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  1. Lincoln have been promoted to the Football League. :@
  2. Mid-table mediocrity is incredible. This is only the second season in about ten years where we haven't been involved in a promotion or relegation fight - so little stress, mucho relaxo.
  3. Bolton, Coventry, and I randomly have inside knowledge that Chesterfield is likely the other team.
  4. ya fackin lav it ya slag
  5. I don't think Honda will proclaim that.
  6. Glad Alonso may drive a competitive car at least once this year.
  7. And that shinier toy IS.................................. Russell Slade. Eeeehhhhhhh.
  8. Grimsby's slow decline out of the Football League began when we rehired Alan Buckley (for the second time!) in 2006. He managed us during our most successful post-war years, but absolutely shit the bed when he came back. We would've been relegated a year before we were if Luton hadn't started the season on -30!
  9. Don't know. We've scored enough goals since losing Bogle, but defensively things have gone down the toilet. Shipped 5 at Crewe, 4 at Portsmouth, 5 against Doncaster - and, in the classic Town scenario, lost lots of points from conceding in the 85+ minute because every manager at Blundell Park thinks defending a slim lead totally works. No idea how bringing back Russell Slade will help. There's another classic Town scenario: re-hire a manager who had a decent season for us a decade ago; be shocked when it doesn't work out and we're in the shit again.
  10. There's a Taylor Swift song I quite like, I believe it's called 'Out of the Woods'. Sounds like the soundtrack for a particularly angsty Hunger Games-type film - well, the soundtrack of the trailer to the film, anyway.
  11. Bignot has been given the dreaded sack of unconfidence.
  12. Why not put this in the Movies & TV forum?
  13. Yeah, again, which is weird. A two-minute Google search will tell you her family paid for her pop stardom. Think they even own her record label IIRC.
  14. I had the same issue with Lady Gaga a while back - there's a huge disconnect between the imagery and the artistry. Gaga was visually provocative, yet her music was off-cut 90s Eurodance. Swift seems to have a reputation of being genuine compared to cookie-cutter pop acts. But she's no Lorde.
  15. Funnily enough, I'm the other way around. Except for A Hard Day's Night, my interest in The Beatles doesn't begin until Revolver. White Album can fuck off though.