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  1. This was true! For anyone that missed manual there is a second chance
  2. Somewhere in the 2nd half of the game
  3. I missed a very important training manual
  4. Made it to the start of day 3. I thought about playing more but no need to push it. For the people that are done did you get all the trading cards? I've been trying but I'm sure I missed at least a couple
  5. I just met the arrow shooting guys
  6. Trying to play this again. Let's see how it goes!
  7. I think this game might be too good at emotionally manipulating me. Like I get so angry and almost bloodthirsty I don't even want to play it. Like I'm curious what is going to happen but outside of the scene I mentioned earlier I find myself in a bad mood after about an hour. It's not a good feeling to be honest
  8. I have no idea what that means but I am not on the 2nd half of the game yet so don't tell me
  9. I don't know if it's just me but I can only do like an encounter or two at a time and then I'm just drained. I'm putting a lot of feelings into this game. For sure one I can't binge my way through
  10. I love it even more because I get to play as a gay woman
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