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  1. Well, the Williams is already a second quicker than it was in qualifying last season.
  2. Turns out Liverpool are just a money laundering front for El Chapo. UEFA found it hard to believe Liverpool spend £100m a season on teeth whitening products.
  3. Steve Bruce doesn't know how to use email.
  4. Absolute banger of a winner for Grimsby last night, it was a League 2 version of Son's worldie versus Burnley.
  5. The thing with the match engine is like all engines in games, you fix one thing, but that then might create a problem further down the line with another thing due to how complex the code is.
  6. Network Q RAC Rally Championship, had the Prodrive 555 Subaru Impreza on the front. That fucking 25 minute stage through Pundershaw was always the end of 11 year old me. You have no idea how much it aggrieved me to get past a world, only to then die in a game of rock, paper, scissors.
  7. Two more levels and I can play as myself.
  8. I'm convinced they could have stopped Brexit if they'd said that all the foreign players would have to be sold.
  9. I think you've been Onioned there.
  10. I think we should all commend Steve Bruce for reinvigorating the magic of the cup by giving lower league opposition as much extra football as he can.
  11. Feels the manager has treated a teammate unfairly.
  12. I'll be long dead in the cold, hard ground before I watch a baseball game.
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