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  1. lol Hazard will be off to Madrid before ever playing in that
  2. He'd be so conflicted. He'd probably just end up criticising Pogba.
  3. I can see why they signed him, look at the size of his hands! I'd be worried about his tiny head though.
  4. Problem is, the Football Association and the Premier League are two seperate entities. It's all very well and good saying 'take £3.5m a year from all 20 clubs and there's your £70m a year'. The FA can't force the Premier League to give them any money. It's why you have a top league that gets £5bn in TV money 'governed' by an association that has to sell a stadium to fund new initiatives that should have been undertaken ten years ago. In reality, the Premier League and it's clubs don't really give a shit about grassroots football. As long as there is enough grassroots football going on to give them a pool of young players under twelve to choose from, they don't care. I bet there are 17 / 18 year old players coming through at Premier League academies who haven't so much as kicked a ball on a grassroots pitch in a decade.
  5. You'd think Liverpool would have learnt their lesson with Milan Baros about buying previously unknown players on the back of good tournaments.
  6. These videos have to be a pisstake right? A 'Day Today' style overelaborate bunch of CGI nonsense for a minute and a half, just to zoom in on four players where they've stolen the 'turn around and walk towards the camera looking serious' video cutouts from Sky?
  7. He's still at Chelsea* *As a goalkeeping coach
  8. That Everton third kit would have looked lovely at the 1986 World Cup.
  9. 3rd round where all the teams gave up killed me.
  10. Absolute scenes when Vanuatu scrape a 1-0 win against Brazil in the first round. It's funny and sad because we're a little over two weeks away from when academy players will be told whether they're been retained or released and I absolutely guarantee a load of players will be told 'You're too small' despite the World Cup Golden Ball winner being 5'8 and four stone soaking wet.

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