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  1. phatman added a post in a topic Comic Book Films & TV   

    just out of curiosity DMN, who are you hoping/thinking of when it cows to this casting?
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  2. phatman added a post in a topic NBA 2014/15 Season Thread   

    Suns trying to clear as much cap space as possible for Aldridge now after signing Tyson Chandler yesterday...
    As a Suns fan I like it that we have a chance and we haven't exactly traded all that much away but I can't help but feel like the Suns are going to be extremely disappointed when Aldridge signs with the Spurs...
    Also, surely Markieff is pissed now after both Morris' took a discount to remain in Phoenix together and now one is gone and the other likely to be traded too...
    I'm also hoping this leads to a PJ Tucker trade somewhere too, for some reason I've just never liked the guy and don't feel he is worth the money we are paying him...
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  3. phatman added a post in a topic NBA 2014/15 Season Thread   

    Clippers traded Spencer Hawes & Matt Barnes to Charlotte for Lance Stephenson...

    Decent trade imo... Interested to see how Clippers go from here as far as getting wing players...
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  4. phatman added a post in a topic NBA 2014/15 Season Thread   

    As far as I'm aware they are on the hook for all that money now... They've fired him... Another team doesn't take on that contract now... Unless it works differently for coaches but I'm pretty sure it doesn't...

    All the rumours seem to point to Fred Hoiberg all but locked in as the next Bulls coach too...

    Thibs will coach somewhere soon... I'd be willing to say someone like the Lakers snaps him up...
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  5. phatman added a post in a topic NBA 2014/15 Season Thread   

    Man, both teams played extremely tough and the Hawks were unlucky to lose that one...
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  6. phatman added a post in a topic NBA 2014/15 Season Thread   

    They can feel like that all they want but it's bullshit to retaliate for something which was clearly accidental... A guy sliding along the ground to get a loose ball... There was nothing malicious in that or today's boxing out on Horford, with Horford been the one pulling Delly into him as well... They're basketball plays... Plays that I make whilst playing, plays that anyone would make... The Horford move isn't... Didn't deserve an ejection because he didn't make full contact but it was deliberate...

    And this is coming from an Aussie who doesn't lthink much of Delly as a player at all but you can't say what he's done has been malicious with intent to hurt... Just basketball, suck it up...

    Just looking forward now to Golden State thumping Cleveland in the finals...
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  7. phatman added a post in a topic NBA 2014/15 Season Thread   

    Flagrant 1 definitely but Flagrant 2 was a bit excessive... If he actually hit him with that elbow in the head then yeah a 2 but 1 should have been efficient...

    And the technical I believe was for Delly jawing back at Horford after the incident
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  8. phatman added a post in a topic NBA 2014/15 Season Thread   

    Yeah I think they've won three titles...
    2 as the Philadelphia Warriors and 1 as the San Francisco Warriors... I may be wrong with the San Francisco one though...
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  9. phatman added a post in a topic NBA 2014/15 Season Thread   

    Both Olynyk and Smith deserve to be suspended... Olynyk's was horrible and deserves longer than he'll get especially because if it is a separated shoulder, it all but rules Love out for the remainder of the playoffs, was reckless and deliberate... Smith's was just stupidity...

    The refs lost control of this series long before this game though... Was just a dirty series the whole way through...
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  10. phatman added a post in a topic March Madness Thread   

    I didn't do an ewb bracket but my espn one, I've still got three of my final four teams in (damn you Virginia) and my 78-72 Duke over Wisconsin championship game could still happen :)

    C'mon Duke!!!
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  11. phatman added a post in a topic EWB's Favorite Movie 2014: The Voting Thread   

    1. Whiplash
    2. Guardians Of The Galaxy
    3. 22 Jump Street
    4. That Awkward Moment
    5. Wish I Was Here
    6. The Guest
    7. The Lego Movie
    8. John Wick
    9. This Is Where I Leave You
    10. Two Night Stand
    I still haven't seen as much from 2014 as I'd have liked to have seen... Maybe ill power through some more before this list gets finished and Ill update my votes...
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  12. phatman added a post in a topic NBA 2014/15 Season Thread   

    Until Wiggins inevitably leaves Minnesota too :P
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  13. phatman added a post in a topic NBA 2014/15 Season Thread   

    I know there was no need but man they really should have thrown him back in, in the 4th and let him go nuts from down town, could have broken that most 3's in a game record easily...

    Just on fire and he was making everything look like a good shot even though some just weren't haha

    So glad I have him in my non-EWB fantasy team haha just for yesterday alone...
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  14. phatman added a post in a topic The Mafia Discussion Thread   

    I like to go with random player death in the games I run...
    I figure, sure it's the towns best weapon however it also forces mafia to stay active and vote for lynches too otherwise they know they can skate by and not be forced into throwing votes down towards a deadline if it's only going to result in a random townie death or a no lynch...
    That's my reasoning behind a random player death anyway...
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  15. phatman added a post in a topic 2015 AFC Asian Cup   



    It's what I'll always know and call it haha Australia has actually played pretty well in their first two games, I wasn't expecting much tbh but they've been attacking a lot and it's made soccer somewhat bearable for me to watch :P
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