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  1. Here's about the 3rd oldest film we can ever do on this podcast. The runtime of the original film was measured in length.
  2. Happy New Year! CineMortuary is your fortnightly digest of horror reboots, remakes, sequels, prequels and squeakquels... so here's Hot Fuzz?!
  3. Not seen any of his films up until Force Majeure. I'll add The Square to my watchlist!
  4. Never been hot on Tony Scott's films anyway, and I forgot this was one of his. Feels outdated as fuck and I've always struggled to empathise with anyone who willfully commits crimes. Like, I was turned off by Goodfellas thanks to the first piece of dialogue: "As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a gangster." It's rare I like an irredeemable arsehole as the main character (Wolf of Wall Street and Hateful Eight spring to mind as exceptions), and Christian Slater is that despite his video store geek exterior. And what the fuck was Gary Oldman doing?
  5. I restarted my Letterboxd account - follow me! - but yesterday I started the new decade by watching The Truman Show (obviously), Rashomon (extraordinary piece of cinema), Force Majeure (engrossing if quite European in its portrayal of gender roles), and True Romance (mmmmeeehhhh).
  6. Grimsby have announced Ian Holloway as their manager. Happy New Year! I think this could be the first time we've ever had a manager with previous Premier League experience.
  7. I got Luigi's Mansion 3 and Pokemon Sword for Christmas. Both very enjoyable so far, except Hop in Pokemon is a right annoying, egotistical prick.
  8. Life comes at you fast
  9. The first episode which I don't appear whatsoever. MERRY CHRISTMAS.
  10. Incidentally I would've lost again as I was watching old 80s adverts on Youtube for some reason.
  11. This screams of stitch-up. Why are EFL so interested in fucking over these clubs?
  12. Eliminated. Why is a market in Grimsby playing KCFM anyway?! 🤬
  13. Let's try and get more listeners to CineMortuary's Youtube channel. Here are the last two episodes for your entertainment: And don't forget to subscribe: Android - iTunes - RSS - Spotify - Stitcher - Web - YouTube
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