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  1. Urijah Faber has announced his fight against Brad Pickett on 17th December will be his retirement fight.
  2. Red Bull are apparently one of the organisations bidding on Notts Forest currently. Should be interesting.
  3. Exactly. And that's what football fandom is about, especially when it's your local club. On that day, it didn't matter that Grimsby has been in decline for decades, that everyone think's it smells of fish and that the M180 is like some weird resonance strip from the Twilight Zone. All that mattered was that the team was back in the football league, to battle it out with twenty three other teams with fuck all money and no facilities. It's also tribalism, even moreso when your talking about clubs from areas that have a strong social identity, like Scousers, Mancunians, Geordies, Brummies etc. I'm a Newcastle fan and their ups and downs effect me far more than any stupid, fairly meaningless game should but my fandom will never be on the level of someone who was born and grew up in Newcastle, surrounded by the Geordie culture and who sees the club as a part of what their local cultural identity is. Where I'm from, we don't have that, I live in Staffordshire but I'm absolutely miles away and have nothing in common with Stoke, I'm too far away from Birmingham to be a Brummie, too far from Wolverhampton to be a Yam Yam and Walsall is too small to be anything other than Jeremy Kyle guests and Robert Plant, so I'm sort of stuck in the wilderness, coaching ten kids of a weekend, seven of which support Barcelona.
  4. Mad Jack has never stood in a crowd of drunken, shirtless men who did nothing but sing the same song about Padraig Amond for four straight hours.
  5. That's actually something I've always been interested in, what do you do if your local team moves halfway across the continent? Do you still follow them? Then what about if a different team moves into your home area? For example, the Hornets have gone from Charlotte to New Orleans to Oklahoma and back to New Orleans. Then the Supersonics moved to Oklahoma.
  6. I'm overweight and impervious to low temperatures, I like to think of myself as spiritually Geordie.
  7. I have to skip that 'Masterpiece' track on FIFA17 because it triggers recollections of being a backpacker and it's the exact same bland surf-pop like Jason Mraz that every white lad from the Home Counties with dreadlocks and baggy hippie trousers would listen to fucking nonstop. Cunts. The lot of them.
  8. @Benji, I know you like cats and I know you like Black Mirror, so behold...
  9. It's retro chic
  10. Sell out. St. Pauli is the official EWB German team.
  11. Well, I think we can write off Liverpool's title credentials after only managing a 0-0 against a midtable team like Man United...
  12. The third and fourth goals were like on easy FIFA difficulty where if you just stand still, so does everyone else.
  13. Costa vs Fellaini
  14. Correctly guessed two out of the four marquee matchups SBC challenges so all those Genoa, Sampdoria, Ajax and Feyenoord players I bought for 350 coins earlier this week have netted me about a 135k profit.