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  1. I wasn't convinced he had anything to do with the fire, as he pointed out he had a lot to lose from the fire financially and nothing really to gain, I think it was most likely another one of Joe's fantastic ideas. He was still a trash person because he saw what was going on at the zoo and wanted to exploit it for trashy reality TV.
  2. And was more interested in how good looking their nanny would be rather than her child raising skills. He was a complete creep and con man.
  3. The most "sane" people in the entire thing are the Tony Montana guy (who is still clearly insane "I mean I didn't do it but I was there when they used the circular saw"), the guy with the prosthetic legs and the girl with a missing arm (who both are still around all this insanity which says a lot about them as well.)
  4. I think there was potential to have her there for longer, maybe even all season, with the finale being her drug stealing escapade. She was funny as the pedometer loving nobody but she really hit her mark when she became machine gun totin', cocaine snortin' Debbie. I just think it would've been a bigger gut punch if she did that after being a supporting cast member for longer.
  5. Agreed. I also felt like she actually treated her cats and people worse than the other places. She was very hypocritical - If she really cared about the cats she would've been teaming up with real zoos to help breed and re-distribute into the wild.
  6. What was the majority verdict on Carole? Did she or didn't she?
  7. I just got through watching Tiger King on Netflix and all I can say is wow. I knew people involved in the exotic animal industry were often weirdos but just wow. I would also like a follow up at some point to find out what happens to "Doc" Antle and co.
  8. The Australian Olympic Committee has told the athletes to prepare for a 2021 Olympics rather than this year.
  9. Gerrard at 2? It says Premier League captains and he never won one. Not trying to take away from him as he obviously was a good captain but some of the others actually won the league. Vieira was captain of the invincible Arsenal team and by that token I would have him above Gerrard.
  10. And now after the current game finishes that's the end of our Aussie rules footy until at least May 31. Our rugby league, continues to baffle me, by saying they are going to go ahead with their season even though an increasing number of states are introducing 14 day quarantines periods.
  11. I played it pretty much any chance I could get when it released then had a break when I thought the end was getting near before finishing through. Since then I've finished it once more (this time with the expansions) and I've got another save going that I might play an hour of two of every few weeks. I think it is my favourite game of all time, even side quests get you invested into them, it is just such a perfectly crafted world. I really hope Cyberpunk 2077 lives up to the standard they set with The Witcher 3, though even if it falls short it should still be a damn good game.
  12. Our rugby league and Australian rules football is going ahead without crowds, though the state leagues (in which the clubs reserve players get playing time) are all postponed. The AFL has shortened the season by 5 games to allow time for any catch ups needed in case they have to shut down (as soon as 1 player tests positive the league is shut down for 14 days). It is estimated that this will all cost each club $3-5 million dollars and sees clubs like mine that don't have a huge membership base sweating over their future. Experts are saying it could take the AFL 10 years to recover from the financial loss.
  13. Most of our sport is still going ahead but behind closed doors bar motorsport which is up in the air at the moment. As of Monday crowds of more than 500 people are banned anyway. Stupidly rugby league still played a match in front of what I believe was a capacity crowd this evening, why they are risking it is beyond me.
  14. From memory, Bashir was consistently a creepy fucker the whole way through. That coupled with his superiority complex made me dread any Bashir-centric episodes unless O'Brien was there to balance him out. Also this week's Picard:-
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