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  1. I saw it last night. Exceeded my expectations, and I really enjoyed it. It was well paced, well done, the comedy was used to perfection and aided in making the film that much scarier at times. It will surely be one of my faves this year, easily.
  2. 1. The Nun 2. Black Panther 3. Deadpool 2 4. The Grinch 5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 6. Insidious: The Last Key 7. Whitney 8. The First Purge 9. Avengers: Infinity War 10. Slender Man (EVEN THOUGH IT IS LITERALLY THE WORST FILM IVE SEEN IN A LOOOOOOOONG TIME......) I need to watch more than 10 films next year
  3. Tomb Raider I thought was pretty solid... not very far in yet but I liked it. WWE 2K19 has had the best career in a while; a bit lame but fun, I played through it fully for a change; and the towers were a fun addition.
  4. I already added my worst but I just wanted to echo the sentiment that Six Feet Under was absolutely wonderful. Hands down the best series finale I've ever seen.
  5. Angel. I'm still pissed at how shitty they ended it. It just ended mid-fight.... I was genuinely surprised it cut to black and the episode ended and even more surprised that was the finale. Genuinely pissed me off and ruined the whole show for me. I actually didn't mind Dexter (other than the Deb stuff) ... Didn't like it, but I didn't absolutely hate the thing as much as most seem to. Same with Seinfield.... It was campy, but it's a sitcom. No biggie. Who's the Boss I loved, tbh. I didn't enjoy most of the last season but the ending I thought was a great way to go. Another recent one for me is House of Cards. I'm hoping there's more to come as I really enjoyed this last season and would love to see the aftermath of that... I hated that it was a short season and the Claire character is one of my favorites on TV right now, so I'd love to see more. But doesn't look like there will be unfortunately. So I loved the show, I loved where it's at but I hate that its ending that way.
  6. 1. GLOW 2. Schitt's Creek 2. American Horror Story: Apocalypse 3. The Purge 4. The Good Place 5. Grey's Anatomy 6. House of Cards 7. Scandal 8. Roseanne 9. Jane The Virgin 10. Shameless 11. Orange Is the New Black 12. The Conners 130. The Walking Dead 14. How to Get Away With Murder 15. Santa Clarita Diet Best New Character: Simone on The Good Place
  7. I mean I've been wanting Rick to bite it since Season 3 if I'm being honest, so losing him is not a huge deal for me. I'd love to see Lauren Cohen stay on and become a main focus on the show (comic book Maggie is a pretty important character in terms of leadership). Though I think Negan become a central character / heroic guy would be great; he's been an interesting part of the cast. I still have to catch up; haven't seen anything past the mid-season finale yet.... but yea, I can't say losing Rick will make me abandon the show.
  8. I have to break the mold and say that Dexter Season 7 was worst for me than the last one, if I'm being honest. Neither were particularly great, but I preferred the last one. Walking Dead Season 2, I loathed. That was a chore. American Horror Story: Asylum.... blech. Not pleasant and way too convoluted. Angel Season 4 wasn't a whole lot of fun either... I can't remember if I hated Season 5, mostly because the way the series ended just pissed me off and I blocked a lot of it out.
  9. American Horror Story: Roanoke. It hit all the right spots for me as a series, and was truly the season I considered to be a true horror. It was terrifying at times. Buffy Season 3 is another that stands out to me. The Good Place Season 1 was beautiful. First Seasons of Dead Like Me, Six Feet Under and Pushing Daisies are wonderful as well.
  10. The Pack AD..... this was hard to narrow down to one song. But Deer is one of their older ones and the first song I heard them play in some little dive bar I used to hang out in. Had no idea who they were, didn't think much of them as they were setting up their set (they were one of two headliners that night) but they played this song and I bought their album on the spot.
  11. I disagree about last week.. it was a slow episode but I thought one that still was needed / accomplished a lot. I agree any other character wouldn't get that treatment but it wasn't any other character. As for this week... yea i was thinking the same thing.
  12. oh easy, First Aunt Viv. First Darrin (forget if that was Sergeant or York). First nosy chubby cheeked neighbour.
  13. That episode though.... man..... tough final few scenes.
  14. I have to say that aside from costumes and the props/weaponry... When I saw the set for the Korean Casino... That was truly a sight to behold. Maybe it's just because it's what I do for a living, but my eyes lit up when they did the entrance shot of that location and I was enthralled by the detail and design of it. That was probably my favorite shot of the film.
  15. Black Panther was phenomenal. It is easily my favorite Super Hero movie. What I loved most about it was that it was so character driven, as opposed to "Boom, Bang, Visual Effects, Exploding Buildings" style that Avengers is famous for (which, Avengers for all the love it gets can stand to cut a good 45 minutes worth of exploding buildings and it'll make it much more interesting in my opinion). I loved how they blended comic book lore and super hero movies, with historical black problems and modern xenophobia. And the costume designer surely needs to be shortlisted for the academy award, because how seamlessly she managed to blend traditional African styles with this created Science Fiction high-tech style is a thing of beauty. I can't say enough about how great of a movie this is and can only hope the next Marvel films continue the course. I'll echo sentiments about Shuri and Okoye. Great characters all around, and terrific performances from the cast as a whole.
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