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  1. i just started the West Wing.

    +1 for reminding me about the Haffley stare down. His "or what?" to Leo is another great stare down.
  2. i just started the West Wing.

    I started watching in February and I'm now on episode 12 of season 7. My first experience of Aaron Sorkin's work was the Newsroom (which I loved, despite popular opinion) so the dialogue in The West Wing almost seems slow in comparison. Have to agree about Two Cathedrals, it was fantastic, but my favourite run of episodes is the end of season 5 and start of season 6. Unbelievably tense.
  3. Nintendo Megathread

    Yeah I'm experiencing really bad frame rate drops at times on the Wii U version, particularly in areas when there's a lot of enemies around the same location. I can sympathise with your second paragraph. I had a few moments like this when I first started playing last Monday and over the few days after, and was actually asking myself if it was the type of Zelda game I wanted to play as unlike others I had no real issue with the sandbox style of the previous games. This game felt like it gave too little guidance and the weapon system had me scratching my head as to why such a drastic change would be necessary. Now however after putting in around 10 hours play I'm really starting to enjoy it, and after doing a few bits of the main quests I'm engaged with the story a bit more now too which was another stumbling block for me originally as I was questioning why I was even doing what I was doing.
  4. RIP George Michael

    I wouldn't be so sure. I'm pretty sure there is completed, unreleased music, based on information from George himself as well as other sources (a dance album that was almost certain to be completed back in 2012 for one), and the only reason for it being unreleased is because George was in no fit state to release and/or promote music for the last 3 years or so of his life. Rehab in Australia at the start of 2013, falling out of a moving vehicle shortly after that, an unexplained trip to hospital a year later followed by a year long stint in rehab in Zurich. There's a documentary about the release of Listen Without Prejudice due out at the start of March alongside a reissue of the album. If there's no new music before the end of the year I'll be very surprised.
  5. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to the hosting fund so far. Your kind donations have helped keep EWB online for another month. It really is much, much appreciated. Thank you again. 

  6. Westworld

    http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/westworld-season-2-release-date-hbo-sky-atlantic-2017-2018-new-episode-count-renewed-a7418051.html Aiming for late 2017 but most likely to be 2018.
  7. Westworld

    Also episode 7 spoilers: Hopkins has such presence. Really hope he sticks around for season 2, though I hear we're going to have to wait until 2018 for it. damshow hit the nail on the head when he said the show has so many layers, as I've rewatched a few of the early episodes already and have noticed a few things I didn't pick up on before. Although that's probably partly because I didn't have a clue what was going on.
  8. Westworld

    When I heard the concept of Westworld back before the first episode I wasn't at all convinced. How wrong I was.
  9. Pokémon

    Thanks for this. Got one today for my "wee brother" >_>
  10. Hey Kliq!  Please add me to the growing list of people who need a new invoice.  I would just PM you, but the issue that now that I'm not a donator I am waaaaaaaaay over my PM limit and can't.

  11. Mr Kliqy baby, grand ruled of Kliqville, please honor me by issuing me a new invoice so that I may grease your palm once more with ten of our finest English pounds.

    1. Ruki


      Everyone's donator status ran out at the same time.

    2. kliq


      They're not just YOUR pounds y'know.

  12. Can you please check my donatorship? I believe it was meant to auto-renew yesterday, but as of yet I've heard nothing. Ta.

  13. Excuse me, kliq, on the "Itchy & Scratchy" CD-ROM, is there a way to get out of the dungeon without a wizard's key?

    1. LL.


      You think this a game, GA?! HUH?! I'm a normie right now! This is an injustice.

    2. GA!


      well, someone can't get out of that dungeon....

    3. MDK


      OMG GA is a LL?!

  14. When you log in to your email or whatever, you may have received various prompts from me trying to pay my Donation thing. I would appreciate it if you only charged me once. <_<

    1. MDK


      Don't do it Kliq

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      I've resent your invoice :)

    3. LL.


      Thanks, doll!

  15. I'm massively over my inbox limit it seems, so can't PM. Invoice has expired on Gold Donation, would you be able to resend?

    1. kliq


      Reissued this to you. For some reason i wasn't notified of this post!

    2. Ace Berimmer

      Ace Berimmer

      No worries, all good now