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  1. Between here and a couple of passive aggressive comments I assumed are aimed at me in the Hate Thread, I now realise I fucked up with my comments above and would like to apologise. It was a lousy joke aimed at no one in particular, one of hundreds I make, but usually I know well enough when not to press 'Submit Reply'. On this occasion I didn't know well enough - hence, I fucked up.   Sorry.
  2. People are celebrating the birthday of a probable schizophrenic man who claimed to be the son of a bearded man in the sky. That's pretty ridiculous. 
  3. What I did to those prostitutes was unproven.   Oh, you mean in general. Ignore what I said.
  4. And Ian Huntley! We're also famous for Ian Huntley.   (Sorry about that, folks)
  5. Loud music and seizure-inducing imagery. 10/10 would listen again  
  6. What Did You Watch Today?

    Walking out of a film is fair enough if you're not a critic. I haven't walked out since I decided life was too short to sit through Furry Vengeance in 2010, but I always stick to something until the end as you never know if everything will suddenly come together in a neat package. Rarely happens, mind you; I can't even recall a film that does.   Anyway, I liked American Ultra - despite the politics being iffy*, Max Landis being full of shit when saying it's an original film, and the glossy direction. It helps that Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart have this great mumbly chemistry together, and simply it's a film where you're never bored. Tellingly I was never tempted to look at my phone or computer during the running time. *
  7. General Movie Thread

    4 had a decent go, even if the result was boring. At least it tried to stay relevant with the times, whereas Die Hard 5 wouldn't pass for a 1990s straight-to-VHS film.
  8. General Movie Thread

    People don't put page-big ads in The Hollywood Reporter out of speculation. I assume. It's likely to start the good PR campaign since Len Wiseman, Bruce Willis et al have a lot of ground to make up after the dogshitfest that was Die Hard 5.
  9. General Movie Thread

    And here's my pitch for the next Die Hard film:    
  10. Welcome to Lat Club. The first rule of Lat Club: CHECK OUT THESE GUNS. *flexes*
  11. FA Cup 2015/16 Thread

    The big 'un near Wigan.
  12. Gigs gigs gigs

    I badly, badly, badly want to go - but Swansea is six hours away from me. Plus I'm 95% certain they're doing the reverse of the Holy Bible 20th Anniversary Tour: big show in Wales, tour the rest of the UK later in the year. At least I hope. Seeing them perform 'Everything Must Go' in full is on my bucket list... The same one that had them performing 'Holy Bible' in full, incidentally.
  13. FA Cup 2015/16 Thread

    lol sure ok *looks on BT Sport*