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  1. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    Good game Drags... Congrats on the win... dominated me from start to finish... 24-14 is a much kinder score line to me than it should have... Some questionable decisions backfired on me... first online h2h game, man the lag is pretty horrible, always that bad?
  2. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    I could probably jump on right now if that suits you at all?
  3. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    Fuck! Hectic game and I swear Kaepernick is going to eventually cost me a game with his fumbles and turnovers... 24-21 victory over Texans with a field goal as time expired... I just couldn't stop their passing game and their QB hit everything!!!
  4. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    Ok, so chargers owner is on autopilot and ready to advance for the week, what does that mean for me? Probably blatantly obvious but I'll ask none the less lol
  5. EWB's Top 25 Comic Book Characters! [Voting]

    1. Superman 2. Batman 3. Green Arrow 4. The Joker 5. Gambit 6. Carnage 7. Mr. Sinister 8. The Riddler 9. Deathstroke 10. The Hulk
  6. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    Easy victory over the Jets this week... My D is really stepping up and hopefully the silly mistakes on offense don't cost me a game soon...
  7. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    Got an easy 27-0 W over the Pats, even with Kaepernick throwing two picks and Charles fumbling the ball :/ Their rookie QB sucks a big bag of dicks, sacked him 6 times, he was super slow... I think we only allowed like 78yds total... Gone from 2-5 to 7-5... I thought I'd struggle mightily with this and itd frustrate me but I'm liking it so far...
  8. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    Had it all clicking in this weeks game... Hopefully worked it out finally... Got some key stops and womped Oakland 45-14 after it was tied at 14 just before halftime... Kansas City back to .500 at 5-5 with the victory
  9. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    Stumbled to a 22-14 victory over Denver... For the life of me, I just can't get my HB run game working lol it frustrates me, especially since I then have to rely on Kaepernick throwing the ball
  10. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    Ok, I'm easy, I was tied up 10-10 in the second lol I havent replayed as I wasn't sure what your rules on it were... I'll wait and see if anyone else has any problems with it, as it's cool with me if you guys want me to sim it, understandable...
  11. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    Power just went out on me mid game does that just finish my week and sim the game to the end?
  12. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    Had a tough first game against Washington... Up 21-7 at halftime after getting three interceptions, I just couldn't get Kaepernick going in the second and my run game was severely lacking... Managed to pull it out though with a 31-24 victory... Still, a wins a win! A lot of work to do now with a 3-5 record lol
  13. EWBFL 16 PS4 League

    Hey people, sent DYSI a message a couple of days back and I've just joined the league played Madden a fair bit over the years and only just picked up 16 last week, so just working out the kinks a little lol been reading your league thread for a little while now and it's looked fun, so thought id give it a crack and give some of you an easy victory haha I chose Kansas City as my team... the only problem I see with me joining is been an Aussie and the time difference for user vs user games but I'm sure it'll be fine and what not... thanks for letting me join
  14. NBA 2015-2016 Season Thread

    Meh, that was nothing... I thought it was more serious the way people were talking about it... Nothing happened... I think the Cousins one was worse, nobody was stopping him haha
  15. NBA 2015-2016 Season Thread

    Didn't Demarcus Cousins go after a ref last week too?