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  1. Does Moyes know he is allowed to sign players he hasn't managed before?
  2. That choke was looser than Cena's STF.
  3. I dunno, it was quite nice to see a player playing serve and volley and being successful at it, it's a dying art.
  4. Though this stoppage is nicely setting up the Chelsea goal in the 9th minute of first half injury time.
  5. For someone who plays the 'combative midfielder' role, Xhaka is fucking awful at tackling. I'm sure that's his 8th or 9th red card in three seasons.
  6. He can form a defensive partnership with Michael Dawson based on the fact no one will be able to tell which one is which.
  7. £8m. Absolute steal.
  8. Only £8.50 for the Moussa Dem-beigel.
  9. Conor Clifford, the Irish Messi!
  10. I've never lost a Premier League game.
  11. Six months. £80m.
  12. I hope it continues, I'm planning on going over there. I reckon an academy coach with a FA level two should be on at least 40 grand a week...
  13. 'Player suffers potential injury, left out of squad'. More at 10!
  14. Why did he name his son after the dog from Coronation Street?