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  1. You can sort of hear it in there, he's going to be confusing shop workers who recognise his voice but can't place where they know it from for years going forward.
  2. I'm definitely going to have to start a new game. Epilogue part two spoilers
  3. It's not a bug, in an effort to ease fixture congestion, the Gibraltan FA decided that all league games are played as fatal four ways with a goal on each side.
  4. He's got that 'Premier League experience' that every boring board of directors fall back on when making an appointment. Looking at the bottom of table, most of the managers down there seem relatively safe, for example I can't see Huddersfield or Cardiff sacking their managers regardless of how results go. He'll probably end up at Burnley if they sack Dyche or Newcastle if Rafa leaves at the end of the season and there's no takeover in the mean time.
  5. Well, you should be beating relegation threatened sides like Man Utd at home to be fair.
  6. Yeah, absolutely can't wait for the inaugural Europa League 2 final between BATE Borisov and 1.FC Armenian Milkmen
  7. This Mike Dean match is coming up Mike Dean. Mike Dean.
  8. Elbows to shithouse a 93rd minute winner?
  9. Finished chapter six, this game is a masterpiece.
  10. Well, that move came out of nowhere...
  11. Just FYI, there's a good chance beta progression won't carry over into the full launch.
  12. Bit underwhelmed with online. Bit sparse but I assume that's because they only wanted to limit the beta to certain things. Has the same problem as GTA:O, I can do more stuff, more easily for no grind, with better weapons and equipment and without the threat of some dickhead one-shotting me when I'm fighting the AI, so what's the appeal of online over offline? I pretty much played online for the racing for about 80% of the time I spent on GTA:O, can't see me doing that with horse racing on this.

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