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  1. Kimi is winning the WDC next year.
  2. I did notice a story that Phil Bardsley had had a bust up with Sean Dyche due to a lack of first team football. That was after the second match of the season.
  3. It was pretty even until the Chelsea kit man ran in and smacked him with a chair.
  4. *makes managerial debut* Gazz 1 - 0 Jose JOSE OUT!
  5. Ohmahgerd, these new training schedules. It's like porn.
  6. If you watch it back, have a look at David Luiz. He intentionally moves into a position where he will make Pogba have to run around him (and Lindelof) on the opposite side to try and stay with Rudiger. The dark arts of football at their finest.
  7. I guess that means I'm not getting any new footballs.
  8. I don't understand why you'd advertise your presence at anything remotely political (either side) when you work at a professional, well-known club. I don't put anything poltical on my social media because of how it may reflect on my club and I'm at grassroots level.
  9. You could just play ESO and go to Cyrodiil and the Imperial City.
  10. Sancho's 63 not out knock against Sri Lanka today was decent too.
  11. I believe James Maddison is still looking for him.
  12. I went to a UFC show in Birmingham and some drunk Sol Campbell slipped down an embankment and fell in a lake.
  13. Real shame. Show took a massive dip in quality once Herschel was killed off. Most talented actor on the show by an absolute mile.

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