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  1. I think the commentator summed it up best; 'this is no longer a song contest'.
  2. Not true, he just has a very poor understanding of the English language. I watched an interview that he did for an Israeli website before the final and he spoke much more confidently and with a wider vocabulary then 'we play good footbal in the first half, i think man untd play good football and that alex ferguson is a manager that knows how to show good football.'
  3. Grant brought Chelsea to a place it's never been before, Grant played a lot of the season without his 3 star players Terry, Lampard and Drogba, Grant came second in the league cup, premier league and the champions league, why sack him? If they really felt like sacking someone they should have sacked Drogba. Such attitude shown at the final was possibly what cost Chelsea the win (it's rumoured that Drogba was meant to take the last penalty). Grant did a fantastic job as Chelseas manager, he will be missed!
  4. I'd like a James Storm sig, only thing I want it for it to saty 'sorry about your damn luck!', the rest is up to you. Thanks
  5. Anyone have pictures of: Crystal (TNA backstage interviewer) Hector Guerrero Jimmy Rave ODB Roxxi Laveaux Talia Madison (Velvet Sky) Thanks!
  6. So explain to me something, now England only have to draw against Coratia on Wednesday, correct? What happens to Russia who do they now need to beat to get through or are they through already? On a seperate note, I knew Israel could do it, just shows what a shame it was that we didn't make it through this time, no worries there's always 2012.
  7. Wow, the house seems really dull, and the spread out kitchen... stupid. They have to put in some guys to create some competition between the girls, why do you think girls bitch and fight? I'd love to see one guy go in there and go mad having to spend all day every day with 11 girls!!!
  8. Can someone get some or all of the following please: Adam Pearce Austin Arues Chris Harris Chris Daniels Elix Skipper Gail Kim Hernandez Homicide Jackie Gayda James Mitchell Jay Lethal Jim Cornette Jimmy Rave Jimmy Yang Johnny Devine Kpnnan Larry Zbyszko Norman Smiley Petty Williams Roderick Strong Rong Killings Samoa Joe Scott D'Amore Senshi (Low Ki) Shange Dougals Shark Boy Sonjay Dutt Sting Traci Thanks!
  9. You don't like little kids, do you? lol, good job.
  10. Don't know about season 2 but I heared lots of good things about season so I decided to download the first eposode and check it out. This led to me downloading the second, third, fourth, fith and now the sixth. For some reason though I think it would have made a better movie then a tv show.

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