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  1. WWE 2K16

    Not too sure about Undertaker's swinging hair during his entrances. Also don't like the way it doesn't always have video content to support the next stage of the showcase mode, particularly with the jump from SummerSlam 98 to the title match in November. Especially considering what happened at Survivor Series and in the months leading to it. edit: thought they could still use the term "World Wrestling Federation" as well, just not WWF. Sounds weird to hear World Wrestling Entertainment championship.
  2. WWE 2K16

    It's the "sweet spot" thing I can't figure out, much the same as the submission system. Don't want to turn shit off because I can't do it  
  3. WWE 2K16

    Forgot to mention that I'm struggling with the chain wrestling system also... I just do not understand how it works.
  4. WWE 2K16

    Hmmm I'll have to have a proper look tomorrow, clearly I haven't been paying attention >_> cheers!
  5. WWE 2K16

    Is that the purple bar? I noticed it depleting and refilling but didn't know what it actually referred to. I didn't even notice that I wasn't getting the R2 option, hitting the button is just force of habit now probably!
  6. WWE 2K16

    So I got this for my PS4 for Christmas and got stuck straight into the showcase mode. Some initial thoughts: 1. As has already been mentioned - the submission system sucks, and I'm really struggling with it no matter what I do. Had to play the first Bret Hart match at least 15 times because he kept making me submit. Surprisingly the submission match was okay   2. Has the pinning system changed since '13? I'm struggling with that too   3. How can that horrible face model of Vince still be in use? And that ridiculous entrance walk? I know Vince's actual walk is over the top but there's no resemblance whatsoever. 4. The level of detail in the showcase is amazing.  5. Experiencing a lot of collision detection issues with trying to get in and out of the ring near the turnbuckles. 6. Did I read something about only having a limited number of reversals per match now? Because I'm noticing that the longer a match goes the harder it is to reverse anything, which combined with the submission and pinning systems is making the game extremely more hard than I feel it should be.
  7. Can donators check if they now have access to display name history within another user's profile?

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      A good workman never blames his tools @Kaney

    3. Kaney


      I wouldn't call you a tool >_>

    4. kliq


      Oh maytron @Kaney

  8. The Star Wars Thread

    Can someone try and clear something up for me? Gonna stick it in spoiler tags just incasey Spoiler Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo is Han Solo's son as per The Force Awakens, however on Wikipedia it states that Han Solo's only son is Jacen Solo (Darth Caedus). Is Ben Solo/Kylo Ren an entirely new character then? How does Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus fit into things? In the film Han and Leia are upset that Ben has went to the darkside, but if they've already had a son do it then surely it's not that big of a shock   I'm quite new to Star Wars so this has confused me just a tad. Maybe I'm just missing something.  
  9. There are actually nearly 50 of them throughout NI https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peace_lines There's actually a few not far from me surrounding the Nationalist Short Strand enclave.  
  10. It's been a bit heated at times (some would say literally, e.g.  but we've came through the worst of it. I hope.
  11.   Also worth posting the infamous "peace walls" that still divide Protestant/Catholic communities...
  12. WWE 2K16

    So I'm going to get this game and actually play this year, unlike last year where the reviews were so bad that I didn't even open it. I have a question about MyCareer tho. Is it only available for created superstars? I don't have any imagination so I would struggle with creating a wrestler. Ideally I would like to use an existing superstar  but if that isn't possible then what options are available to me? Can you download a created wrestler and use it?
  13. @Benji is always the most popular member on EWB in any week... Apart from me of course >_>

  14. The PS4 thread

    So I decided on Dragon Age Inquisition and picked it up pre-owned for 2900 pennies. I didn't realise it was like a proper RPG style game like with that tactical combat system, as I've never actually played an RPG game like that before. I did the Dragon's Keep bit before starting and I've created my character, and I've just cleared the first rift and have decided to take the mountain path. My question is, do I have to use that tactical combat system or can I always just use the standard way of fighting? Like will there come a point where the tactical system is a necessity due to difficulty or whatever. It's all a bit overwhelming.
  15. Top Gear

    The latest I read was ITV wanted them and would run the show in the exact same time slot as Top Gear. Reported in the Mirror yesterday and saw it on a few online sites also.