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  1. Football Manager 2018

    Finished my first season in charge of Bangor City in the 2021/22 season after a spell in Northern Ireland. TNS were still winning it every year and the previous season Bangor had finished 2nd, 18 points behind TNS. I'd have been happy to just repeat that. We ended up taking TNS all the way to the final game of the season, they were 1 point ahead of us at home to Airbus UK and we were away to Gap Connah's Quay. A win would only do unless TNS lost 8-0 and we drew. In the January transfer window, TNS signed Zack Clough which at the Welsh Premier League level was a massive signing and he banged them in for fun but I noticed before the last game he was injured so I thought we had a chance there and it turned out I was right as TNS lost 3-0 and we won 4-2 to end the 11 year dominance of TNS. The board are now upgraded my youth facilities, increasing junior coaching and youth scouting scope as one of my philosophies is to bring young players through. Bring on the Champions League!
  2. Football Manager 2018

    After back-to-back promotions, I'm now in the Northern Irish Premiership with Tobermore United. 8th after 4 games, winning one and losing 3, conceding exactly 3 goals in each game. My only win so far was pretty amazing, away to the Crusaders, getting battered every way possible and find myself 3-0 after half an hour. I pull it back to 3-1 just before half time with a penalty. I go more defensive in the 2nd half just for damage control as a 3-1 loss wouldn't be terrible so not a lot happens until the 71st minute when I pull it back to 3-2 and I think "right, ok!" Two minutes later it's 3-3, four minutes after that I'm 4-3 up, five minutes after that I'm 5-3 up ("right, all eleven of you, get behind the fucking ball!!!"). They start throwing everything at me, I'm still not confident at this stage even more so when the 4th official holds up the board for 5 minutes of stoppage time! ("Where the fuck did you get 5 minutes from?!"). As they overload, I break to make it 6 right at the end! I've played every edition of Football Manager and the majority Championship Manager titles before that. As we were such underdogs in that one that has to be my greatest comeback of all time. EDIT: If it was the other way around, yes, I probably would have rage quit!
  3. Football Manager 2018

    After winning the Northern Irish third tier in my first season with ease, I lost my first match in the Championship and then picked up 25 of the next 27 available points to go 5 points clear at the top. Signed a great 16 year old who's 17 now and easily my best midfielder and only getting better. CA was on 2 stars when I signed him, 6 months later now on 3.5 with 4 and 1 black star PA. It's a shame I can only sign players on non-contracts so pretty soon a Premiership team will come and take him away for nothing which has happened so often but enjoying the challenge of having to replace them with no money. Most of my players are on £20-£40 per appearance.
  4. Football Manager 2018

    I thought that but I thought that whilst not easy by any means it would be easier as once you get the club side in Serie A, the clubs reputation will grow more rapid. Getting a solid N. Ireland squad with the majority of players playing in the Northern Irish Premiership would be pretty cool.
  5. Football Manager 2018

    I got this game last Thursday. I've bought every Football Manager since the first one after the split from Eidos. I usually start with a National League North or South team and go journeyman or try and get them in the Premier League. I thought I'd try something different this year. I started unemployed with the intention of starting in the Northern Irish 3rd tier. After the first season was over, I got my first job at Tobermore United. They are amazingly terrible, I love it. Our crowds are in double digits and the only deals I can offer are non-contracts so my best players are constantly getting poached for free. In my first season, I won the 3rd tier (which in the game is Championship 2, but I'm sure it's called something else now) and the Irish Intermediate Cup which is for 3rd tier teams downwards and Premiership reserve teams. My aim in the long term is to obviously win the Premiership but also build a top youth academy and bring players through, have some success in Europe, increase the reputation of my team which in time will increase the reputation of the league and see how far I can go.
  6. WWE 2K18

    Never mind, done it!
  7. WWE 2K18

    In my player mode, my player is still pretty weak and I have to win the Royal Rumble from number 1. 5 days I've been trying and I can't progress without winning it, at least a 3 star match and eliminate at least 10. Any tips?
  8. Has anyone got the lyrics for the new version please?
  9. WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2006

    Please someone tell me how to unlock the ECW One Night Stand and WMIX arenas??
  10. Football Manager 2006

    Does anyone know how to make the German national team active?
  11. He might be a bit mad, but he didn't do it