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  1. Jonny D

    Big Brother

    Why do they have to have a goby black cunt in there every single year? She can't even argue for shit, she just says the same things over and over while everyone goes off and cries or tells her to calm down. Sad state of affairs.
  2. Simpson and Pique seem like players who will excel when playing with the first team. Pique did well at Right Back (Had nothing to do at CB) and so did Simpson. If these two aren't going to be first teamers this season (Which they obviously won't when we're injury free) then they should be loaned out to a top flight team somewhere. I can't see them improving much more by playing for a C/Ship side to be honest.
  3. Anyone else listening to Five Live? Seriously, people who ring into radio shows can be such spastics, it's comedy gold. Some Chelsea "fan" claiming they were nothing before Abramovich, followed Liverpool fan bringing out the "It's our year" speech as the only man who can stop them is now can. Apparently, the only reason we won it last year was because Cech being injured cost them 15 points. :blink: EDIT: As I type it a United fan goes on, embarassing us. He got cut off.
  4. SSN now saying they have heard from a senior Chelsea player in the last few minutes that Mourinho has gone. No word who the player is but it seems a certainty.
  5. As good as this is, to be fair, how hard arsed are Chelsea? A draw in the CL and 15,000 or so fans dressed as blue seats and you're out. They won't find anyone better.
  6. Teehee, I got £50 on it about 35 minutes from Betfair at 1.35. Not much, but piss easy money. So soon before the United game as well, I love it! EDIT: The rumour was first doing the rounds at 11:40, appearing on Eurosport, spreading like wild fire til it got to SSN.
  7. Really not looking forward to the Roma game. Not because of the football, I think we should go through fairly easily, but because of the guaranteed trouble off the pitch. I don't see it being pretty.
  8. Well, it's tonight, and I'm nervous as fuck. Don't think I could stand it if Liverpool won it for the sixth time.
  9. Clearly I am better than you all. Clearly
  10. Jonny D

    Alan Ball

    Wow, I saw him on TV just a few weeks ago, looked a picture of health. Legend of the Game.
  11. The Sopranos 24 Scrubs Red Dwarf Lost South Park Top Gear Futurama The OC Nip/Tuck Buffy Angel The Office (UK) Jonathan Creek The Apprentice (UK)
  12. Big Brother's voting system really needs to be changed so you vote for your favourites, instead of who you want out. As it is, it pretty much encourages keeping the non-entites in and getting the big characters out.
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