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  1. It, Chapter 2. The writing is meh but I laughed my ass off and had a good time seeing it in the theater with friends
  2. In terms of movies, The Shining is an obvious masterpiece although it holds very little semblance to the book I've heard. I liked the original It but hated the ending, and the remake is amazing. I refuse to read It having heard about the preteen gangbang that seems pretty grossly self-indulgent. I tried reading The Gunslinger and was pretty bored, and Cell killed my interest within the first few pages. I don't like the way he writes dialogue, really. The characters always feel like tropes rather than people. Joe Hill is definitely better, as Heart Shaped Box and NOS4A2 are some of my favorite modern books. Horns was good too, but I got a little squeamish surrounding the sexual content
  3. Captain Marvel - I liked it, it was a fun movie, but I was taken out of immersion by a number of things I was critical of
  4. I think they need a more direct message to the viewers, like Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  5. Hate the voice. Arleen Sorkin's trademark Brooklyn/Jersey accept set the stage that every other voice actress has followed since. And since there was no Harley Quinn character prior to Batman: TAS, it seems like a bigger afront to the portrayl than if someone reinterpreted a character from the comic page. Also not wild about the tone of "piss yourself" vs. censoring "bash their fucking heads in". They poke fun at the dark the gritty DCEU yet the cartoon carries the vibe from the dreadful Spike TV animated block ala Ren and Stimpy revival or Stripperella
  6. Since you couldn't get it to embed: Thoughts on upcoming Daredevil season in relation to this past season of Luke Cage, and Iron Fist:
  7. I think kids under 10 would say Cyborg based on Teen Titans Go, whereas teens and above would say Black Panther based on the enormous mainstream popularity of the MCU. My mind still said John Stewart first but I don't think I'd be a good representative for the masses. Storm has probably dropped a lot of spots since two decades ago though. Because the X-Men are such a large group with ever changing roster, even as one of the sole black members she'd probably be overlooked compared to Falcon, Miles Morales, or Luke Cage
  8. I'm on episode 8. I like the villains, Danny and Colleen's chemistry has improved, as has the fighting, but the Meechum family drama continues to take up too much airtime for my liking
  9. Finished it today. I liked it for the most part but some parts definitely fell flat and felt awkward enough to be left on the cutting room floor. I like where it's implied season 2 is headed, but thought the season 1 finale was anticlimactic
  10. I liked Ruby Rose in John Wick: Chapter 2. As long as they have a strong, strong supporting cast and the writing that works to her strengths, I could see it being a quality show. But that is a lot of qualifiers.
  11. Everything I'm reading says a rotating curated list of thousands of titles. That's vague but most big streaming services have to start somewhere and then build on it. So I guess we'll see what they mean by thousands
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