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  1. I remember thinking the same but at the time (and still go on occasionally) I was a very active user on the SI forums and it was always extremely busy so I think most knew and I imagine those who didn't would have known someone who was. Technically Football Manager 2005 was the successor to Championship Manager 03/04 as SI owned the code and database. Eidos just owned the name.
  2. The last full one was 2010 which was so successful they had a "pay as you want" promotion for a digital copy of the game. There was a 2011 version for iPhones. Eidos were bought out by Square Enix.
  3. The world cup finally busting out its Japan shit. Looking forward to this game that I'll totalling not be watching on my phone while I work.
  4. Since I moved to my current house nearly 5 years ago I've been promising myself I'll attend at least a few Salford City games as their ground is about a 20-25 minute walk from my house. Now they're at this level, I have no excuse. Up the Ammies!
  5. Yep https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44396151 Better than PM May!
  6. It could actually be something a left-wing government could consider - definitely handy that the leader of the major left-wing party is a big football fan! I believe they have all 10 boxing day fixtures as part of it and their games will be free to Amazon Prime customers.
  7. Very true. I'm of the belief anyway where it should be made law (as the World Cup, FA Cup final etc is) that at least some top flight fixtures should be on free to air TV. One of these extra packages would have been perfect for that.
  8. I believe this is an extra package Amazon have bought rather than them buying rights once owned by Sky or BT so technically, nobody is losing out. Plus, if they stick it on Prime, then I'll have a reason to actually use it than just for free next day delivery!
  9. Got to the Europe League final with Bangor City! Finished 3rd in our Champions League group and went via that route. Ended up losing 3-0 to Barcelona in the final but it did wonders for Wales co-efficient as we've gained a 2nd Champions League place. I've been doing the same thing as what's been said above, signing young prospects but also developing my own players. 4 of my first choice match day 18 came through my youth academy (I don't have a dead cert starting XI) and a few good prospects getting a game here and there so happy with that. We're also searching for a site to build a new stadium. Oddly enough smaller than our current one but we don't come close to filling it and this new one will have better facilities and will be all-seater.
  10. So I think I know why this stadium was built as Scotland and Wales are hosting Euro 2036. Around that time, the Wrexham Community Stadium and the Bridgend Community Stadiums were also build with capacities around the 40,000 mark and have only been used by clubs for European games and the occasional Wales U19 internationals. These 3 as well as the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff City Stadium and the Liberty Stadium will be used on the Wales side of things for the tournament. Italy will be using my training facilities.
  11. Easily the best youth player I've ever had come through. My current 1st choice right-back wanted to leave due to interest from English Premier League clubs so I thought I'd cash in and make this guy my new first choice
  12. In season 2034-35 and finally got Bangor City to the knockout stages of the Champions League - bring on Real Madrid! My star striker - 20 year old Chris Davies came through my youth academy, helped Wales to the World Cup semi final (but got injured in said match and missed the start of the season) and was named on the bench in the World Cup dream team. Not bad for a player from the Welsh Premier League! I currently have 4 Welsh internationals in my team, 3 which came through my youth academy.
  13. "Not planning to return any time soon" Bit of a dig at virtually relegating Swansea too.
  14. I can't remember now but I'm winning most matches by 3 goals plus in the Welsh Premier League. My team is head, shoulders, knees and toes above everyone else now.
  15. Put in spoilers due to screenshots

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