
  14. NBA 2K16

    Yeah it just reverts back to the old my career mode, just an updated one where you need to complete certain things on your off days and what not... Plus you get little cut scenes here and there with players before and after games asking how your family and stuff are going... It's still worth it if you like the my career mode like I do, there's just not an overarching story that comes with it though...
  15. EWB Fantasy Basketball