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  1. I bought Super Smash Brothers for £35, cartridge only, just the other week.
  2. Some quick thoughts, copied over from a Whatsapp chat as I can't be arsed to articulate myself twice...
  3. I think the conflicting trailers proved that unfortunately. Still interesting to see how the film unfolds when I see it this weekend.
  4. Any time a film says it has a non-hetero character in it, hiiiii Deadpool, they cop out with something so fleeting you barely notice it. I already see this as cynical marketing about nothing.
  5. Weezer have announced a UK tour in October... Leeds Academy on my birthday! My... 30th birthday. I'm so old.
  6. I need another How to Destroy Angels album in my life.
  7. - The Founder (2016) I'll try bunch a couple of reviews together next time. Already got some ideas lined up going forward, but I still have no idea what direction to take Film Scratches in other than what interests me at a particular moment in time.
  8. ♫ I wish I was a New York hipster leading an artist's life, that's why I got this sleeve tattoo and beard, but I work for a third-rate ad agency in Hackney. ♫ EDIT: I prefer the minimalism of the first album, but it's all right actually for something quintessentially Radio 1.
  9. And those fucking ukuleles - an instrument invented by Hitler.
  10. I'm getting back into film reviews again, so I dug up this old thread to post links to them. Got to keep @LarsLars informed! - Anomalisa (2015)
  11. Take a Bow and Knights could work either way. I love Knights at the end as most albums I listen to mostly end on a downer, while that's obviously far more kick-arse. Also, Supermassive Black Hole is one of my favourite Muse songs, and never I understand why it gets such a muted response (compared to their other hits) at gigs. In terms of skippable tracks: Showbiz on Showbiz, Butterflies and Hurricanes on Absolution, I Belong to You on Resistance, and Explorers, Big Freeze, and Save Me on The 2nd Law - sometimes Follow Me (it was a very average album in hindsight).
  12. I wish this was my answer, but Revolt and Sailing Aftermath are on there. Mandatory Muse answer: although I prefer Origin of Symmetry and Absolution, Black Holes and Revelations is their most unskippable album as it was programmed to work as a single entity rather than a series of tracks. Muse have always been weird with their track orders, though - like, why was Unsustainable the penultimate track of The 2nd Law when it's quite clearly an opener?
  13. There's been many over the years, and I could give a long list of favourite albums. The latest album that's 10/10 is 'Get to Heaven' by Everything Everything - an absolutely stunning contrast R'n'B-styled indie pop and pitch black lyrics about depression, terrorism, 24/7 news cycles, and the rise of the far right. I think this video sums the album up well... And now I'm going to tag @9 to 5 for no particular reason.