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  1. Heroes definitely gets my vote. During Season One I was obsessed. The writer's strike in 2007 was the cause of the downfall. Also, the characters got too popular to kill off, like they initially planned.
  2. As always, C, you're the best!
  3. My promotion will be PLUS Pro Wrestling and I'm looking for a simple logo. A large plus sign with rounded edges and "wrestling" written inside the horizontal of the plus sign. The sign itself should be colored and "wrestling" should be white. If it isn't too much trouble, I'd like a few different versions with different colors (red, blue, green, pink, etc.). Thanks so much!
  4. I think in most situations (Brains v. Brawn v. Beauty), they are cast first and the theme comes later.
  5. I stopped as soon as i saw "nancy grace."
  6. Yeah, yahoo has been telling everyone to "stay tuned for an announcement" for a while now. It'd be a pretty big dick move for the announcement to be "it's cancelled."
  7. This time I went with: Women - Kelly W., Peih-Gee, Stephanie, Ciera, Kass, Shirin, Mama C., Tasha, Abi-Maria, Sabrina Men - Spencer, Woo, Vytas, Stephen, Shane, Joe, Jeremy, Troyzan, Andrew, Mike I don't get the rational to have the vote be a daily thing
  8. Re: those comic spoilers
  9. Odd that they switched Monroe's gender.
  10. Last night's show was the best since the mid-season break.
  11. Beyond all the already mentioned gripes, there were headlines all week leading up quoting Andrew Lincoln as saying that this half of the season is going to be like a completely different show and then that episode seemed just like more of the same.
  12. The decision to split by collars was made after the cast had been selected, so I figured there'd be a few that were a stretch.
  13. I felt like the first half of the season dragged out Korra's injury and the second half rushed to the ending. It was particularly disappointing that her reconnection to the older avatars took two seconds in the spirit world and a quick explanation of "I was with you the whole time" from Raava. They'd made such a big deal about it in the past and then it wasn't used or mentioned at all afterwards. A conversation with Aang about making Kuvira surrender instead of outright killing her would've helped connect some lose strings.
  14. This. fucking. season, though.