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  1. GA!

    Music hot takes

    I'm talking about the music video.
  2. https://www.spreaker.com/user/wemadethis/cinemortuary-halloween-2018 liiiissssssssstttttteeeeeennnnnnn
  3. You can get on the 9, 8 or 3C bus to Blundell Park.
  4. GA!

    Eurovision 2019

    11 points is still 11 points too many. We were easily the worst performance. So bland, so uninspired, a big wad of beige. They should try doing something fun and tongue in cheek one year for the sheer fuck of it.
  5. GA!

    Eurovision 2019

    "My mum grew up listening to Madonna". ABOUT TO GET MORE AWKWARD LADS
  6. GA!

    Eurovision 2019

    Top 3 for me: Norway, Azerbaijan, Iceland
  7. Bournemouth wouldn't be where they are today if Grimsby hadn't shat the bed against them in 2009. But in all seriousness, when you're an established football league side and your rivals are all being bought up and cash being thrown around, it's (begrudgingly) perfectly acceptable as that's the reality these days. A non-league football team plundering Aberdeen for their top striker and then paying him £4,000 a week is not reality in the Conference. In the bin.
  8. That's my issue. They're all a bunch of Gretnas. Forest Green can get in the fucking bin too.
  9. Pre-ordered Super Mario Maker 2. Cannae wait!
  10. I emotionally checked out of MCU a long time ago as the structure and stakes of each film got too samey, but I really enjoyed End Game and even got teary eyed in the right places. I imagine for a diehard fan this was a near perfect film for them. I'll see what the next phase has to offer. Also...
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