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  1. We spent all the bribe money on Adnan Januzaj.
  2. Fuchs has fucked it for Leicester, he's at fault for three goals, blocks Smalling's marker for the first, stops tracking Mata for the second and gets the wrong side of Pogba for the fourth.
  3. Companion app, should be on Google Play etc.
  4. The C4 version is going to be awful because it's going to be presented by Jimmy Carr and Jason Manford and then they'll be a celebrity version where Sinitta accidentally sets fire to Christopher Biggins' gingerbread lighthouse.
  5. NBA 2K17: If you want LeBron, Durant and Steph, that'll be extra.
  6. Rafa only started the save in March. He's already plotting to spend the January transfer window signing five star potential youngsters from Brazil.
  7. He's a regular Speedy Gonzalez.
  8. Top finish too.
  9. Oh definitely, anyone who is fast, has 5 star skills or plays in the Premier League is massively overvalued.
  10. I put all my fastest players up for sale because people are idiots.
  11. Not necessarily, if Doncaster appointed a manager who likes to play one up front and that player has to be an absolute speed demon to fit the system, Coppinger would be out on his arse. The fans would hate it, the dressing room would hate it but if his replacement then bagged thirty goals and got you promoted, they'd all soon change their tune. Hart (and possibly in the near future, Kompany) was probably somewhat unlucky that Pep has come in after working with Neuer and Boateng, who are both more comfortable on the ball than most outfielders, so he had big boots to fill.
  12. Why would you give the time of day to a co-worker who threatened you with physical violence? Pep has a system. Hart doesn't fit it so he made him available for transfer. Toure didn't fit at Barca, doesn't fit at City. No difference from then to now apart from now Toure's agent is a gobby prick with one client.
  13. Yeah, because it's where they make their money.
  14. Man Utd 1-1 Leicester (Sat 12.30pm) Middlesbrough 0-2 Tottenham (Sat 3pm) Sunderland 2-2 Crystal Palace (Sat 3pm) Swansea 1-4 Man City (Sat 3pm) Arsenal 2-3 Chelsea (Sat 5.30pm)
  15. 'Those who can't, coach, and those who can't coach, pundit'.