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  1. Can't see why Tierney would leave Arsenal any time soon, he's literally played about five minutes of football for them.
  2. Wouldn't have thought so as the FA haven't reopened the registration window for this season and the window for next season doesn't open until the previous season has been completed by the FA rulebook.
  3. Well, the Women's Super League ain't resuming.
  4. Spain in August might be interesting. Do F1 tyres work at 3000C track temperature?
  5. I don't even think reverse grids would be that entertaining in F1. We've all seen what happens when a top 3 car ends up at the back of the field, the other teams pretty much move out of the way as there's no point racing them as they will just pass and drive off into the distance sooner rather than later.
  6. We've just had the grass cut at Long Lane. Seating capacity: however many chairs are in the club lounge.
  7. Not a bad shout, might just buy her all the Two Point Hospital DLC
  8. Being able to watch 12 games a week is going to cost me my girlfriend...
  9. Gazz

    Fallout 76

    Todd, you've done it again!
  10. Two more positive tests in the second round of testing. One is a Bournemouth player.
  11. Gazz

    Game of Thrones

    That quote Benji posted is correct, since the finale, I have had zero interest in rewatching the series. Quite an accomplishment.
  12. I honestly thought this was going to be a limited series for Netflix, Amazon etc. As a movie, it's going to have to be the most tightly plotted seven hour film ever made to get all this shit in.
  13. Never heard of him.
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