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  1. Really digging into RTTS for the first time. Is it impossible or am I just missing something? Like I can't raise my stats because anytime you miss a pitch you lose stats or if you get an out you lose stats. Like I am the best hitter on the team and I still can't get my contact above 35
  2. I had a morbid curiosity until I saw the price
  3. @9 to 5 Gerrit Cole P Yanks and Justin Verlander P Astros
  4. I don't get the business side of sports sometimes. Like we released Amukamara and Gabriel and I'm like "They are good what are we doing?!?" But I'm sure it's just a money thing
  5. Saw a rumor Carr could go to the Bears if Brady went to the Raiders
  6. I'll take all those cheatin ass Astros! I WIN!!
  7. I decided to try Discovery. Is it any good? I've heard mixed reviews
  8. I've been only casually following it because the idea makes me sad but do you think we are going to trade Bryant?
  9. You could be right. I thought it was both but I'm probably wrong
  10. I notice they removed the gambling stuff from the graphic
  11. Super Mario World is the first game I remember playing. I was obsessed with Yoshi
  12. Speaking of that do you think they get in trouble for dude dropping an F-bomb after that roughing penalty?
  13. Nice kick. I was kinda hoping for more points but this isn't too bad
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