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  1. What Did You Watch Today?

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S2. The characters are still likeable, but giving everyone a transitional arc this series made things quite labourious near the end.
  2. TV shows you watch over and over again

    I've seen every episode of The Simpsons and Futurama in their prime at least 50 times each (and that's a conservative guess). I still see them when they're broadcasted now, although sadly in The Simpsons case, Sky1 keep airing the newer episodes in further evidence that Rupert Murdoch is Satan. QI has crept in recently as a something I watch repeatedly. Same with Whose Line Is It Anyway. I'm also planning my fourth marathon of Buffy later this summer (and 2nd marathon of Angel). I could be seeing these newfangled shows everyone keeps talking about like Game of Thrones, but I'd rather dwell in my own nostalgia.
  3. Music that is awful

  4. Music that is awful

  5. Music that is awful

    Since you've already mentioned Brokencyde, let's go for the other EWB favourite:
  6. What music are you listening to?

    On a mobile phone advert circa 2010?
  7. What Did You Watch Today?

    He means The Jungle Book, clearly.
  8. ITT Cymbols needs a name

  9. There's a solution to this, and I'm not being sarcastic here: get rid of penalties unless it's for a shoot-out. That way there is not the incentive to immediately go down to the ground compared to a free kick. I'm tired how, in football, the rules seemingly change the moment you enter the area to, essentially, the feeling and size of the balls of the referee.
  10. Ashley Young has never been sent off for it, has he? I'm sure It's always been his first yellow.
  11. I know it was a second yellow, but I'm struggling to recall anyone ever getting their second yellow for that. Absolutely correct decision though. I'm on the Leicester bandwagon, but I'm a bigger fan of the rules of association football.
  12. It's probably a blessing in disguise that he's stuck in the Dave Grohl throne at the moment because he broke his foot.
  13. What Did You Watch Today?

    I always forget the greatness of Clueless' soundtrack. That, and Cruel Intentions, set in upper-class America but it's full of Britpop for some reason.
  14. UEFA Europa League 2015/16

    You won in the end, so not really.