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  1. That's a lot of shows, but if they go down the sort of 4-6 episode length, and just release them spread out, it could be very doable.
  2. I enjoyed the second one pretty much as much as the first, upon reflection. I think that, once you've had the first one, the logical thing is to dig deeper into that mythos and unveil a fair bit more of it (which they did). Now, with the main workings of that underworld revealed, the third one could be a straight forward action / survival flick and round things off nicely (hopefully).
  3. It's in the same TV Universe as Arrow, Flash and Supergirl. First season was a bit naff, but it fully embraced its utter cheese after that and is generally really entertaining now.
  4. DFF

    NFL 2018

    As much as I'm rooting for all three other team, I don't get this argument. If Brady was selfless enough to understand that, by not demanding to be the highest paid QB they can be more successful, then surely that makes him a better person not a worse one? Latest I heard was -5 F, which, what, -20C? That's flipping cold.
  5. How about: Abolish the EFL Trophy Remove Prem teams from the League Cup (essentially making it the EFL trophy with added Championship sides) Give the eventual League Cup winner a bye to the 5th Round of the next season's FA Cup Move the Europa League spot currently given to the League Cup winner to the FA Cup Runner-up, meaning both FA Cup finalists make the Europa League, not just the winners.
  6. DFF

    NFL 2018

    If Foles wins the SuperBowl (again), I could entertain the Eagles trading Wentz. They could probably get quite a tidy collection of picks for him.
  7. DFF

    NFL 2018

    Looks like he caught that a little wrong tbh. I'd expect a kicker from a rugby background to be able to do something a little better than that. Admittedly, it's probably not something he's had to practice - possibly ever?
  8. DFF

    NFL 2018

    I'd be happy if Gase ended up being our OC. I have feeling he'll get a HC job though.
  9. Apparently we are interested in signing Defoe on loan for the rest of the season. I'm sure he'd still do a good job in the Championship, but I'm not sure we could afford his wages.
  10. DFF


    Did anyone watch last night's return? Spoilered thoughts within:
  11. DFF

    Doctor Who

    I thought it was decent, without being blown away. Felt like it would been in the middle of the pack when compared to the episodes in the latest season.
  12. If I'd finished watching the Haunting of Hill House a week or so earlier it would have finished quite high in my list. Thus, this list is already a fruad! Apologies @GoGo Yubari haha
  13. DFF

    NFL 2018

    See that Hopkins had 115 receptions and ZERO drops this year? That's crazy. Elite WR.
  14. I take your Dexter and raise you True Blood. Not only a Godawful last ep, but entire season.

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