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  1. Gazz

    Workout Music

    Was it used as the background music to a montage in an 80s action movie? If yes, then it's workout music.
  2. Didn't they shut down their racism task force because 'the job was done'?
  3. Watch them lose four league games on the bounce now because they've got to play 37 games in December.
  4. Happened yesterday, Burnley's opening goal came from a corner that Ashley Barnes touched last, it wasn't even borderline, no one was within three yards of him.
  5. There isn't one I believe, it's whenever the ball goes dead. That photo of TAA is misleading as I think it hits his hip first, then deflects onto his hand which was inches away from the ball when it deflected.
  6. Totally getting myself a Saint-Maximin headband.
  7. I mean, the only thing you can ascertain from that video is that Lince Dorado is Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Kalisto is Juice Robinson
  8. You're lucky Rich died of alcohol poisoning at Fest this weekend.
  9. Whatever happened to if they're level, advantage goes to the attacker? It's all getting a bit silly now, we're talking about 'knee versus armpit', those two well known high usage areas of the body for scoring goals.
  10. Klopp naming a team to get knocked out of the cup and the team won't let him.
  11. Gazz

    Game of Thrones

    Are you suggesting I chose them at random and don't have an encylopaedic knowledge of handegg?
  12. Is Alice from Bake Off the second most desirable woman who has ever lived?

    1. Jericode


      Quite possibly.

    2. stokeriño


      What about Betty Rubble?

    3. Gazz


      I'd go with Betty, but I'd be thinking about Alice.

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