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  1. I wouldn't call being locked up in prison and possibly losing your sanity a 'happy ending'. I also wouldn't call being emotionally tortured and forced to fight to the death a 'deserved' punishment. But that's the beauty of the show, you're meant to sympathise with the main character, then they put something in towards the end which makes you revile them, then you have to decide your own opinion of whether the punishment fit the crime.
  2. AFC Wimbledon. AFC Bournemouth. AFC Everton?
  3. Liverpool have absolutely Spursed it!
  4. You're such a pessimist...
  5. Played this gimp in division 6. Won 1-0.
  6. I've only seen the goals but it would appear that Chelsea have done exactly what Leicester did to City last season with the same result, said 'Come at me bro' with nine men behind the ball safe in the knowledge that the City backline will press really high up and has about as much pace as a rock rolling uphill. Basically, Ranieri > Conte.
  7. Conte is our new god.
  8. Because I invented the Reverse 2.
  9. Alonso has always looked good in silver.
  10. Whhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
  11. I sort of imagine Harry Kane as the type of person who can't spell his own name. Maybe it's the lisp that just makes him sound 'fork in plug socket' thick.
  12. Harry Kane to Arsenal in the summer then.
  13. Ideas like that never stopped calls to call up the likes of Wes Morgan.
  14. So Ben Woodburn is young, has scored a goal for a top level team and is somewhat English. When can we expect him to get called up to the England squad?