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  1. Football didn't exist between May 2010 and August 2016.
  2. Electric Six's first album was a notable success in the UK, think it may have gone gold (100,000 sold) here. The singles embedded above got played all the time on Kerrang back in the days when people watched TV channels consisting of music videos. Then they did a needless cover of Radio GaGa and thus came obscurity before album 2 even came out.
  3. Yes, we know, but have you listened to the new track yet?
  4. Released in America. It's over here beginning of September. Why the fuck they thought remaking a biblical epic in this day and age would make money is beyond me.
  5. *Googles 'Koffing Pokemon' while looking for specific picture. This appears...*
  6. "GA, you should check out Game of Thrones, or Stranger Things, or Breaking Bad, or The Sopranos, or The Wire..." "Nah, I'll rewatch Pokemon: Indigo League instead."
  7. Here's mine...
  8. It's a song about the United Nations... right?
  9. Iron Maiden did the same on their latest LP, but they had a 10, 13, and 18 minute track. I'm surprised Metallica have gone for a double LP considering everything from Load onwards has been almost 80 minutes. Whereas before they would fade out the last track in order to fit it in, I guess they didn't want to cut short any track. Though the cynic in me thinks, because the RIAA classify double-albums as two sales, this is Metallica's way of near-guaranteeing it goes platinum in an age where only Taylor Swift achieves that. The track itself does its job. A wee bit Kill 'Em All with modern production. I'm one of those cunts who prefer Metallica: Hard Rock Band so I'm not over the moon with it or anything. We'll see how the rest of the album plays out.... across those 2 discs. Those 2 needless discs. Load lasts 78:59 which, apparently, is the absolute limit.
  10. New league, still losing games in the 90+1 minute.
  11. *sees last night's result* You may wanna postpone for a few more weeks...
  12. I rate QoS as the worst Bond theme to date. Anyone who leapt on top of Sam Smith's comment that he came up with Writing's On the Wall in twenty minutes should check out Jack White's ten minutes of plinky pianos and fart noises. And before the inevitable discussion about 'the best theme' happens: nothing beats You Only Live Twice. Nothing.
  13. I suspect it would've been a good film if the writers' strike hadn't caused the script to be such a mess.
  14. So. That went well.