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  1. Gibraltar beat Liechtenstein 2-1! I believe that means they have their first ever two game winning streak?
  2. DFF

    Doctor Who

    Really solid first ep, and I like the direction they seem to be taking things. The CGI definitely had an upgrade this year too.
  3. Mark Ingram is my hero. Not only did he bag a 21.3 pt performance, he took a bunch of touches from Kamara (who I was against), leaving the latter with 6.9!
  4. Chelsea player on loan at Derby.
  5. DFF

    Comic Book Films & TV

    Some scores of Venom reviews: 1 / 5 Guardian 2 / 5 Empire 3 / 5 Total Film
  6. DFF

    NFL 2018

    I'm mildly surprised that they haven't used Rishard Matthews more. He seemed to be a good big play guy for them last year. I'm sure he'll got a shot elsewhere (New England?)
  7. DFF

    NFL 2018

    That is a pretty dire list. I'm not sure who I'd want, if I were a 9ers fan.
  8. Discovery is (broadly) good!
  9. DFF

    NFL 2018

    So, Fitz keeps the job over Winston we think? Even despite those three INTs, he's leading them on plety of scoring drives. Sounds like the lockeroom is behind him too.
  10. 3-0! Only undefeated team left! I look forward to losing out now...
  11. Unless OJ Howard gets 35 pts, it looks like I'll be 3-0! 😮
  12. DFF

    NFL 2018

    I'm elated with last night's result. I know the Pats struggle earlier in the season, but I still expected them to steamroller us. To finally break the 100 yard rushing duck is obviously an added bonus too. Looking at some of the game coming up, they actually look a little more winable now. Particularly that Cowboys game, based on how they have played so far this year.
  13. A documentary on Amon Amarth is coming out in November. I'm so ready for this
  14. DFF

    NFL 2018

    Me too. I know it's too early to definitively say, but it does look like Mayfield will at least be competent a moving the chains, something that they've struggled with for a while.

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