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  1. GA! added a post in a topic Keef is 30   

    Happy birthday, you beautiful bearded bastard!
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  2. GA! added a post in a topic If you could re-experience an album for the first time, what album would it be?   

    Same, for the most part.
    I remember being blown away by 'Koi No Yokan' by Deftones on the first listen, because I never expected them to better 'Diamond Eyes'. So probably that.
    Or, I have good memories of my first listen to 'The Resistance' by Muse where I decided to shut the curtains and immerse myself by, um, watching the iTunes visualiser. I'd like to recreate that again, even if the album itself doesn't hold up in the long run as the masterpiece I thought it was on the first listen.
    Oh, and 'Ki' by Devin Townsend. First time I ever listened to him, blew my mind instantly.
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  3. GA! added a post in a topic Offside, My Short Film   

    Link, password, etc. NOW!
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  4. GA! added a post in a topic What Did You Watch Today?   

    Life Itself. *bows down at Roger Ebert's grave and says 'we are not worthy' a lot*
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  5. GA! added a post in a topic Formula One 2015   

    Absolutely devastated. Jules was a talented guy destined for better drives, and he fell victim to a freakish set of circumstances.
    It's the first death since Ayrton in 1994 too (which is weird feeling personally since I started watching F1 the race after his death purely by happenstance). Formula 1 has come a long way in terms of safety, to the point where cars have mounted each other at high speeds and both drivers haven't even been bruised from it, but this goes to show the dangers involved.  
    They've already put in measures to prevent that scenario happening again but sadly it normally takes an unforeseen incident to bring in preventative measures.
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  6. GA! added a post in a topic General Fitness Resource and Discussion Thread   

    Now up to 13.5 stone. As originally intended I'm going up to 14 and then cutting down to 13, just to see if I can do it more than anything.
    Presenting, a hot and sexy picture. Lol jk it's only me:

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  7. GA! added a post in a topic The General Podcast Thread   

    Remember Jook who used to post on here? Yes, the Jook?
    He has a podcast called Wikishuffle, and truth be told, it's fucking awesome. Excellent rapport between the guests, amazing concept, just really well done. I recommend listening to it.
    Wikishuffle is trying to win an award at the moment, so if you've got a moment, could everyone please vote for it? The link is here:
    Or don't vote, up to you. But the podcast is pretty great.
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  8. GA! added a topic in Movies & TV   

    Film Scratches
    I mean, if Liam can have threads for his lovely articles, then I can have one for my not-so lovely articles.
    Film Scratches is now on Medium because I frankly can't be arsed to run a proper website anymore (I have a Tumblr I can't be arsed to link to as a document of what I'm doing overall though), and I'm sure I've exhausted everyone over the years by having 3652 websites on 1425 different domains.
    My latest review: Barton Fink. which I explore the Barton Fink character's failure to keep in touch in the common man due to Hollywood and his own writerly self-obsession.
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  9. GA! added a post in a topic I was doing a think today...   

    EWB has been an important part of my life, which is unbelievable considering I joined to download a couple of EWR scenarios in March 2005 and only stuck around because I thought my trolling was the funniest thing ever (it really wasn't; I can't apologise enough for my first year on here).
    In fact, I don't want to go into specifics in the public forum, but the impact EWB has had in the past year is mind-blowing. I don't even want to think about what I would've done without you guys. So, let's not. Instead, how about a...  good quality truck photo?

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  10. GA! added a post in a topic That Difficult First Novel   

    Bloody hell. Moneybags! I've never had it go that high.
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  11. GA! added a post in a topic That Difficult First Novel   

    15p? It's your optimism that I like best about you. :P
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  12. GA! added a post in a topic Let's Play GeoGuessr   

    First one was about 300km, but I was clearly in England. Except I was in Scotland.
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  13. GA! added a post in a topic That Difficult First Novel   

    I heartily endorse this event or product.
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  14. GA! added a post in a topic Birthday of mykeLL (and Skumfrog too!)

    and of course...

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  15. GA! added a post in a topic ITT Choose GA's Watchlist   

    Sounds good to me, I don't mind anything - English or non-English.

    And I'll start working my way through some of these, once I've had my mandatory trip to see Jurassic World.
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