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  1. Hoping for BUT-GRO-PER at some point this weekend.
  2. I'd be more worried that Leicester's sneaky plan to stop Mahrez getting doubled up on is to sell Mahrez.
  3. The lack of a second holding midfielder other than Livermore would suggest the 3-4-3, unless he's going to play Oxlade-Chamberlain there alongside Dier. I think it's premature to call time on Rooney's international career. I'd personally take him to the tournament next year simply for who he is and his influence within the squad, but when you've got Kane and Alli, the main competition for him, banging in twenty goals a piece and playing together at club level, it's a simple choice for me.
  4. We'll know for sure if they sub him off in the tenth minute.
  5. Atsu to Newcastle is a DONE DEAL!
  6. I was more shocked at the length of the contract than the wages. He'll be 59 by the end of it.
  7. Defoe to Bournemouth. 130k a week. THREE YEARS! the fuck?
  8. He's said in a statement that he has no ambitions to take another job. So I give it about a fortnight.
  9. Hasn't Barkley's 10 day deadline to sign a new deal already passed?
  10. This is why we should play long ball.
  11. He's a legend and deserves our respect.
  12. Hull are playing 5 or 6 at the back and are still leaving Tobes (who appears to be playing left wing) completely unmarked at the back post.
  13. Arsenal's defence for the FA Cup Final will be Bellerin, DT from ArsenalFanTV, Gunnersaurus and Lee Dixon.
  14. Pogba for England! I saw that Watford have no centre backs available today and considered putting a fiver on 6-0 to Man City at 30/1 but didn't do it. Sort of regretting it now.