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  1. Obviously a conspiracy to get Wenger one final trophy before he bows out. No doubt that the team will completely shit the bed against Sutton.
  2. He's young, English and banging one of Little Mix. That's £70m right there before he's kicked a ball.
  3. I've been playing the same season on FM12 for years.
  4. Not been bad for the lower league teams so far today, two of them are through, Huddersfield have bagged themselves a replay at the Emirates that should be worth a few quid and Oxford will have made a decent wedge.
  5. Didn't even hook the leg properly, amateurish. -****1/2
  6. Finally!
  7. I can't see Simeone at Arsenal, there's literally not a player in the squad that has the grit, determination or discipline to play his style.
  8. C'mon Colly, there's no need for that type of language.
  9. Rocket League is free to play on XBox for the next couple of days.
  10. They don't know about the effects of recent technology yet because the timeline isn't long enough. All the subjects in this study had developed dementia in their 60's so would assume they'd been playing in the 70's and 80's. The potential problem is with modern football is that the balls are lighter, but they're been delivered with ever increasing velocity and there are miles more headers in modern football than there were in the 50's and 60's. So impact magnitudes are probably less, but not as much as you'd think and there's more of them. In boxing, it's been shown and repeated lighter blows cause way more brain damage than one heavy blow.
  11. I did like all the numpties on Reddit criticising Pep when it was reported that Pep had gone over to him to give him his condolences about the death of his daughter and that Pep was 'doing it for the cameras'.
  12. -1 for Baddar obviously.
  13. You've always been able to have more than 5 if you get them out of loot cases, I've had as high as 10.
  14. Jesus, that umpire has had to have surgery on a broken orbital bone.
  15. It was quite hilarious once before they brought in manager negotiations, when after winning everything and having a world class reputation, I applied to become manager of then Conference South Wycombe and they gave me a £90,000 a week contract when the club wage budget was £4,500 per week.