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  1. Make sure you tag me every time you mention The Lightning Seeds to receive an automatic like. They're the first band I ever got into, so, *LIKE*.
  2. Twin Peaks soundtrack on vinyl.
  3. Read this a few days ago so trying to remember off-hand... A company in charge of signing players and management includes a football agent (they're not allowed direct involvement in the club as per league rules). The accusation goes this company is trying to tank Blackburn Rovers as their clients have pretty sweet contracts that take a fuckload of money out of the club should they be sacked or transferred. Hennig Berg's contract was written in an oddly favourable way that meant he got £1.5 million for being sacked. Owen Coyle, by the way, is a client.
  4. Just uploading the files into a 'repository', which would make them available for download as long as it's set up the right way. 7gb is probably far too big though to keep it all in one.
  5. Here's an interesting note on Spotify: sad to say I had an ear worm which happened to be Lostprophets. Morals (and quality of music) aside, it appears they've done a 'Chris Benoit / WWE Network' job on them - you can't find them on the search engine, but their Spotify page with their songs/albums is accessible through existing user playlists that have their songs on them. Which begs the question, if Benoit's inclusion on the Network was done solely as not to seriously fuck up integral parts of continuity for five years of WCW and seven years of WWE, why is a band that in no way effects any other content around it actually still on Spotify? Why not just delete them?
  6. How big are the files in total? Have you considered slinging them on Github?
  7. First trailer: I MUST SEE THIS. NNNNOOOOOWWWW. Second trailer: Oh, it's Toy Story. Literally, frame for frame, Toy Story. I've not bothered with it yet.
  8. Has F1 always been this boring or am I on a really long streak of bad races? You know the sport needs change when I fall asleep during the Belgian and Italian GPs.
  9. Notts County fan? If so, boooooooo. Also, well done for exploiting Grimsby's knack for conceding very late on. Managers MUST strategise when they're facing us that we switch off ten minutes before the end.
  10. There. All 52 episodes on Netflix watched. My head hurts for some reason.
  11. I still think too many people attended these games. Are they that starved of football?
  12. Football didn't exist between May 2010 and August 2016.
  13. Electric Six's first album was a notable success in the UK, think it may have gone gold (100,000 sold) here. The singles embedded above got played all the time on Kerrang back in the days when people watched TV channels consisting of music videos. Then they did a needless cover of Radio GaGa and thus came obscurity before album 2 even came out.
  14. Yes, we know, but have you listened to the new track yet?