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  1. Disney buys Fox entertainment assets.

    At least the crossovers will give the man-children something to enjoy between asking women on Twitter when there's an International MEN'S Day*. *It's November 19th.
  2. What music are you listening to?

    Paging @Gorka. @Gorka to the 'What Music are you Listening to?' thread please.
  3. The Emirates FA Cup 2017/18

    12 years ago.
  4. The Thread Where We Post Christmas Music

  5. What Did You Watch Today?

    Season 6 of Buffy is A LOT better than I remember. Got the final 3 episodes to go but I know how it goes. If "The Body" from season 5 was its Frank Grimes moment, this season balances it very well except the end of Spike and Buffy's arc. There's something about having sexual assault and jetpacks in the same episode that doesn't sit right with me...
  6. D'awwww, you! If you use Facebook on a desktop or through a battery-killing phone app, check out the profile video https://www.facebook.com/CineMortuary/
  7. What Did You Watch Today?

    Not since it originally aired (and I've never seen Angel season 5, I was moving house and Sky took forever to transfer over). I remember plot details here and there, but I understand why I'm not recalling a lot of it. It's just there. The peak so far has been Angel going rogue in season 2, which was dropped too quickly. Also, you're the first and only person to think season 6 is the best one.
  8. What Did You Watch Today?

    Current Buffyverse status: 172/254. Probably finishing this around a year after I started Buffy season 1 (on its 20th anniversary). I'm enjoying season 6 of Buffy more than I remember (despite being miserable af in places) and Angel... honestly, so far Angel hasn't reached its potential.
  9. We have a reasonable go at describing the action as it happens. I would always say it's worth a listen as I'm the one promoting it - but it's hard to tell as I've obviously seen the films. I have listened to podcasts before in the same vein as this without seeing the films and I had no problems following along.
  10. Formula One 2018

    There's racing in F1? Since when?!
  11. What music are you listening to?

    pfft... I send you videos all the time but you never boast about those online.
  12. The General Podcast Thread

    hey guys listen to my podcast it's called cinemortuary cool thanks bye