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  1. You don't need to say anything. Just make me an offer. 😎
  2. Apologies for the delay, was running a gig last night and went straight to bed after. I'll get on this asap. Darrell Henderson, RB, Rams and Josh Gordon, WR, Patriots @Pooker
  3. Brady isn't that valuable in fantasy these days tbf.
  4. Marvin Jones, WR, Detroit and Geronimo Allison, WR, Green Bay @Pooker
  5. I am back! Cheers HC.
  6. OJ Howards, TE, Buccs and Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers @Pooker
  7. I thought it was accepted / confirmed that TAS isn't canon?
  8. Keenan Allen, WR, Chargers AND Joe Mixon, RB, Bengals @Pooker
  9. I was thinking that. I don't have Cousins in my top 15 QBs, and I'm surprised so many players went before Julio did.
  10. DFF

    Comic Book Films & TV

    Yeah, that was brilliant.
  11. Mercyful Fate have confirmed they are doing some summer festivals next year! Copenhell confirmed so far.
  12. I assume I'm good to go? With my first pick I select - Saquon Barkley, RB, Giants. @Pooker - is up!
  13. When are we planning to kick things off?
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