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  1. Chris Samba is a Blackburn legend and deserves our respect.
  2. I've still yet to see a can of Carabao in any shop anywhere.
  3. Did I hit a nerve at the Bodymoor Heath retirement village?
  4. Villa going for the record average squad age at 46.2
  5. He looked like a swaggering goon who gets all his clothes from people he's killed.
  6. 'So Matty, 10 years! You've been a loyal and faithful servant to the club. Today is your testimonial to show you our appreciation for your service... You're on the bench'.
  7. Pep taking the FM method of squad building and signing 13 players of the same position.
  8. Saw a great stat that Chelsea's longest serving player is now Matej Delac, who has never made an appearence. I did something similar once with a 14 year old right back, I kept him for 21 seasons till he retired, never played a minute of professional football.
  9. Jens Mustermann is a wall.
  10. No chance, she's going to train up and get some armour and the final episode will feature this four foot tall girl in plate armour, dual wielding two seven foot long Valyrian broadswords in an absolute hurricane of Lannister death.
  11. Aguero and David Luiz in the same team? That should be a larf...
  12. They changed Asha because there was already an Osha.
  13. Jon Euron Bronn
  14. It's in their interests, better wi-fi means more people can get in on the hashtags.