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  1. Get in! Very happy with our performance today, particularly from McBurnie, Berge, Baldock and Osborn. Osborn usually deputises Stevens at left wing back, but had to make his premier league debut as a CM today because we literally had no other midfielders. He really impressed me with his tenacity. McBurnie was so good at winning headers and holding up the ball today too.
  2. Lovely goal. Playing a reserve wing back in central midfield is somehow paying off!
  3. Yeah, thats a rule failure not a VAR one. Don't get wrong, I'm not sad the gial has been chalked off, but yeah its balls. Don't know why Spurs weren't just given a free kick?
  4. DFF

    The 2020 Music Thread

    According to my Rate Your Music account, I'm up to 297 albums for the year so far (I can listen to music at work most of the time) - Current top 10 - 01. Ghost Toast - "Shape Without Form" - Mostly prog/post-metal with some audio samples 02. Oded Tzur - "Here Be Dragons" - Instrumental smooth jazz 03. Kooba Tercu - "Proto Tekno" - Experimental / Psych Rock 04. JG Thirlwell & Simon Steensland - "Oscillospira" - Avant-Prog / Zuehl / Modern Classical 05. Alestorm - "Curse of the Crystal Coconut" - Folk-Metal / Symphonic Metal 06. Godthrymm - "Reflections" - Trad Doom 07. Myrkur - "Folkesange" - Dark folk 08. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - "Chunky Shrapnel" - (Mostly) Live Album - Garage Rock / Hard Rock / Psych / Prog / Thrash / Krautrock 09. Forndom - "Faþir" - Ritual Ambient / Dark Folk 10. Dool - "Summerland" - Rock / Prog / Psych / Goth
  5. Pretty gutted by the Arsenal result tbh. Thought we deserved to take than to ET, and we looked the better side in the second half. Still, fare play, Arsenal took their chances and we didn't. Was glad for a strong performance from Berge - hopefully that'll quieten the naysayers a bit.
  6. For anyone interested, a mate of mine has brought out a trivia quizbook for the MCU. He's done around half a dozen or so quizbooks now on different shows and films and they are pretty good. Here's his FB page, where he's currently running daily polls to determine the audience's favourite MCU film as a part of tie in promotion: https://www.facebook.com/RJQuizBooks/
  7. Frank Lampard has now helped Liverpool win more titles than Steven Gerrard 😛 Congrats Liverpool.
  8. DFF

    Game of Thrones

    I was thinking of the longer form one from Qaith about the pale mare, perfumed seneschal, the mummers dragon etc.
  9. DFF

    Game of Thrones

    I get that, but it was such a promising storyline Did they use the prophecy in full in the show? I don't recall offhand.
  10. DFF

    Game of Thrones

    A bit late to this but - YOUNG. GRIFF. His plotline was looking like it was going to be quite important in the book (and I believe he's referred to in one of the 'prophecies' too).
  11. DFF

    The 2020 Music Thread

    Just listened to the EP; it's pretty great!
  12. We've announced that we have signed Billy Sharp and Oli Norwood to contract extentions that see them stay until 2022 and 2023 respectively. Well chuffed with that, particularly Norwood.
  13. https://open.spotify.com/album/1H7vR3qF51dBZZrsc4IFZM?si=acHotWbjQzGXi1tki_vpkA Not strictly metal, but has some heavy moments/elements - this some avant-prog/symphonic prog/zuehl that sort of sounds like if 'Red' era King Crimson were drafted in to curate a soundtrack to an arthouse film. Flipping great.
  14. I didn't realise they were doing a new album with Kiske and Hansen! That's pretty cool. Happy to wait for that.
  15. Downloaded a mod that adds in most of the world's leagues, including expanding on those already available. Start as unemployed on a game with all Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark and Faroe Islands leagues all turned on. Ended up at an 8th tier Swedish side Högsrums FF. Board expectation was mid table - employed a variation of the "2" formation and went an won the league and promotion at first attempt! Board expectations in season 2? Win the league and get promoted to tier 6. Talk about a change of valuation, haha. After a handful of games I was 4th, but on a bit of a slump... when I was offered a job at Division 1 (tier 3) side! 😮. Have taken it. Let's see how this goes.
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