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  1. What kind of music do you like?

    Although Manic Street Preachers are my favourite band, I think turn of the century Kerrang-rock best describes the genre I listen to most. I like most genres - not exactly "a little bit of everything" - but imagine being a heavy metal fan who only listens to heavy metal. How boring.
  2. Listen to my podcast: CineMortuary.com

    me be gud at adverts

  3. So questionable, we made another one:
  4. Music that is awful (that you like)

    In terms of critical acclaim (or lack thereof), at one point the worst three rock bands in the world were cited as Limp Bizkit, Nickelback, and Creed, and I owned all their albums. Limp Bizkit I'm still a big fan of, and I like listening to Nickelback's older albums* from time to time for nostalgia. Creed seem pretty weak now Alter Bridge exist. Oh, according to EWB, Alter Bridge is awful so them too. *"Older" is up to All The Right Reasons (the one with Photograph and Rockstar on) - which is the most hilarously inconsistent album ever recorded. IIRC, they follow up one song about Chad Kroeger wanting to beat people up for even looking at his stripper girlfriend, into a song begging for world peace. Their follow-up, which included the old Raw theme tune, was gash even by Nickelback's standards.
  5. 2018 World Cup Qualifiers

    So, in the Nations League, are four jobbers from League D going to qualify for Euro 2020?
  6. 2018 World Cup Qualifiers

    Does anyone actually get what this UEFA Nations League bollocks is all about?
  7. 2018 World Cup Qualifiers

    I loved the last World Cup as England were eliminated so early. It meant the BBC/ITV coverage had to talk about the matches taking place at half time instead of going to some bullshit report from the England camp. Seriously, has Gabriel Clarke ever actually been to a football match?
  8. Formula One 2017

    Hamilton's winning the championship. There's no way he'll score less than 41 points over the next four races.... unless he does a Vettel, obvs.
  9. 2018 World Cup Qualifiers

    To note, Argentina have qualified for 11 consecutive World Cups, the fourth longest streak behind Brazil (21), Germany (17), and Italy (14 - 15 if they qualify this time). It would be quite extraordinary if Argentina fail to qualify in such a dismal fashion.
  10. What music are you listening to?

    One of my favourite albums. The one-two of 'Cold Cold Night' and 'I Want to be the Boy who Warms Your Mother's Heart' - phwoar. Them playing the latter at Leeds Festival 2004 is one of my favourite gig memories too.
  11. Tom Petty Has Passed

    His death hasn't been verified yet, although it's not looking good. TMZ says he's "clinging onto his life".
  12. What bands do you hate?

    So many times watching music video channels in the late 90s and getting disappointed that 'The Light...' didn't end with '...ning Seeds'. I'll have my +1 now, @MDK.
  13. I have a podcast now! Yes! Me! The guy who sounds like a bored donkey shitting a pineapple! A podcast! The CineMortuary Podcast takes a look at revolting remakes and ghastly sequels of horror films. We try not to give every film a kicking, but our choices are a bit less Dawn of the Dead (the original) and a bit more random Jaws knock-off #24. Here's episode 1: Mandatory social media stuff: You can follow us @cinemortuary on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and we also have a Letterboxd account but fuck knows what we'll do with that. We aim for a new episode once every two weeks because I'm having to drive to York and record episodes in bulk at the moment. Two more are ready to go, FYI.