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  1. That skill was almost as dazzling as his teeth.
  2. VAR is just the victim of the Premier League Referee's Old Boys Club where they won't highlight each other's incompetencies.
  3. It's a good job we're so good in attack because we can't defend for shit.
  4. Pep's turned Sterling into a monster.
  5. It was Kosovo's sort of but not really camo kit that confused Keane.
  6. Seb's done. F1 is as much mental as it is physical and it's fairly clear his head is not in the game anymore. He's not going to win a WDC any time soon and he's not going to equal Schumacher either, almost certainly not before Lewis does or gets eight titles.
  7. It's time to start hitting teams with behind closed doors orders at the very least. Every time there's an incident, the subsequent ban gets longer.
  8. Astana is on the same longtitude as Pakistan. Should make for a nice midweek jaunt.
  9. They rejected his passport application. He's as English as a Pork Pie floating in a cup of tea.
  10. Would have thought Ashley Barnes would be worth a call up.
  11. BJ Penn got into a bar fight in Hawaii. He got knocked out. Seriously. Dude slapped him in the face and turned his lights out.
  12. I can't have Hulk leaving F1 without a podium.
  13. I find Spurs' tactics somewhat baffling. I understand that Son/Moura/Lamela are all more inside forwards than they are wingers and that to get the most out of inside forwards in a 4-3-3, you want a striker to come deeper to fill the #10 pocket of space, draw the defenders out and let the wide players exploit the space in behind. Barcelona have done it for over a decade. What I don't understand is playing to their strengths when you've got probably the best '9' in the world and you're making him receive the ball in the centre circle, completely negating his far more considerable strengths. Not to mention he's trying to do an attempt at the job of Eriksen, one of the best out and out 10's in the world, who's on the bench. Is this like when Mourinho purposefully picked players out of position to prove a point to the board?
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