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  1. If it's the least important then try and see if you can make a deal for Omer Asik, he offers almost nothing offensively which is why he has such a low rating but he's one of the best rim defenders in the game. Only problem is his massive contract in the next season so sometimes worth picking him up cheap in free agency 2 years in.
  2. Don't think it's the best deal, the ratings are massively spiked for some players just because they're average at everything. Best checking what they're good at individually. 2nd rounders are good to have as you can usually pick up a good 3 point shooter to come off the bench for cheap that way.
  3. I would see what you can get for Gibson or West. I always prefer to have a smaller scorer as the 6th man. Also make sure you have cap space for end of season as Stephenson's contract is up the first year also.
  4. www.gog.com have started their winter sale. The Witcher 2 has 75% off just now.
  5. Just picked it up, bit gutted I bought Metro 2033 the other day and already have Company of Heroes. But for that price you certainly can't complain. That's possibly the best Humble Bundle ever.
  6. gog.com has 80% of Telltale games just now.
  7. Completed Gears of War and almost finished Fable 2, enjoying both of them quite a lot. Also started playing Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, would wholly reccomend this to any 3DS owners the best game I've played on the system(don't have OOT yet).
  8. I am the same, although I think when I was a lot younger me and a friend could play through a whole Final Fantasy in a weekend quite happily.
  9. I got Beyond Good and Evil HD whilst it was cheaper for +. A game I should have played long before now.
  10. Holland if they are 4.5* Although I'm away for a week on Friday so might not be here for the tournament.
  11. Least I lost to the 2 finalists. Thought most people decided it was 4* International teams?
  12. Just about to start playing Lost Planet 2, although need to have a go of Wipeout and Beyond Good and Evil HD too.
  13. Barcelona are quite a bit better than Arsenal too. Sheffield Wednesday and Southampton are both 2 and a half stars but they really aren't much if any better than any of the other 2 star teams in the league.
  14. There are more teams in League One than there are 5* teams.
  15. 3-0 Man Utd - Real Madrid Glad the tournament is over, find 5* teams to be the most boring games to play. Far too easy for certain players to score, hopefully choose something like League One next time.
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