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  1. I never knew this Twitter account existed, so thank you for that!
  2. 100% conversion rate on penalties since the update 👍 So have the opposition 👎
  3. That is really poor from SI. Thoughts and prayers with all those effected. You could manually delete the update file (the previous update file will still be in there) and switch off your WIFI before you load the game? I thought that too. Looks like according to my game, the Tories won the election and we left on no deal. It makes the save interesting but I'm still annoyed because this is my 2nd save since I got the game and on the first, brexit was cancelled.
  4. I've heard this. You're right, I'm lucky, I've had no issues (touch wood).
  5. I got the super hard brexit. The new work permit rules state that any foreign players must earn at least £8,000 per week. Yeah, I'm managing in the Welsh leagues, that isn't happening anytime soon!
  6. Finished watching Man in the High Castle last night. Definitely worth a binge now every episode is up on Amazon Prime.
  7. Antoine Griezmann takes charge of Arsenal on Football Manager - and sells Alexandre Lacazette to Huddersfield https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49335941
  8. Was that the season where they were deducted points for postponing a game against Blackburn?
  9. I guess he walks alone...
  10. https://news.sky.com/story/michel-platini-french-football-star-detained-on-suspicion-of-corruption-over-2022-world-cup-11743932
  11. Friday 9 August: Liverpool v Norwich City (8pm – live on Sky) Saturday 10 August: West Ham United v Manchester City (12.30pm) Saturday 10 August: Bournemouth v Sheffield United (3pm) Saturday 10 August: Burnley v Southampton (3pm) Saturday 10 August: Crystal Palace v Everton (3pm) Saturday 10 August: Leicester City v Wolves (3pm) Saturday 10 August: Watford v Brighton (3pm) Saturday 10 August: Tottenham v Aston Villa (5.30pm – live on Sky) Sunday 11 August: Newcastle United v Arsenal (2.00pm – live on Sky) Sunday 11 August: Manchester United v Chelsea (4.30pm – live on Sky)
  12. I get everyones point of view, but for me, I remember when Salford were playing in front of less than 100 people in the North West Counties league. They only went up to the Northern Premier First Division when they created the Conference North and South and between then and when the Class of '92 came in, they've only just stayed above the water. I remember when they were managed by Rhodri Giggs and when they had Ben Thornley on the left wing whilst he was working for the local taxi company and those big steps with planks of wood nailed in them in their old stand wasn't comfortable so as my local team, it's great to see where they are now.
  13. I don't get all this hate for Salford City. Yes, they have the money and have been able to recruit well because of it. I live literally around the corner from the stadium and you don't see what else they've done. They've clearly not invested in the club to make money. They've set up an academy structure, they've created a women's team (who won their league this year) and do a lot of work around the community. They couldn't have done any of that if they were still in the Northern Premier League First Division just barely staying up every year and to get kids involved, it will be more attractive to them getting involved in a Football League club that an 8th tier club averaging about 200 every week. Salford have never come close to having a Football League club and it was always made a lot harder with Old Trafford literally a 2 minute walk over the Salford/Trafford border so I think this is awesome for the city.
  14. So, if Arsenal and Chelsea both get through tonight, then both European finals will be all-English. Has that ever happened before for any country?
  15. It's just one of the possible outcomes although not leaving is rare on the game. The most common is that the UK leaves but all rules remain the same (soft brexit), the hard brexit one is where all non-UK and Ireland players require work permits less those EU players already playing in the UK and you're allowed a maximum of 17, something similar to that where current work permit rules are relaxed but there's still a maximum number and no brexit at all.
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