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  1. Antonio Thomas should be under the alter ego of Thomas Santell which he has been going by for ~3 years now and probably classed as a technician.
  2. The only place I see DDG going is maybe back to Atletico if Jab Oblak goes. But if he goes (presumably to Chelsea) it is likely Kepa will be involved in a swap so that leaves DDG out again. So yeah, nowhere really for him to go at this stage.
  3. I have a feeling Henderson will be back at Sheffield United next season. He's too good to be our no. 2 goalkeeper, and too good to get rid of, and I don't think DDG is going anywhere yet.
  4. I think it largely depends on which Bale you get. A motivated Bale, yes, he absolutely would walk into the Spurs (and most others) first team. But getting the petulant child Gareth Bale is a different story and there's no way to guarantee which one you'd be getting.
  5. Yeah that's fair enough. Also Worker Ant II retired via his twitter earlier this month as well.
  6. Sylverhawk should be listed as Wheeler YUTA with the below pic as it is his gimmick since leaving CHIKARA. Also missing from the database are recent CHIKARA wrestlers Josue Ibanez, Joshua Wells, Xavier Faraday, ZERO, The Spoiler, Donna Rama, Masked Enforcer #2. I haven't seen enough to help out with stats except to know that they're all fairly generic Wrestle Factory graduates except for Masked Enforcer #2 who is obviously quite a bit older and wouldn't surprise me is someone already known working under a mask. EDIT: Also The Proteus Wheel's manager Professor Nicodemous is missing from the data as well but with CHIKARA done I don't know if he's going to be a thing anymore.
  7. Maguire is a good defender but unfortunately we paid the English tax on him which is why his fee was so high. If he was a foreigner I couldn't see him above 30 or 40m, tbh.
  8. Still Life with Apricots and Pears latest look according to twitter.
  9. Donna Rama, Joshua Wells, Josue Ibanez, The Spoiler, Xavier Faraday, ZERO
  10. Have you tried the Wayback machine? Anyway here is a Mobius/Blaxstrom/Dylan Black
  11. Danjerhawk is now known as Mach10, Razerhawk is now known as Neowyng and together they are The.Air.Show Nytehawk doesn't appear to be involved and one of their videos indicated they might not be wearing masks anymore.
  12. The absolute cheek of it when you have a player who's contract is expiring and you get a transfer bid of £0 but with you paying some of their wages
  13. In my current game he's not doing well. 3 in 18 games in 19/20, 4 in 26 games in 20/21 and only averaging 6.90s. In one of my other games where I played as United he replaced an injured Martial and scored nearly a goal a game and was that good that I ended up shipping Martial out the next season. He seems to play better under a human player than the AI.
  14. Greenwood is massively underrated by the FM community. I've gotten great work out of him as an out and out striker and as a right winger right from the get go. If I couldn't get Haaland he'd be my second choice in a heartbeat.
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