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  1. Gazz


    Meac smelled what The Rock is cooking. Money.
  2. Apparently if you wear that shirt in Lidl and scan yourself at the checkout, it lists you as a two pack of Chicken Kievs.
  3. That first Goomba on Super Mario Bros has killed more people than any genocidal maniac.
  4. I actually saw an academic paper that compared all major football related stats in the top five European leagues to win percentage and the strongest correlation to wins was goalkeeper's mid-range pass completion rate, so the secret to footballing success is having a keeper who can ping a thirty yarder to a deep-lying midfielder.
  5. Because like 95% of all football fans, they don't watch any football outside of their own team
  6. Cool. Now I get to watch PIF buy a French club and win the 2026 Champions League, while I enjoy Bradford City away.
  7. Unlikely. I would imagine they'll be going forward with Laporte/Ake/Garcia and Stones.
  8. Lars, although Benji has a Lampard-esque knack of arriving late into the box to score. Summers couldn't hit a barn door. Awful.
  9. Every stat on the entire team is random apart from Myke's 20 Aggression.
  10. It's all pretty much going to fall apart by January anyway. Everyone has a contract with a £1m minimum release clause. I'm going to Fulham, TEOL is off to Celtic, Baddar has signed for Galatasaray, Stoker is off to Derby, and Sunderland are signing Lineker, Lars, Berober, Matt and Myke for a combined £5m. Edit: Spurs smash our transfer record sale with a £1.4m bid for Jimmy
  11. Update: Liverpool bid £1.2m for @LL., so he was sold immediately. @9 to 5 was sent off on his debut.
  12. They're getting Margot in for preseason.
  13. Bellamy's not getting anywhere near the Newcastle team, little rat-faced knacker.
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