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  1. Just read it. All of the extra stuff is after the main feature.
  2. I'm not sure it's actually out that soon. From the quote I saw, it could be interpreted that they are properly announcing it at the weekend. No one seemed to even have a run time yet, so not sure how it can br programmed into a cinema that soon.
  3. DFF


    Morgan just broke the world record for most 6s in a ODI with 17...
  4. Apparently we are interested in Ribery. As much as I'd love for us to go down the Juninho to Boro route from the mid-90s, I don't know how the hell we'd afford the wages if he'd even speak to us.
  5. Yeah, it's not like the NFL (for example) where teams don't all play the same opponents. Knowing us, we'll be shit / outclassed half the time, with the rest of the time divided between valiantly losing and pissing off the odd bigger team. When we went down last time, we still managed a win over Arsenal, for example.
  6. It feels weird posting in this thread. Here's to attempting to not finish bottom!
  7. Come back to Sheff please Phil!
  8. DFF


    From 144-1 to 201 all out!
  9. DFF

    Wimbledon 2019

    She's currently 5-1 up in the opening set against Sloane Stephens in the opening set too! EDIT: First set, 6-1.
  10. DFF


    Afghanistan are doing well against Sri Lanka! After the latter started strongly, they are now 159-6!
  11. Blackened post-doom anyone? https://cvltofbaal.bandcamp.com/album/reverence
  12. Just binged Russian Doll in two sittings. Flipping heck that was brilliant.
  13. Apparently the Ghost Rider show is standalone and doesn't make reference to the AOS iteration.
  14. To think that, only three seasons back, we started the season takng 1 point from 4 games and being bottom of League One. We went on to win the league with 100pts, gain a respectable finish the season after and now going to finish at worst 2nd and are promoted again to the Prem. Wilder has been amazing for us. Over/underlapping centre backs are the future guys!
  15. I'd rather we didn't take him, but at least he looks good value... I guess... I'd be happy with a top end edge rusher to partner with Flowers too yeah.
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