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  1. Are you watching the films in release order? I feel that one would certainly lise some of its kick without the earlier entries.
  2. It's a smidge messy, due to rights issues. Venom, and any other Spidey-based spin-offs, are separate to the MCU. The latest Spider-Man film (Homecoming) and its upcoming sequel are both part of the MCU. The Netflix Marvel shows exist in the same Universe as the MCU films, as does Agents of SHIELD. However, there is very little crossover in AOS (though plenty of references), and there's literally the odd references in the Netflix shows. The Netflix shows are much more standalone / almost their own little universe.
  3. Nice. I'm seeing a Cineworld VIP showing of it tonight!
  4. Can we just wrap him up in cotton wool until the kick off of the opening game? Seriously, just play the 'second string' XI in the two friendlies.
  5. Do we have any idea of the timing of the official announcement?
  6. Yup, 4/5 from Empire, Total Film and The Guardian.
  7. I think it will be a bit of both. I really hope they can eke one more season out post-Avengers 4 though.
  8. Deadpool 2 reviews are surfacing: Empire 4/5 Guardian 3/5 IGN 7.8/10 Rolling Stone 3.5/4
  9. I swear that sounds almost word-for-word what they said last year.
  10. Gotham and Elementary renewed.
  11. Go Hungary! A nice little bit of metalcore for Eurovision.
  12. Lucifer, Designated Survivor and The Expanse cancelled on the same day!?
  13. DFF


    Literally just coming in to post the same thing, that Diaz centric episode was brilliant - one of the better eps in the whole run of any CWverse show imo.
  14. We have shipped Akeem Spence off to the Dolphins for a 7th. Hmmm... he was never fantastic, but I thought he was a solid 2nd line-man. This means next year we will have the following picks: 1st R 2nd R 4th R 5th R 5th R (from 9ers for Laken Tomlinson) 6th R 6th R (from Pats for Johnson Bademosi) 7th R 7th R (from Dolphins for Akeem Spence) Apparently we are expecting a low end comp pick for Darren Fells too. I wonder if we could package a few of these together to get a 3rd back. Hmmm...
  15. Really enjoyed the Detroit demo. Might go all in and pre-order.