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  1. the simpsons takes its rightful place among conceptual art, thanks to yoko ono
  2. I think everyone had In The End or Last Resort as their theme music. My theme music was more eclectic than that... ....except it wasn't.
  3. We are all so fucking old. Also, I love Hybrid Theory, but I think I love the instrumental versions even more:
  4. I was going to see Lostprophets at Sheffield Academy about three weeks before the allegations came out, but I was talked into just hanging out at my friend's house instead. He's a good friend. Lostprophets only made one good album (Start Something), the rest ranged from meh (3rd album) to bollocks (everything else). I'm still mad I can't listen to that one album without feeling icky though.
  5. 42. Would've been more but there's at least 10 I have on my hard drive at home that I never got around to watching (AI, Zodiac, Dogville, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, etc). I own The Master on Blu-Ray but I've not seen it.
  6. Mega Man 2 is by far my favourite (and on Spotify too, why did no one tell me?!) but quite an obvious choice. So here's something more niche...
  7. Exactly my answer. I consider it a birthright. I don't understand people who support a team 110 miles away simply because they're big and they win a lot. How boring.
  8. New Feeder album is very good. They've played up to their strength of staying mid-tempo, and the result: some great tracks like 'Infrared-Ultraviolet', 'Eskimo', and 'Hundred Liars'. I'm off to Leeds in 30 minutes to see them, and I hope they play quite a bit off it. New Alter Bridge, not so great, as in I've not finished it yet as a) it's 66 minutes long, b) it's 50+ minutes of the same loudly produced song. Please post your cracks below. Something like "standard Alter Bridge, then". I also gave the new Sum 41 album a twirl on Friday night but nothing really stuck on the first listen tbh.
  9. Good point, I probably did, but I didn't twig until much later on they'd used Life of Riley. A bit like how I didn't realise who sang the song embedded below, used for MOTD's Goal of the Month in 2006-07, until years later when I heard it as part of the album it's on. The way it went for me, re: Lightning Seeds: I heard Three Lions (liked it at the time, not really now), Marvellous on the Renault advert, and then my dad bought the 'Like You Do' greatest hits cassette tape.
  10. This was the first non-Three Lions Lightning Seeds song I ever heard. Renault advert FTW!
  11. Almost put me off my lunch, and I'm a cannibal.
  12. Same. Hooray for Iron Maiden. Boo for having to sit through Shinedown play the same set they've played since 2012 and give their speech about rock and roll bringing us all together again..
  13. ...yup, shouldn't have clicked that.
  14. Make sure you tag me every time you mention The Lightning Seeds to receive an automatic like. They're the first band I ever got into, so, *LIKE*.
  15. Twin Peaks soundtrack on vinyl.