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  1. I've got face pack & logos working, not been worried about kits yet. I'm using the metallic logo pack and they're working fine. https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/style/3/metallic-logos EDIT: One thing I still hate. When you have press interviews. "Why isn't David De Gea playing today?" Because it is a cup tie and Romero plays those you twats!
  2. I've started as Manchester United as per usual for my first game. So far it seems the board steps in more than previous games. Out:- Nemanja Matic to Leicester for 14.5M Ashley Young to Al-Ahli for 3.6M Anthony Elanga to Sheffield United for 375K with a buyback clause Phil Jones on loan to Brighton at 300K/month plus an optional fee of 18M Marcos Rojo on loan to Wolves plus an optional fee of 10.5M (board rejected a transfer bid lower than this) Angel Gomes on loan to Stoke James Garner on loan to Cardiff Brandon Williams on loan to Bolton Tahith Chong on loan to Hearts Dylan Levitt on loan to Burton Albion Diogo Dalot on loan to Newcastle In:- Moussa Dembele from Lyon for 21.5M Douglas Costa from Juventus for 59M Valon Berisha from Lazio for 8.5M Juninho Bacuna from Huddersfield for 8M + loaned back for the season Fabio Coentrao for free after impressing on trial and needing backup at left back with Young leaving and Brandon Williams out on loan Sticking to a fairly stock standard attacking Gegenpress 4-2-3-1 Wide / balanced Gegenpress 4-1-2-3 Wide Goalkeeper (Defend):- De Gea / Romero / Grant Right Wing Back (Attack):- Wan-Bissaka / Fosu-Mensah / Laird Ball Playing Defender (Cover):- Lindelof / Tuanzebe Ball Playing Defender (Defend): - Maguire / Bailly Left Wing Back (Support):- Shaw / Coentrao Centre Midfield Right - Ball Winning Midfielder (Defend):- McTominay / Fred Centre Midfield Left - Mezalla (Support):- Pogba / Berisha Right Wing - Inverted Winger (Attack):- Douglas Costa / Lingard Central Attacking Midfield - Advance Playmaker (Support):- Mata / Andreas Left Wing - Inside Forward (Attack):- Rashford / James Striker - Advance Forward (Attack):- Martial / Dembele / Greenwood Fred has BWM as his weakest of all possible roles in MC but I'm trying to train him up, so for now he is second fiddle to McTominay. If I switch to having a DM Fred goes back there and the midfield three is Pogba / McTominay / Fred. Kind of followed the game's advice in loaning out players as it seems to promise better development than past years (but we'll see). Fosu-Mensah starts injured so Laird is the backup at RB at the moment and Fosu-Mensah, Lingard and Andreas will be used in multiple positions as needed. Brought Berisha in as there was nobody to play as a mezzala when Pogba's rested (Fred technically could do it but I want him trained up as a BWM or shipped out and replaced. Have 8.15M transfer money left (started with 100M) and around 100K wages, in January will probably look at another central defender. And hope to God that Smalling, Jones, Sanchez and Rojo are all bought by their loaning clubs. If I get a sufficient offer for Martial I'll probably let him go, too, even though he's performing fine, I would like the money.
  3. This! There's been a bunch of times already when I've gone "hmm who am I gonna side with" and had to actually rationally think about what effect my choice will make and if will there be an option to make both sides happy or not. My build has points put mainly into dialogue, hacking/lockpicking and long range guns. I'm playing him as a sort of chaotic good character. Good at the heart of it but I've killed people that I decided needed killing.
  4. Apparently you can kill all but 1 character in the game (I haven't looked at who) and the universe will adapt around you, as well, so that's cool. It really feels like what you do makes a difference. For example I did a quest that had two possible outcomes and it ended badly for one group, however, I then got the chance to fix that situation and make everyone happier. The combat style feels like a mix between Fallout and Borderlands (though not as frantic as Borderlands), and my only real gripe so far is that weapons seem to be a bit under-powered. I've put points into my gun skills and even getting some good guns they don't seem to be keeping up with the level of enemies and it's been lucky I've had my companions to help out. I think I maybe need to mod them more or buy better mods. But besides that minor gripe this is a really great game.
  5. So I think we are in for some cool easter eggs because one time when I got on my ship...
  6. Yeah I've only made it to the first town and getting my first bunch of quests but the characters seem cool and there's not been any bad acting yet. Art style is good, too. I enjoy the slow-time mechanic as an alternative to VATS, too. EDIT: After a few hours - this game is good. I have no regrets buying it.
  7. Mine is still downloading! 😭 Would you say the writing is on par with New Vegas etc?
  8. Yeah my bad. I picked it up today on PS4 after watching some reviews it looked really good and seemed basically like New Vegas in space so I was sold. 8.5GB first day patch, though.
  9. Has anyone picked up The Outer Worlds yet? Its made by Obsidian and looks similar to Fallout 4 but with slowed time instead of VATS and is set in sci-fi land. It is exclusive on the Epic Games Store/Microsoft Store/Physical product and won't be on Steam for a year but I'm interested to hear if it is any good.
  10. Watford only take a season/season and a half to sort out depending on your luck. You need to have a firesale though after all your players return from loan to net a nice transfer kitty. Wolves would be my pick for a challenge out of the three.
  11. Choose a match and play it - it is basically an arcade game. Again, the developers have said there's more of the game to come this is just the base version. I kinda wished they had waited until they put in more modes, though, because there's obviously no guarantee that they will.
  12. Yes. I have an issue with my controller where to climb the turnbuckle (which is in the direction of the turnbuckle + X & A on a X-Box controller) where it wouldn't work, but if I use the directional buttons instead of the analog stick it works fine. Only real bug I've encountered so far. I've seen a few people disappointed with the size of the roster but in the short time I've played it I've found that you can unlock as you rank up and the developers have said that there will be DLC in the future but it will be free, so hopefully that bodes well as it is kind of lacking a bit in game modes at the moment. There's a lot of content on the creation centre already as well.
  13. I'm a United supporter but I'm apparently the odd one out in actually liking this. I like that our options are academy players. We've wasted loads of money on big name players who haven't worked out. I like that the club is being forced in a position to go back to basics and use the young lads where needed. Besides Rashford there hasn't really been many to break through from the academy and be successful in recent years so it is as much exciting as it is worrying for me. It may end up horrifically failing but at least it'll be better than watching overpaid players who are only there for the pay day.
  14. I took over Manchester United after the first season (where they finished 6th) and can confirm Greenwood is class in the first half season of play. He's had a lot of appearances in cup competitions and done well off the bench. I brought in Mario Mandzukic as my main striker (4-2-3-1) to get a couple seasons while they youngsters develop after Lukaku's leaving - Mario scores few goals but creates a lot of chances for the 2 inside forwards (and to a lesser extent the attacking midfielder) so whoever is playing out of Rashford, Martial, James, Lingard, Chong, Greenwood, Gomes tend to bang them in. But I'm faced with a dilemma with the youngsters doing so well. Even McTominay is bossing it so much in the midfield I sold Matic in the January window to cash in before his contract ran out.
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