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  1. Russia are all but through to the second round. Unless Saudi Arabia bag quite a few goals in one of their remaining games.
  2. Apologies for the cheap plug since I've just posted this in my own thread, but this is my favourite episode of CineMortuary so far:
  3. Episode 019 - Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 iTunes // RSS // Soundcloud Chris has gone on a fact-finding mission to Burkittsville, Maryland - so in his chair is the sometimes libelled Big Rich and a shitload of predrinks. EVERYTHING IS FINE. Facebook // Twitter // Instagram
  4. Got in at 12, TV on, laid out... fell asleep within 5 minutes. 😢 So sadly I've not seen much of the race this year. Roll on 2019!
  5. Really enjoyed the first hour. I've had to pop over to Sheffield for a surprise birthday but I can't wait to take in the night shift later.
  6. Fucking LOL. Has that type of run-up ever worked?!
  7. YES!!! If there's a game better than that to come, this will be a cracking tournament.
  8. I wonder if Ronaldo regrets inducing a penalty so early in the game. It's fired everyone right up.
  9. The only thing worse than the coverage of England in these tournaments and people complaining about the coverage of England in these tournaments is those people complaining about people complaining about the coverage of England in these tournaments. EDIT: V good goal!!
  10. Here we go. I hate Ronaldo, but this is going to be a fiery game now, so... thanks?
  11. "Probably Ronaldo's last World Cup." Lol yeah ok.
  12. Gabriel Clarke sniffs Harry Kane's jockstrap when he's not looking, pass it on.

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