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  1. Grand Prix has been called off apparently. Fucking duh.
  2. The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari premiered 100 years ago TODAY. Seriously recommended if you've never seen it before; I'll be watching it again tonight.
  3. GA!

    The 2020 Music Thread

    The production is 'please put us on a mobile phone advert' Imagine Dragons. There's a such thing as too modern. And yeah, I hoped (and still hope for) more stuff like Balance, Not Symmetry - slightly experimental without chasing zeitgeists. I thought it was their best album of the 2010s, and I maintain that Plead and The Naturals are two of their best songs.
  4. GA!

    The 2020 Music Thread

    That new Biffy Clyro song is not very good. Massive shame as Balance Not Symmetry slapped.
  5. I watched The Bad Batch this afternoon. Fucking shite, don't bother, but I discovered Federale through its soundtrack:
  6. CineMortuary is 60! Features vloggers, £75 soundboards, Homer Simpson slippers, Snorky, deep throating lollipops and 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐅𝐀𝐋𝐂𝐎𝐍. Standard episode, really.
  7. GA!

    BoJack Horseman

    Just finished it myself. Dunno what to say. One of the most incredible shows I'll ever see. I'm in awe at its ability to mix a whacky cartoon with the darkest shit, and always going against expectations. I think episode 15 was haunting but also an easy ending emotionally - it would've been fine on a cathartic level, but to demonstrate that life goes on (and more positively) is way more devastating. Already read an article that says Bojack was basically longer the main character in his own story due to his actions. Everyone else found contentment and lived happily ever after while he stays stuck in his same old self destructive patterns.
  8. I followed but he won't send nudes wtf
  9. Now that I've finished Wikishuffle again (), I'm looking for podcast recommendations. If I'm being honest, I want a podcast that's three white guys recording from a shed on the M62 - the subject can be whatever (preferably not wrestling), but I want to listen to the developing camaraderie between the hosts. And to make things more awkward: no celebrities because fuck them muscling in on podcasting, and no podcasts that inexplicably have six producers and three sound editors.
  10. GA!

    Horse Montage!

  11. GA!

    Earphones and Headphones

    https://store.hmv.com/store/technology/headphones/roam-sport-black-bluetooth-headphones Those are my gym headphones. For £20, well £15 at the moment, I think they're fucking remarkable for ease of use and sound quality. Playback time is only 6 hours but for the price it's the only thing I can fault with them.
  12. Here's about the 3rd oldest film we can ever do on this podcast. The runtime of the original film was measured in length.
  13. Happy New Year! CineMortuary is your fortnightly digest of horror reboots, remakes, sequels, prequels and squeakquels... so here's Hot Fuzz?!
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