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  1. Was he the one who wore his wife's undies during the post-season?
  2. It drags in some parts, especially in season 1 (I think it was pretty good as far as Star Trek season 1s go) but it's still pretty good. On Picard we've had Irish Romulan so now time to top that with Australian Romulan.
  3. I feel for you. I have had 2 Dell's in my life and both were pieces of crap and I can't count the number of times I had to fix my dad's old Dell laptop. They are what drove me to say fuck it and build my own PC's.
  4. Mindhunter is incredible and I am sad it's on hiatus
  5. The Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy is on sale on Steam. I've never played them before but enjoy point & click - are they worth a buy?
  6. Yeah I use it to take control of a club but for challenges to save them from relegation not spite
  7. Can edit virtually anything. I was mainly questioning whether he raised his budgets and also club rep. to get players in.
  8. 1 step forwards, 2 steps back. It really does boggle the mind that each year SI hype up the game with minor additions (although the dev. center this year was a big one for me) but they don't just go "Okay, we've got most of the game in a good place. Let's spend the year fixing the fucking match engine once and for all." What makes it further confusing is that it seems to be the same match engine issues every year. It's like they go back to the ME they started the previous game with instead of what they ended with after all the fixes.
  9. ME was badly broken but the last update seems to have fixed it. I was impressed, too, until I clicked through and saw he had the editor enabled which explains how he has the players he has in just 2 seasons as QPR.
  10. He is now claiming he is not racist by saying that he isn't racist but a foreign film shouldn't have won.
  11. I like that this episode seemed to be "okay okay we're finally getting somewhere hang on"
  12. Sonic 2 Jazz Jackrabbit Championship Manager *Something* NBA Jam WWF Attitude Warcraft I & II Starcraft Command & Conquer FIFA 2000 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
  13. Yay strikers other than pressing forwards should be viable to use!
  14. Not just to defend United but Fergie at least was scouting someone who would go on to be immensely important to the team - if Klopp was doing the same I wouldn't have an issue. Klopp just wanted his holiday and quite clearly has a grudge against the FA. I suppose my main point from this would be - if you were in the same situation but had to play Manchester City, Chelsea etc. do you think Klopp and the boys would still be on holiday? If the answer is no then he, especially, should have been there. What's done is done now and a precedent has been set that will unfortunately probably see more and more teams doing the same thing. And I don't think anyone was saying that you in particular would kick up a fuss, just Liverpool fans in general. Just as fans of the other teams have done for Klopp. Good on the young lads for winning, though, I just think Klopp should've been there - even if he was only in an advisory capacity letting the coaches who know the players better deal with them. And props to them for dropping ticket prices.
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