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  1. The Golf Club 2019 is free on Xbox Gold for the rest of the month. Putting is a not my strong point...
  2. Second best performance I've seen at Wembley. Still not as good as as Grimsby in the playoff final.
  3. Ronaldo has always said he has wanted to collaborate with Pulis.
  4. Gazz

    Game of Thrones

    The writers wanted to finish it quickly so they could move onto other projects.
  5. Gazz

    Face swap photo request

    Well, for a start, that's Ted Bundy.
  6. I won the only EWB fantasy league that counts.
  7. Gazz

    Game of Thrones

    I tried watching it when it first came out and gave up after a couple of episodes since they're were about fifteen nameless white dudes with patchy beards milling about. It was only after reading the first book that I could identify them and their relationships to one another.
  8. Drinkwater return confirmed. Kante. Not so much.
  9. Everyone loves Comrade Chris. He should stand for the leadership of the Labour party.
  10. Gazz

    Game of Thrones

    Oh definitely, if I hadn't read the books, I wouldn't be able to infer half that stuff.
  11. It's 2019 and you've got a UFC card with BJ Penn, a Nogueria, Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo on it that went exactly the way you'd expect it go.
  12. 3 wins from 23. Less points and lower finish that last season. Relegated if Cardiff didn't get shafted against Chelsea. Basically spent the last six or seven games playing for 0-0's. He was always on the chopping block. Now he can come back to Newcastle and be assistant to Rafa and his new 25 year contract.
  13. Gazz

    Game of Thrones

    On Dany On Grey Worm On Arya On Sandor
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