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  1. I'm not too familiar with Stephen Darby but this really sucks and I wish him all the best. As a rugby league fan, I was well aware of Mike Gregory being diagnosed with this horrible disease in 2003 and had the pleasure of meeting him in 2006 not too long before he passed. Although it was a pleasure to meet him, at the same time it was heartbreaking to see a man I'd seen play rugby league at the very top for Great Britain unable to move his own body. I'm not sure how far they've come along with treatment for this since then but I really really hope they have come some way.
  2. Fulham 1-2 WatfordCrystal Palace 1-1 NewcastleLiverpool 4-1 SouthamptonBrighton 0-2 TottenhamArsenal 3-1 Everton
  3. Please tell me I'm wrong. Back to the Future are my all time favourite films. In part 3, when they discover the DeLorean at the cemetry in 1955, Marty sees Docs grave which has Claras name on it. In this timeline, Doc dies on September 7th 1885. On September 4th 1885, Clara comes to Hill Valley but her spooked horses go out of control, she falls into the ravine and they name it after her. The only reason she survives it is because Marty goes back to 1885 (changing the timeline so Doc doesn't die), because of that, Marty and Doc go to what will be Clayton ravine so Doc can explain how they'll get the DeLorean to 88mph to get back to 1985. Doc had originally intended to stay in 1885 so if Marty never went back, Clara and Doc never would have met so how is her name on Docs grave?
  4. Goalkeepers: Schmeichel, van der Sar, De Gea Defenders: Gary Neville, Vidic, Stam, Ferdinand, Irwin, Evra, Pallister Midfielders: Giggs, Beckham, Keane, Scholes, Kanchelskis, Ince, Sharpe Strikers: Cantona, Ronaldo, van Nistlerooy, Yorke, Cole, Solskjaer
  5. Tottenham 2-2 LiverpoolBournemouth 0-2 LeicesterHuddersfield 0-1 Crystal PalaceMan City 3-0 FulhamEverton 2-1 West Ham
  6. Week 1 pick: Oxford Week 2 pick: Tottenham Week 3 pick: Swansea Week 4 pick: Sunderland Week 5 pick: Chelsea
  7. Denmark will have a full squad ahead of their game against Wales. I watched Wales vs Rep of Ireland last night and I have to say I enjoyed Wales' style of play. As a Man Utd fan, I'd like to see them do well under Giggs (should have kept him on after his caretaker run).
  8. Correct, Liverpool vs Man Utd when Bruce Grobbelaar was at his best and doing nothing wrong.
  9. Nelson

    Doctor Who

    The entire series will be on a Sunday. It's because of Strictly Come Dancing apparently.
  10. Nelson

    Doctor Who

    Series 11 will start on October 7th (yes, a Sunday). The first episode is titled:
  11. So I've surpassed 1000 hours of game play on FM18 - I need a girlfriend! On the plus side, I won the Europa League with Bangor City!

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