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  1. GA!

    BoJack Horseman

    Season 5 is fucking incredible. Could be my favourite season to date. Free Churro, the usual 11th episode freakout, Diane's trip to Vietnam, Todd's boss, Bojack the angsty zebra... just so much poignant and funny stuff this time around.
  2. 25 episodes already. Can't believe it! This is our longest episode but it's worth it, Alien 3 tho.
  3. What's Final Space about? Apart from, y'know, space....
  4. I paid little attention during episodes 6 and 7. It's not clicking as well as it could. Seems to me they need a straight man in the core gang - Bean, Elvo and Luci are three shades of Bender. The series cries out for an emotional core like in Futurama but it's too whacky for their own good, I suspect because they've got to tell jokes with hardly any references due to the setting.
  5. Watched the first 3 episodes this afternoon - as many of the reviews say, I get the feeling the best is yet to come, but I'm really enjoying it.
  6. I want to play with you. Too subtle for Disney? Okay. I mean with my wang.
  7. It's a film about a haunted lamp that shoves a budgie in the microwave!!! What more do you people want??
  8. why am I only just hearing about this? Time to put a dog chain on my jeans, grab my skateboard, and teleport back to 2002.
  9. I'm cheating... The first 16 episodes of Twin Peaks (up to and including 2x09).
  10. I finished Sonic Mania on Sunday. Well, almost, sodding chasing the robot for sodding Chaos Emeralds. It's so much fun. A nice mix of new-old and new-new levels, most of which quite high octane and with surprising variety in terms of boss battles. Definitely worth £30. Would be worth your standard £50 too tbh. I'm now in 'Encore' mode - I'm not sure why it exists as it goes back into the Sonic Mania story after a couple of remix levels at the start, but it's good to play through the game again so soon.
  11. "But what if I were to copy the last goal and disguise it as my own skill? Ho ho ho ho ho, delightfully devilish, Hutton."
  12. I'd make the argument with Angel that at least half of each series except the final one was terrible. Can't believe I sat down last year and watched 110 episodes of the most inconsistent, badly plotted shite I've ever seen. It's quite clear the showrunners had no idea what they wanted from the series tonally. They got scared whenever it went too dark and then suddenly all the characters acted like happy happy joy joy pratts for a couple of episodes before darkness again. Ugh. For me, the worst series is 24 series 2. Never continued even though I hear season 5 especially is amazing (I loved season 1 too). They didn't have enough plot for 24 episodes so Jack Bauer would get delayed by the stupidest shit. Him getting caught up in a seatbelt did me in. Kimmy Schmidt season 2 is also up there for having 30-40 minute episodes (a no no for a comedy imo) of nothing. Kimmy spends the season getting very slowly angry just so they can justify Phoebe from Friends appearing? Ya alright.

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