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  1. Spain's squad is somewhat good...
  2. From now on, GA will be known as 'Willy'.
  3. Presented without context.
  4. Danny Simpson, mature student.
  5. Yeah, I saw Infinity War and Deadpool 2 yesterday back to back and Deadpool is the far better film and an improvement on the first.
  6. Fight you? We've both suffered through that charlatan's management, we should be hugging each other.
  7. It will be called '#eightseasonsandamovie'
  8. I reckon by next week, I might be in with a shout of a top-level job.
  9. Big Sam to Stoke. 110 yard passes straight from Butland to Crouch!
  10. He wasn't what we needed at the time, we were a shit team playing shit football at the wrong end of the table, a 'luxury' creative number 10 who doesn't do much defensively who never gets the ball is just a bloke in a shirt.
  11. The 2000 generation of English players is looking pretty immense. Sancho, Foden, Brewster, Hudson-Odoi, Gibbs-White etc. In terms of youth development now, England is right up there which is why we've been so successful lately at the youth World Cups, still the problem is that 19-21 leap from youth football into the top level of the game. Hopefully, if a lot of our players move abroad where the attitude is a bit more progressive, they'll get the game time, experience and especially a bit of tactical nous that English players still lack.
  12. One of which is apparently a two-year contract at PSG.
  13. And then, in the ultimate heel move, Ronaldo signs for Lincoln.