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  1. FA Cup 2015/16 Thread

    He also scored for Grimsby Town tonight. That Nolan sure is productive.
  2. You need an article on Paul London to go with the one about The Brian Kendrick.
  3. Wikishuffle is amazing and everyone should listen to it. I mean, my recommendation is worth 0.2% of a recommendation from a respected person people listen to, but still. Plus, remember Wagner from the X-Factor? YOU'LL NEVER BELIEVE what his favourite podcast is (if you give him £8, anyway)...
  4. What Did You Watch Today?

    It's going to take something special to top it.   I watched Bojack Horseman season two this weekend. While it gets a bit clunky near the end, I absolutely adore how they've taken Futurama's 'darkness within the wackiness' and just taken it to extremes unimaginable on network television.
  5. Found an interesting article or link on that wonderful thing known as the World Wide Web? Share and discuss with the rest of EWB in here.   I'll start. I was going to link to a really heavy-going article, but we could do without arguments so early into the thread. So instead here's one about the rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool in the 90s, which I'M SURE will encourage a friendly debate amongst ourselves. 
  6. Even with no order, I'm amazed you didn't list them first. Also, never had you as a Pink Floyd fan for some reason.   Anyway (in no particular order): Manic Street Preachers, Muse, Deftones, Foo Fighters, and a 5th who today I'll say... The Beatles.
  7. None on the poll, although I've borrowed 'The Communist Manifesto' from my brother so I'll be reading that shortly. You're perfectly right, Andy, in how these books are quite specific versus how university education works in the UK. Over here we pick a subject, we stick to the subject. From what I understand about the American system, at least from talking to @iDOL quite a lot back in the day, you divide your time between your chosen subject and a standardised curriculum.
  8. Gigs gigs gigs

    Probably Paramore.
  9. I've spent countless hours trying to think of ways to extend my 'craft', but I honestly have no idea how. The people I know have no interest in working collaboratively and there's no creative groups or anything where I live that I can join like, say, an improv comedy. And I've done the whole 'online group' thing before but that turned into self-masturbation for most involved. I'm being whiny and self-defeating here, but it's legitimately frustrating I can't at least find an outlet could potentially lead to better things. I have ended up, like most writers I suppose, on a road to nowhere because my 'art' exists in a self-made vacuum.
  10. Gigs gigs gigs

    ... He's been doing that speech since at least 2010. Fuck's sake, Dad.
  11. Gigs gigs gigs

    I'm off to this gig on Friday in Leeds. Overjoyed to see Shinedown are still overly structured and sort of fake in their presentation (did he do the speech about rock and roll being a thing that connects us all, again?) and Black Stone Cherry are still one song extended to five albums now. Damn it, Dad. Take my brother instead. You love him more anyway.