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  1. Magnum Opus? More Like Magnum Nopus

    I prefer Metallica's 'Load' and 'Reload' to their self-titled and 'Master of Puppets' albums. I like the thrash stuff, but they were way more interesting as an experimental hard-rock band. Manic Street Preachers' opuses (opusii?) are 'The Holy Bible' and 'Everything Must Go', but I rate 'Lifeblood' - which the band themselves claim to hate - over them. It's just twelve songs of lovely synth-pop. Deftones' later work > earlier work.
  2. A parcel has arrived at my Dad's house. What could it be. 🤔
  3. The Emirates FA Cup 2017/18

    The PA played 'Wonderwall' after the victory as well. Beautiful!
  4. Formula One 2018

    I take it the long term strategy is going all-in on advertising high-end products, knowing that if the audience can afford to blow money on sports channels, they may have the disposable to blow on a lovely watch or a deposit on a car? They've done it before, obviously, except any old pleb could watch Channel 4, whereas this is much more focused. It's a shame the sport has gone this direction but it was inevitable.
  5. PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

    Kyle Smith is having an absolute mare in the Men's Curling. GB should've beaten Italy by now.
  6. ... Highlights: 2001-2002 best year ever
  7. We were relegated that season, never to return to the Championship.
  8. Grimsby Town Highlights: 1997-1998 Lowlights: 2002-2016, and if we lose anymore games: 2018-?
  9. Random Music Thoughts

    Already decided after looking at the artwork that I cba with the new Muse song. Not even giving it a cursory listen.
  10. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    It's Liverpool. Probably end 5-4.
  11. Favorite Youtube Channels

    anything with steamed hams in