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  1. GA!

    Eurovision 2019

    "My mum grew up listening to Madonna". ABOUT TO GET MORE AWKWARD LADS
  2. GA!

    Eurovision 2019

    Top 3 for me: Norway, Azerbaijan, Iceland
  3. Bournemouth wouldn't be where they are today if Grimsby hadn't shat the bed against them in 2009. But in all seriousness, when you're an established football league side and your rivals are all being bought up and cash being thrown around, it's (begrudgingly) perfectly acceptable as that's the reality these days. A non-league football team plundering Aberdeen for their top striker and then paying him £4,000 a week is not reality in the Conference. In the bin.
  4. That's my issue. They're all a bunch of Gretnas. Forest Green can get in the fucking bin too.
  5. Pre-ordered Super Mario Maker 2. Cannae wait!
  6. Scotland in a tournament wtf
  7. I emotionally checked out of MCU a long time ago as the structure and stakes of each film got too samey, but I really enjoyed End Game and even got teary eyed in the right places. I imagine for a diehard fan this was a near perfect film for them. I'll see what the next phase has to offer. Also...
  8. GA!

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    I feel we should rasta-fy him by 10% or so.
  9. Hmmmm... Not updated this for a while... CineMortuary hit episode 40 the other week with episodes 44-46 being recorded this weekend. We are not on Soundcloud anymore, but thanks to being part of a network on Spreaker, we're available on Spotify for the first time ever. Listen to "Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2004)" on Spreaker. I have a second podcast that I'm doing with an old school friend called Without A Mouse. We are reviewing Disney's low-budget live action film output from over the years. Recently hit episode 5 about 1981's Condorman. My friend and his partner are also covering Disney Channel Original Movies once in a while if you're interested in teens singing about holding hands and shit. Listen to "Condorman (1981)" on Spreaker. I also recorded a podcast from Dusseldorf Airport when I lived there for 22 hours. One thing led to another, and a month later I did a live podcast in front of an audience at Woody's in Sheffield. I barely said a word in the end but getting on stage doing this stuff was definitely one of my prouder moments. We are in the video below between 00:50 and 24:00... and that's my nose on the preview image. Looks like a sad triangle. FINALLY, I was asked by @Xand to appear on his podcast Pick A Disc. I could've picked any album in the history of music. Of course, I chose Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water. Soz, @Xand.
  10. I've not done any gigs for a while, but I'm going to see Manics at York Barbican on May 27th, Metallica and Ghost at Etihad Stadium on June 18th, and I'm *finally* taking my stepdad to see Kiss at Manchester Arena sometime in July. I'll probably see Feeder on their next tour too.
  11. Remember when bands and musicians used to spend millions on one music video? Pretty daft considering Kate Bush danced with a double bass and brought her song to life in a much more effective, visual, meaningful way.
  12. someone donate for me as I'm not allowed to do it apparently?

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    2. King Ellis

      King Ellis

      In the meantime, gift card should be with you.

    3. GA!


      Thank you! I'll be in touch later...

    4. kliq


      The logic is that people were buying multiple donation packages and setting up multiple subscriptions at the same time rather than renewing their existing package, and so were paying more than they should have and then complaining about it. 

      That said, there is nothing for me to sort here. Invoices haven’t been set to expire for a number of years now so the related issue of not being able to buy another donation to circumvent expired invoices isn’t a factor anymore. Your invoice dated March 3rd is sitting as pending, on your account, as it should be. Ready for you to pay however you wish.

  13. That's what I don't understand. He wasn't that good as a player, why has he been given so many opportunities?
  14. GA!

    Music hot takes

    There's also this shite:
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