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  1. Gazz

    Stranger Things

    Kaney is the worst.
  2. Lost 3-1 and only made £55k. Went from National League to Championship when I got the Blackburn job.
  3. Got Halesowen into the third round of the FA Cup. Drew Arsenal at home. Kerching.
  4. It's a bit of a meme, you're more likely to find Gavin than a Moose in the game.
  5. Gazz


    It's gone to VAR!
  6. Another Newcastle fan? They're are literally dozens of us! Leicester know Man United have tons of cash and are desperate for a centre back. Brighton know Leicester will have tons of cash and will be desperate for a centre back.
  7. Atletico are arguing that they have proof that Griezmann signed a contract with Barcelona in March, therefore the release clause paid should be the amount it was in March.
  8. Mate, I need to make football jokes, I have nothing left. If recent history, which you will be very aware of, is anything to go by, I'm about to endure a season of DeAndre Yedlin being bafflingly played in midfield. And I don't mean in a 'Yeah, well, he's fast so he can play on the right wing', I mean in a 'sitting in the pocket like a pure number 10' role.
  9. Be interesting to see how their eight centre-back formation works.
  10. Rondon is signing for Dalian. Hahahahahahakillmehahahaha
  11. I'm patiently waiting for it to trickle down to grassroots so I can start selling kids for millions.
  13. Ayoze Perez to Leicester has been confirmed. My day is ruined. Our top scorers from last season who are still with the club are Schar (4) and Clark (3), both centrebacks.
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