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  1. 2016 MLS Thread

    Bah. I was going to support the Timbers for this season since I use their swanky green and gold alternate kit as my Ultimate team kit on FIFA 16, but I've just wiki'd them and they're the reigning MLS champions, so it feels like cheating.
  2. Yeah, but no one will ever miss a chance to laugh at Liverpool.
  3. The fans or the team? The Premier League is getting a new sponsorless logo from next season. I'm assuming the shocking pink isn't part of it.
  4. I can't imagine for massive globally branded clubs that matchday ticket revenue actually constitutes that much of their income. I remember reading a quote from a Bayern Munich director (Ulli Hoeness I think) about that tripling their season tickets would only make them 2.5m Euros more revenue, which is peanuts to them. EDIT: Found it, this is from January 2014 £104 a season to watch Bayern vs £77 to watch Liverpool vs Sunderland.
  5. He got outstruck from range by a former undefeated world champion kickboxer. I think a lot of people underestimated Thompson as still the one dimensional striker who got mauled by Matt Brown nearly three years ago. Hendricks couldn't get inside Thompson's range to work his superior wrestling, the longer the fight stayed standing, the more it favoured Thompson. This fight was nowhere near the one sided grinding beatdown that a lot of the 'experts' predicted. Fighting at this level, it's easy to 'fall off a cliff' as you age, lose motivation, acculmulate damage etc. Look at someone like Gray Maynard, could have and probably should have beaten Frankie Edgar for the LW belt, lost the rematch, squeaked a decision over a rapidly declining Clay Guida, got easily finished twice and then dropped a decision to someone coming off a decision loss to Nico Musoke.
  6. The good news for Chelsea is that our league form under McClaren reads like a Welsh village...
  7. Pirates like you are why poor and hard up Premier League teams have to charge £77 a ticket.
  8. Football Manager 2016

    Qualified as an FA coach. Don't need patches. 
  9. 'Blame the refs, get banged'.
  10. He's actually been pretty good, he put in one cross that was excellent that Gini should have buried from six yards.
  11. £77. Worth every penny.
  12. The January Transfer Window - 2016

    What's Mandarin for 'Fucking hell Dave, get out of shot you mug'?
  13. The ghost of our Premier League status.
  14. *Buys a left winger and a target man in the transfer window* *Plays entirely down the right hand side and with a deep lying striker* Cheers Steve.