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  1. If the cars stay evenly matched I'll watch next year. It'll be tragic if they finally get the constructors in an evenly matched battle for the first time since 2008/2009, and then the new regulations in 2021 fuck it all up again.
  2. y o u h a v e s e l e c t e d N O
  3. I watched Class of 1984. It was very good. Here's a 720 word article describing how it's good. Thanks to @Liam for convincing me it doesn't read like shite! 👍
  4. In case you're wondering why Michael Jolley got the sack from Grimsby. From Grimsby Telegraph: Ah dear. And the Chairman's comment on the incident:
  5. Two episodes of CineMortuary I didn't embed so here you go: Listen to "Sadako vs. Kayako (2016)" on Spreaker. Listen to "The Blob (1988)" on Spreaker.
  6. Doctor Sleep was great when it did its own thing, and fucking awful when it borrowed heavily from The Shining for 'lol REFERENCE' reasons. I mean,
  7. Should've drawn Oxford and Colchester together, the COWARDS.
  8. Happy belated birthday, hope it turned out ok!

  9. More RIDDICKulousness from CineMortuary... Listen to "Riddick (2013)" on Spreaker.
  10. Finally thrown in the towel with Disenchantment halfway into season 2. It's not very good.
  11. fuckin' nerd My highest finish has been 4th, about 10 times.
  12. What's that? You want CineMortuary to go monthly in October? ... No? Tough. Listen to "The Ring (2002)" on Spreaker.
  13. A quick look at his Wikipedia page, and there's a paragraph on how shit that The Wall review is... might warrant a hate-watch. I did hear of the Change the Channel stuff but I assumed he was working on other things these days. Fucking hell, I was watching that shit at university when I was 19 years old. Next you'll be telling me Yahtzee Croshaw still does Zero Punctuation... *Googles* well ok then
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