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  1. Parasite winning everything it did was great, I haven't seen it but I've heard a lot of good and I genuinely am surprised it did THAT well tonight, but by all accounts it's well deserved. Very pleased with the Joaquin Phoenix win; he's never been one of my favorite actors, but I thought he was stellar in Joker (i really loved the movie as a whole and thought it should have absolutely won Best Cinematography to be honest, though I'm thrilled it won the Best Score because that was one of the most memorable scores in recent history). Renee Zellweger winning felt like a big comback thank you welcome home win. I would have rather seen Scarlett Johansson take the win or Cynthis Erivo. I'm fine with Pitt winning, and Laura Dern as well, though I was pulling for Florence Pugh. Elton John scoring the win was surprising, but also felt like another "thanks for being you" award. Genuinely, the songs nominated were all fairly lackluster overall, except for Stand Up from Harriet. That was a jawdropping performance and a really great song and they missed the mark not awarding it tonight. A little surprised at Production Design being awarded to Once Upon A Time in Hollywood (thought certainly not a bad thing), as I thought Jojo Rabbit might have snagged that one. Its a weird category, and maybe because this field is what I do for a living, but I'm surprised to see the Production Designer and Decorator nominated for this and Art Director not being involved. Seems strange to me... I will say though, boo on the Production Designer thanking "you know, the team", but props to the Decorator for naming them even quickly, and for giving a shout out to the Props Master by full name, as they/we are largely forgotten by the Academy as a whole (as well as most award shows). Costume Design was going to nobody outside of Little Women, the scale of the work they did is enormous and it looks really great; I've done period stuff like this and it's not easy to do (though I'd argue a period piece set in the 70s has it's own immense challenges and I have a lot of respect for the teams of Joker and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood), though it's another category I could have seen Jojo Rabbit take. And the hair and makeup for Bombshell was a lock, surely. Nobody came close.
  2. Sorry. I didn't mean to offend anyone... My reaction to this came about for exactly the same reason though... some Trauma Survivors I know that are getting this shoved in their faces. That's really all. I was just genuinely shocked at the reaction. I'll drop it.
  3. They eulogized him by calling him a champion for women, hence the question I posed.... It's not really a debate. That's like calling Michael Jackson a champion for children everywhere. His death is news, there's no doubt. But that doesn't excuse what he did. Let's see if Brock Turner, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, R-Kelly and Harvey Weinstein get the same big farewell tour. It's gross, emotions involved or not.
  4. Ok, so he is an admitted rapist then, though not convicted through a technicality. He then bought her off. So my point stand. He's no hero. This is news, no doubt. But he's only one of the greats because he managed to get away with rape and played a further 10 years after the fact. Going to and supporting the WNBA doesn't make him a Hero for Women. That's still a gross assessment of his legacy.
  5. Pardon my ignorance as I'm no basketball fan, but last I heard of Kobe in the news he was a rapist. Why exactly is he receiving a hero's farewell? Genuinely confused. I heard CNN refer to him as a "Champion for Women" and honestly have never felt so disgusted. Awful way to go. I feel for his family, and the loss of his 13 year old as well is gut wrenching. Shit situation over all.
  6. 1. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: I'm sad I had not seen it before the last few weeks. It is by far my favourite comedy on television; beautifully written and acted. The design of the show, costumes, props... everything just comes together. And from a technical point of view, those shots and long takes are beautiful. 2. GLOW: Again, another wonderful series. I look forward to Season 4 and it's a shame it is being cancelled afterwards, as there's so much more to tell. And again, a period piece that is beautifully designed and put together. 3. The Good Place: Hilarious, great cast of characters and the comedy is top notch; the most creative use of comedy on network television in my opinion. 4. American Horror Story: 1984: It will always be a top draw for myself; can't lie. I love the concept of the 1980s slasher thing, and it was executed well in my opinion. I hate to say it, but the show lacked with the exclusions of Sarah Paulson (who as much as I loathe on the show, I've come to realize she is indeed a glue within the cast), and Evan Peters (who is always top notch on the show). It needed a better lead character because Leslie Grossman is not a strong enough player dramatically to hold it together. But, it left me entertained and I really enjoyed it. 5. Schitt's Creek: Best comedy coming out of Canada easily. I'm gutted that it is ending, and am equally gutted I never got the chance to work it! But alas, it is a great series with a lot more depth than would be expected of a sitcom, and is doing a great job normalizing pansexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality and whatnot. Honestly, it's set in a small rural town and nobody cares or second guesses anything. Beautiful. 6. Working Moms: Another really great series I was implored to check out at the recommendation of one of the cast members. She was right, I am quite enjoying what they're doing. Much like Schitt's Creek, this show does a lot to normalize the trials of motherhood and 7. Dead To Me: This was a surprisingly great show. I checked it out on a lazy weekend and watched the entire series. The characters are top notch, and complicated and it's a refreshing change from what you'd see from regular two dimensional female characters. A really underrated series that should have received more recognition in my opinion. 8. The Crown: Not my favourite season of the three, far from it. Claire Foy was missed, I can't lie. But, that's not to say Olivia Coleman didn't do a great job. I look forward to more... it just feels like a first season of a show where the cast it trying to find their footing. 9. Good Girls: Another one I checked out on a whim... Hilarious and really well done. I had a hard time buying Mae Whitman and Christina Hendricks as sisters, as I felt Mae was much too young for the role. Another show that is breaking barriers with the trans / non-binary kid thing, and again... zero problems from the other cast members. Total acceptance. It's great that it showed the struggle the character was having with coming to terms and opening up about it though, despite parents and family that are fully open. Well done. PROGRESS. 10. Orange Is The New Black: A strong finish to the series, and a big bounce back from the slum they were in around the middle of the run. I like how they wrapped it all up; it's an ending but it's clear the characters and the cycle goes on. It's tragic at the same time as being closure. 11. The Handmaid's Tale: Great series. Should be higher but I haven't finished it all. But will always be fantastic. Another one I'd love the chance to work on, as everything I hear from some cast members and crew is that it's a really well run show. And I think that shows in the final product. It's another show I got into really late (only earlier this year at the behest of some cast) but I'm glad I finally gave it a go. Elizabeth Moss is a beast. She'll be remembered as one of the finest television actors of her generation. 12. Jane The Virgin: Cute show. It's a fun one I've enjoyed since early on. I love the bilingualism in the show, it's incredibly clever to use it they way they use it and the end of the show was exactly as it should be. 13. The View: I have to put this on the list. I watch every day, or tape it and catch up on the weekends or when I'm off. The panel they currently have finally have a decent rapport (Megan McCain can bite it though... And Abby Huntsman is no substitute for Sara Haines... Jedidiah Bila should have never been let go and I'd love to have more of Ana Navarro). Regardless... The show is called the most important political show on TV for a reason, and ever since Barbara Walters retired I find the show and topics are much more relevant to what's going on in the world and much less fluff. It's far from unbiased news, but what is these days... this breaks it down easily for every day people who can then look up more about what's happening (I'd love for them to touch base on things more than just US political news because there's so much going on world wide but I digress). 14. The Good Fight: Honestly, this is the best recent example of a spin off series gone extremely well. The lead character is familiar, and well fleshed out... but the content seems fresh. It feels like a completely new show, and the content level being a bit more adult than Network TV ever allowed The Good Wife to be does nothing but help this series. 15. Letterkenny: I can't not put a vote for it. I don't watch it religiously... Not the most ground breaking, but it is creative and relatable across the States for a small Canadian show... that says a lot too. Best New Character: Baby Yoda... if for the memes alone. Couldn't fit Mandalorian on the list, but Baby Yoda is easily the top new character I could think of.
  7. Anybody else heard of problems with the Sheild game? I've been receiving Error 2107-0445 consistently since installing the game and the most I've been able to play is about 20 minutes. I deleted the software and data entirely and was able to play other games without the problem at all, even exchanged the cartridge for a new one, and the minute I installed the new cartridge I got the error again. I did a factory reset of my console (which is only about 2 months old to begin with) and got the error immediately as it booted up. But then was able to play mario kart with no problems. I haven't tried Shield again, but just wondering if anyone else has heard of any issues like this or know what it could be.
  8. Struggling with the Chapter in MyCareer where I have to do the move thief... any insight would be helpful. I've got the button fully red; a finisher saved up... but I go to the turnbuckle and it won't let me perform the finisher. I even tried it when he had a finished stocked as well... what am I doing wrong?
  9. Has 3D prices changed though? I mean, here it's certainly more expensive now than what it was but it has always been double the price of a regular ticket. I paid $15.75 per ticket to see Avengers in 3D, that's about the same as Avatar was back in the day.
  10. I mean technically, Shinnok doesn't die.... Beheaded yes, but not dead. So that could explain why they're still evil / trapped as Revenants.
  11. So this was by far my favorite of the Avengers films. I usually don't particularly like them, generally because 40+ minutes of buildings exploding and whatnot bores me to tears... But man, 7 years later and they've finally figured out how to make an Avengers movie that's interesting from start to finish. In terms of the future... Anyways, if anything this movie has convinced me to go back and watch the timeline... I've only seen Iron Man 3, Black Panther, the Avenger Films, Civil War (which i thought was an Avenger Film) and the two Guardian Films.
  12. This. The Medium difficulty, I was battling Raiden (also one step above the boss) and it was ungodly. I'm also not great or anything, but that felt like I was battling on Expert level. It was one combo after an other after an other. I could barely get any hits in... Plud, add in the Rain Bubbles..... it was impossible.
  13. Question... I'm looking through skins and whatnot, and I noticed a lot of them have ??? marked under them, as to how / where to unlock them... What is that? Any body know how those get unlocked?
  14. Yea, Ronda is def the weakest part of the game... easily. But the game is fantastic. Easily my favorite in the series. The character models look fantastic and the mechanics of the game is very easy to use. I've thoroughly enjoyed playing it and, just like MK X I can forsee playing it for years to come.
  15. I saw it last night. Exceeded my expectations, and I really enjoyed it. It was well paced, well done, the comedy was used to perfection and aided in making the film that much scarier at times. It will surely be one of my faves this year, easily.
  16. 1. The Nun 2. Black Panther 3. Deadpool 2 4. The Grinch 5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 6. Insidious: The Last Key 7. Whitney 8. The First Purge 9. Avengers: Infinity War 10. Slender Man (EVEN THOUGH IT IS LITERALLY THE WORST FILM IVE SEEN IN A LOOOOOOOONG TIME......) I need to watch more than 10 films next year
  17. Tomb Raider I thought was pretty solid... not very far in yet but I liked it. WWE 2K19 has had the best career in a while; a bit lame but fun, I played through it fully for a change; and the towers were a fun addition.
  18. I already added my worst but I just wanted to echo the sentiment that Six Feet Under was absolutely wonderful. Hands down the best series finale I've ever seen.
  19. Angel. I'm still pissed at how shitty they ended it. It just ended mid-fight.... I was genuinely surprised it cut to black and the episode ended and even more surprised that was the finale. Genuinely pissed me off and ruined the whole show for me. I actually didn't mind Dexter (other than the Deb stuff) ... Didn't like it, but I didn't absolutely hate the thing as much as most seem to. Same with Seinfield.... It was campy, but it's a sitcom. No biggie. Who's the Boss I loved, tbh. I didn't enjoy most of the last season but the ending I thought was a great way to go. Another recent one for me is House of Cards. I'm hoping there's more to come as I really enjoyed this last season and would love to see the aftermath of that... I hated that it was a short season and the Claire character is one of my favorites on TV right now, so I'd love to see more. But doesn't look like there will be unfortunately. So I loved the show, I loved where it's at but I hate that its ending that way.
  20. 1. GLOW 2. Schitt's Creek 2. American Horror Story: Apocalypse 3. The Purge 4. The Good Place 5. Grey's Anatomy 6. House of Cards 7. Scandal 8. Roseanne 9. Jane The Virgin 10. Shameless 11. Orange Is the New Black 12. The Conners 130. The Walking Dead 14. How to Get Away With Murder 15. Santa Clarita Diet Best New Character: Simone on The Good Place
  21. I mean I've been wanting Rick to bite it since Season 3 if I'm being honest, so losing him is not a huge deal for me. I'd love to see Lauren Cohen stay on and become a main focus on the show (comic book Maggie is a pretty important character in terms of leadership). Though I think Negan become a central character / heroic guy would be great; he's been an interesting part of the cast. I still have to catch up; haven't seen anything past the mid-season finale yet.... but yea, I can't say losing Rick will make me abandon the show.
  22. I have to break the mold and say that Dexter Season 7 was worst for me than the last one, if I'm being honest. Neither were particularly great, but I preferred the last one. Walking Dead Season 2, I loathed. That was a chore. American Horror Story: Asylum.... blech. Not pleasant and way too convoluted. Angel Season 4 wasn't a whole lot of fun either... I can't remember if I hated Season 5, mostly because the way the series ended just pissed me off and I blocked a lot of it out.
  23. American Horror Story: Roanoke. It hit all the right spots for me as a series, and was truly the season I considered to be a true horror. It was terrifying at times. Buffy Season 3 is another that stands out to me. The Good Place Season 1 was beautiful. First Seasons of Dead Like Me, Six Feet Under and Pushing Daisies are wonderful as well.
  24. The Pack AD..... this was hard to narrow down to one song. But Deer is one of their older ones and the first song I heard them play in some little dive bar I used to hang out in. Had no idea who they were, didn't think much of them as they were setting up their set (they were one of two headliners that night) but they played this song and I bought their album on the spot.
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