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  1. Hey Kliq!  Please add me to the growing list of people who need a new invoice.  I would just PM you, but the issue that now that I'm not a donator I am waaaaaaaaay over my PM limit and can't.

  2. Mr Kliqy baby, grand ruled of Kliqville, please honor me by issuing me a new invoice so that I may grease your palm once more with ten of our finest English pounds.

    1. Ruki


      Everyone's donator status ran out at the same time.

    2. kliq


      They're not just YOUR pounds y'know.

  3. Can you please check my donatorship? I believe it was meant to auto-renew yesterday, but as of yet I've heard nothing. Ta.

  4. Excuse me, kliq, on the "Itchy & Scratchy" CD-ROM, is there a way to get out of the dungeon without a wizard's key?

    1. metaLLman again

      metaLLman again

      You think this a game, GA?! HUH?! I'm a normie right now! This is an injustice.

    2. GA!


      well, someone can't get out of that dungeon....

    3. MDK


      OMG GA is a LL?!

  5. When you log in to your email or whatever, you may have received various prompts from me trying to pay my Donation thing. I would appreciate it if you only charged me once. <_<

    1. MDK


      Don't do it Kliq

    2. kliq


      I've resent your invoice :)

    3. metaLLman again

      metaLLman again

      Thanks, doll!

  6. I'm massively over my inbox limit it seems, so can't PM. Invoice has expired on Gold Donation, would you be able to resend?

    1. kliq


      Reissued this to you. For some reason i wasn't notified of this post!

    2. Ace Berimmer

      Ace Berimmer

      No worries, all good now

  7. Pokémon

    Ahhh right gotcha. Thanks. What about Zygarde? I've read that it's just available via Mystery Gift over the Internet but then I saw something about a Nintendo WiFi event.
  8. Pokémon

    Yeah how do these serial code distributions work? Because I've read that but then I've also read that Darkrai can be downloaded via mystery gift as well.
  9. General Snooker Thread

    Actually on this occasion he's not. He's already said he'll be back next year, and any post-match interviews I've read are surprisingly upbeat considering the manner of his defeat.
  10. Prince has passed away.

    What the fuck like. I really hope 2016 doesn't continue like this RIP Prince
  11. WWE 2K16

    Honeymoon period
  12. Sky Bet Football League thread 2015/16

    Can you link me to where you copied this from.
  13. WWE 2K16

    Ahhh I (stupidly) thought the VC per match would go up once you started competing on Raw/SD/PPVs.
  14. WWE 2K16

    I started out with all the best intentions, won the NXT title in July and played every match up until February. Then I started getting bored of constantly feuding with the same people (Balor and Owen mainly, the only time I've feuded with anyone different is when I've chosen a feud myself) so I started getting myself deliberately DQ'd or counted out to try and build certain heel personality traits but as that didn't seem to work I just started quitting the matches. I've defended my title twice, and the latest feud with Balor has resulted in around 10 singles matches back to back which I assume is because the feud isn't progressing because I've been constantly quitting the matches. My main aim at this stage is to hold the title for 365 days to Achieve that HOF goal, after that I'm gonna go for one of the main roster titles, but I'm starting to have serious doubts about playability. It would be nice if they mixed it up with some tag matches, or gimmick matches, but in the entire time I've been playing I've been in one triple threat and one fatal four way. I guess the whole joke about it being realistic is true, but it doesn't have to be like this, and it shouldn't be either. Like how the fuck do they expect anyone to achieve that goal of losing every match for 3 years? It would be soul destroying. There's so much good, but like in real life there's so much bad as well. As for the submission system, I just have no idea how to get it to work consistently, and that's the key word here. It seems I'm not in the minority either based on what I've read elsewhere. @stokeriño what's the backed up save shortcut?
  15. WWE 2K16

    It's just a complete PITA to have to even go into them in the first place, there should be a way to skip altogether. I could understand it if they served a purpose, because in the 6 I've had I've been visible at ringside once and even then I couldn't do a single thing, but it's as if they were meant to and someone forgot to code it.