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  1. The dark colour palette is a bit cliche, but the second trailer at least has a sense of fun about it. It looks like they're aiming for Thor by way of Transformers. The tone in pop culture narratives changes over the years; Mighty Morphin Power Rangers worked in the 90s because everything in the 90s was bright colours and positive attitudes. It's natural this generation are "troublemakers" as... well, have you seen any films with younger people in them this century? Daddy issues upon daddy issues upon daddy issues. The younger voices in Hollywood, like the director of this, Dean Isrealite, who's only 32, tend to mix their fandom with a cynical take on the human condition. Personally, as much as I want it to do well, I think the film will be critically shrugged off and largely forgotten. But at least my original theory of it being this generation's Dragonball Evolution (badly shot, badly acted, basically unwatchable) won't be true.
  2. Shouldn't you be in some sort of register for doing that?
  3. I was thinking about this the other day before the Facebook trend, trying to remember what I was into during my college years circa 2004-2006. Even now at 29 I listen to some of these albums quite a lot as, aside from Nickelback, I've never grown out of them. (In no particular order:) 1. Muse - Origin of Symmetry / Absolution / Black Holes and Revelations 2. Keane - Hopes and Fears 3. Nickelback - The State 4. Red Hot Chili Peppers - By the Way 5. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory 6. Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water (I also listened to 'Results May Vary' a lot in college... I had a listen back just the other day and it's amazing Interscope let out an album with so little tunes.) 7. Supergrass - In It For The Money 8. Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand 9. The White Stripes - Elephant 10. Sum 41 - Chuck
  4. A pointless group stage followed by 32 teams playing cagily as one fuck-up would see them out. Sounds like fun. Euro 2016 already proved what happens when you add far more teams than necessary and have the main majority go into the knockout stage - just shite football all round.
  5. Armada screams of an editor who failed to rein Ernest Cline in and/or misunderstood why RPO works. Cline also quickly gives up trying to describe anything, instead likening all people, emotions, objects, and situations to brand names he liked as a child. It's the worst case of fetishistic 80s nostalgia I've encountered... so far.
  6. I need to decide which one I'll update first. I decided out of sheer dick-headedness to claim @chriswilson, @cmwilson, AND @cmw!
  7. I've not set a target this year, but at the moment I'm reading: 'Hear the Wind Sing' and 'Pinball 1973' by Haruki Murakami (it's in one book so I'll count it as one); and 'Stories of Your Life and Others' by Ted Chiang.
  8. January 7th: 3. Stations of the Cross (2014) - @Jimmy check this out. It's the first film I can remember where a film has completely lost me 15 minutes in - to the point I almost switched it off - but won me over (and then some) once I got over the stylistic choice of film-making. I don't know how but Stations slowly grips you and suddenly you're hanging on every word. 4. Midnight Special (2016) - Meh, it was perfectly okay. I found the storytelling too evasive and cold for me to really care. Reminded me somewhat of Safety Not Guaranteed for some reason, which I also found quite evasive and cold.
  9. Funnily enough, my original post (but I had to close the window because lol work) was going to make the same point with the same reference. Ready Player One is extremely enjoyable, but Armada makes me wonder if I'd enjoy RPO as much a second time - in the same way I don't like pre-cancellation Family Guy any more (when I used to think it was the funniest show ever) as I know how turgid it becomes.
  10. oooo shiny! And, re: Armada, I knew the book was in trouble when the main character's mother is written as though she's a love interest. Don't think that was the intention of Mr Cline. Then it's almost immediately followed by a list of everything Ernest Cline liked between 1981 and 1988 (or some shit like that).
  11. Co-signed. Armada is utter wank.
  12. I keep meaning to restart my Letterboxd account, so before I forget what I've seen so far... 1. Cape Fear (1991) - 2nd January 2. Akira (1988) - 3rd January
  13. I'll keep track of what I'm watching but I won't aim for 365 because a) I'm far more into wrestling than films at the moment; b) I should try and be more productive this year; and c) I only want to log films I've never seen before and I find it hard to get excited for newer stuff now. Plus I get massively stressed when I don't reach targets, hence why I'm not setting a target.
  14. You know what time it is!