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  1. New Mutants, Deadpool 2 and Dark Phoenix all have had release dates confirmed. Anyone got any info on the DF film? It's the first I've properly heard of it, I think. In other news, I finished Legion tonight. Absolutely loved it, particularly the brilliant pemultimate episode.
  2. Since I last did my round-up back in March, CONMEBOL have had two further game days. I think it's worth pointing out now how ridiculously close their qualifying is. Brazil have already qualified with 33pts from 14 games. However, only 6 pts separates 2nd and 8th! It goes: Pts - Team - Remaining fixtures, in chronological order (lower case for away, CAPS FOR HOME) 24 - Colombia - venezuela, BRAZIL, PARAGUAY, peru 23 - Uruguay - ARGENTINA, paraguay, venezuela, BOLIVIA 23 - Chile - PARAGUAY, bolivia, ECUADOR, brazil 22 - Argentina - uruguay, VENEZUELA, BOLIVIA, ecuador 20 - Ecuador - brazil, PERU, chile, ARGENTINA 18 - Peru - BOLIVIA, ecuador, argentina, COLOMBIA 18 - Paraguay - chile, URUGUAY, colombia, VENEZUELA Anyone fancy making any guesses on who makes it?
  3. What's the over/under on Ingram outplaying him?
  4. The reasoning sounds plausible to be fair - he says he was quite ill before the combine and took on a lot of fluids to hydrate / flush it out. He only 'failed' the test because his sample was too diluted. As for the schedule, our season looks difficult this year. Could be anything from a 4 to 11 win season depending on which Lions turns up :-/
  5. Really dug the Homeland finale:
  6. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 apparently have FIVE post-credits clips.
  7. Excellent news. I also like how honest he seems (if you follow him on FB you'll know what I mean) - he didn't want to commit to it willy nilly. Had to make sure it's what he really wanted to do.
  8. Reallly enjoyed that episode - a good solid start to the season. Bill was actually pretty decent too.
  9. This is where the Patriots take him in the 2nd round, isn't it?
  10. @Mesut timmozil and I once did our own World Tag Grand Prix with either 32 or 64 teams. We simmed a group stage preliminary round, followed by a knockout stage and everything. I think The Outsiders ended up winning...
  11. Yeah, I'm all for a North American WC.
  12. In case peeps missed it, Bloodstock announced Ghost as their Saturday headliner. Cracking band, and nice to see a BOA debut top the bill.
  13. Wasn't there something about Seahawks being over their cap if he unretires? If so, they'll likely accept a pretty modest deal to send him to Oakland. As for mocks, here's my very early first attempt (the back half was kind of rushed a bit):
  14. I'm really hoping the story isn't BS. The sauce can be wildly either way on that sort of thing.
  15. Read a potential spoiler today regarding the show...