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  1. kliq


    Hoping to get my first legendary today! I’ve got nearly 500 Magikarp candies at the minute and am patiently waiting for the next stage where I can actually evolve it. It’s like torture considering what you have to go through to get that many candies. Talking of Pokemon that require a lot of candies to evolve them... how did you end up with an Altaria Good luck with that 😫
  2. kliq


    Left my house tonight and just along the road was a raid featuring Manectric. Looked up its weaknesses and was able to take it down myself using 2 Tyranitars, a Golem and a Graveler. Is there a reason I was earning double candy tonight for both Pokémon caught and hatched? Can’t see anything in the news section about it. Hatched 2 10k eggs and got a Porygon and a Larvitar, got circa 40 candies for Porygon alone (have more than enough to evolve but don’t have whatever item is needed). Also noticed a glitch or something that I’ve encountered before with eggs. Hatched three 7k eggs and got three Alolan Rattata but despite receiving 21, 36 and 42 candies respectively the overall candy figure didn’t change and stuck at 215. Also I’m all out of gifts at the minute with not spinning any stops for a week or so, so if you don’t get any back from me for a few days you know why 😆
  3. kliq


    Based on what someone said upthread it looks like we’re having to wait til Halloween to complete the ghost part 😒
  4. kliq


    With great difficulty. I started catching everything I encountered as I had stopped because I was fed up wasting pokeballs on the usual suspects like Pidgeys and Rattatas. Whether it was because of that or because there was an increased chance of encountering Dittos due to whatever event was on at the time I don’t know (it wasn’t clear if it meant Dittos in the wild or via field research encounters) but it ended up being a Rattata anyway. Went to go out after work tonight but seems it was down worldwide. 😕
  5. kliq


    Took a week off there due to a public holiday but back into the swing of things again, anyone else that has added me has been accepted and most people should have received gifts from me also. Due to not being out I’ve a bit of a backlog of items so I had to delete some stuff to accept any that were sent to me! Noticed I’d received my first ever EX raid pass which I found rather confusing as at the start I didn’t know you had to click on it to tell you when and where the raid would be. Going to have to take an extended lunch on Friday to take part. 🤫
  6. kliq


    Think I had 70 or so. Generally I wouldn’t have bothered catching Magikarp as trying to get 400 for a Gyrados just seemed an impossible task, but when I looked up the full details of A Mythical Discovery and saw that it was essential I used all the Pinap berries I’d harvested and caught every one in sight. The few that I got from eggs helped as well. Don’t think I want to wait that long though. 😫 What bit of part 5 are you stuck on? It starts at 10am UK time and I’m out for a 30th birthday party tonight... so it’s looking like I’m going to have to drag myself out of bed tomorrow morning because the Blastoise I have I evolved in a hurry during the last community day (without appraising it) and it’s not much cop! Just wanted it to be able to say I finally had a Blastoise. My code is 8556 7358 3030 for anyone that hasn’t already added me. Got my first Snorlax today also. 😎
  7. kliq


    This Mythical Discovery quest is an absolute nightmare. Was going so well until part 5 on which I’m currently stuck and have been for about 4 weeks now. Only completed “Catch a Ditto” this week (which may or may not be due to them appearing more often as part of the July Research tasks) after just saying fuck it and going back to catching everything in sight. Still haven’t managed to catch a single ghost Pokémon, hatch one from an egg or get one via a research task, so I’ve no idea how long this is going to take. I can’t remember the last time I encountered a ghost type in the wild. On a positive note I managed to amass 474 Magikarp candies during the water themed research tasks month, so when the time comes I don’t need to grind for the evolving a Gyarados task. EDIT: Today I caught 3 of the hat and shades wearing Pikachus, cute 😍 Also I hatched two of the 7km eggs I’ve received as gifts and got Alolan Meowth and Sandshrew. Pretty cool that their types are completely different. I even like the Alolan Rattata...
  8. kliq


    I stared playing again around two months ago when you got double XP for spinning new Poke stops. I hadn’t played in so long that most of the stops around me were flagged as new, so coupling that with lucky eggs I managed to level up from 21 to 26 in a matter of weeks. I don’t know a single other person that plays anymore so the trading feature is a real bummer for me. It’s also the reason why the only time I’ve managed to take part in raids was during the last community day. My trainer code is 8556 7358 3030 if anyone wants to add me and send me gifts so that I don’t feel completely isolated.
  9. +1 for reminding me about the Haffley stare down. His "or what?" to Leo is another great stare down.
  10. I started watching in February and I'm now on episode 12 of season 7. My first experience of Aaron Sorkin's work was the Newsroom (which I loved, despite popular opinion) so the dialogue in The West Wing almost seems slow in comparison. Have to agree about Two Cathedrals, it was fantastic, but my favourite run of episodes is the end of season 5 and start of season 6. Unbelievably tense.
  11. Yeah I'm experiencing really bad frame rate drops at times on the Wii U version, particularly in areas when there's a lot of enemies around the same location. I can sympathise with your second paragraph. I had a few moments like this when I first started playing last Monday and over the few days after, and was actually asking myself if it was the type of Zelda game I wanted to play as unlike others I had no real issue with the sandbox style of the previous games. This game felt like it gave too little guidance and the weapon system had me scratching my head as to why such a drastic change would be necessary. Now however after putting in around 10 hours play I'm really starting to enjoy it, and after doing a few bits of the main quests I'm engaged with the story a bit more now too which was another stumbling block for me originally as I was questioning why I was even doing what I was doing.
  12. kliq

    RIP George Michael

    I wouldn't be so sure. I'm pretty sure there is completed, unreleased music, based on information from George himself as well as other sources (a dance album that was almost certain to be completed back in 2012 for one), and the only reason for it being unreleased is because George was in no fit state to release and/or promote music for the last 3 years or so of his life. Rehab in Australia at the start of 2013, falling out of a moving vehicle shortly after that, an unexplained trip to hospital a year later followed by a year long stint in rehab in Zurich. There's a documentary about the release of Listen Without Prejudice due out at the start of March alongside a reissue of the album. If there's no new music before the end of the year I'll be very surprised.
  13. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to the hosting fund so far. Your kind donations have helped keep EWB online for another month. It really is much, much appreciated. Thank you again. 

  14. kliq


    http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/westworld-season-2-release-date-hbo-sky-atlantic-2017-2018-new-episode-count-renewed-a7418051.html Aiming for late 2017 but most likely to be 2018.
  15. kliq


    Also episode 7 spoilers: Hopkins has such presence. Really hope he sticks around for season 2, though I hear we're going to have to wait until 2018 for it. damshow hit the nail on the head when he said the show has so many layers, as I've rewatched a few of the early episodes already and have noticed a few things I didn't pick up on before. Although that's probably partly because I didn't have a clue what was going on.

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