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  1. Bentaleb is apparently having a medical at Newcastle ahead of a loan deal. We're also going to need a left back since both Willems and Dummett are now out for the season.
  2. Man Utd (French's) vs Norwich (Colman's), the Mustard Derby
  3. Virgil ran him over like he was Mike Catt.
  4. Mental stat growth always requires game time.
  5. Mental. I could sell you an entire squad of 10 / 11 year olds for that. Their parents won't mind.
  6. Rookie numbers. And if you're not doing your team's training, can you even call yourself a football manager?
  7. Are you telling me the British press has lied to me?
  8. If you sign Pogba, you need to sign Kante aswell to do all his defending for him.
  9. 'Jack Wilshere pulls hamstring getting out of washing machine'
  10. Duck is definitely not Denise Lewis. It's Skin from Skunk Anansie.
  11. No idea who 2 and 3 are. In you've not had a short and ineffective spell at a mid-table Premier League club, can you even call yourself a professional footballer?
  12. About the same as Alan Smith compares to Alan Smith.
  13. Surely they've got something better to do on a Wednesday morning than go have a moan at the training ground.
  14. The gf has just put this on ITV player. Downloading Tinder as we speak. Duck is definitely Denise Lewis.
  15. The fish clue helped.
  16. Newcastle, three months, one sub appearance, fifty grand profit legend Steve Guppy
  17. 2. is Michele Padovano, again, purely known due to playing every iteration of Championship Manager ever. Someone on Reddit a few days ago was talking about how a lot of Premier League players seem to all merge into one and you see a lad score a goal and you think he must be a youth product with a couple of games under his belt, so you google him and it turns out he's an experienced international signed for 8 figures in the summer, yet they could name the entire 1995/96 Southampton first XI. I'm the same, between Championship Manager and Pannini stickerbooks, I reckon I could name more players from 1995/96 than I could 2019/20. I only know half the current day players because of FantasyPL.
  18. He's the bloke in every team Whatsapp from Man City's to Dog & Duck FC's who constantly posts shit memes and all his team mates wish he'd leave.
  19. I'd be embarrassed to be an Everton fan after that second half. Not an ounce of quality, effort or fight.
  20. Maybe it's because I've spent the majority of the season watching Newcastle look like eleven blokes who've never met each other before, but it's refreshing to see a team so well coached as Liverpool. That these young lads can come in and play the exact same way as the first team, with a clear plan and reacting in unison to triggers all over the pitch.
  21. If its 0-0 on 85 minutes, Klopp is going to sub off Adrian for an outfield player and beg Everton to shoot from anywhere.
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