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  1. Blessed be the Cage who giveth this plentiful bounty.
  2. I've set up my profile on Podchaser, which is the IMDB of podcasting... if anyone wants to hear all 99 efforts to date of me struggling with the English language.
  3. I only watched one episode of Titan Games. I wanted Gladiators on steroids, and all I got was sob stories and quasi-motivational bullshit.
  4. Bloody love Dankmus. Try not having this stuck in your head:
  5. Trolling @9 to 5 the other day (...again...) has reminded me that 'Get To Heaven' by Everything Everything is an utterly brilliant album. She had to busy herself while Kurt Cobain wrote all of Hole's 'Live Through This' tbf.
  6. TIL, there's a Gladiators (UK) podcast: https://the-gladpod.simplecast.com/episodes
  7. I like The Truman Show. Quite a lot. It was put on Netflix (UK) last Wednesday, so I watched it right away. Since then I've come across a thread of small details, a lot that I hadn't spotted before! I do see something new every time; I noticed the Seahaven sign in that thread on my last watch... still can't believe I never saw any secret cameras other than the one on the neighbour's bin and above the Kaiser Chicken sign!
  8. Going by title lineage rules, congratulations to Southampton for winning the Premier League title.
  9. I've finished all of Taskmaster and now I'm really sad there's nothing else left. Unless... hmu!
  10. Album released 25 years ago today. 🤘
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