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  1. Your 5 Favorite TV Shows (Either current or all time)

    All time: 1. Breaking Bad 2. Downton Abbey 3. White Collar 4. Dexter 5. The Sopranos Current: 1. Daredevil 2. Orange Is The New Black 3. Designated Survivor 4. 30 For 30 5. Top Chef
  2. EWB's Favorite TV Show 2016: The Voting Thread

    1: This Is Us 2: Veep 3: Better Call Saul 4: Orange Is The New Black 5: Vikings 6: Designated Survivor 7: The Walking Dead 8: Stranger Things 9: Marvels Luke Cage 10: The Americans 11: Hells Kitchen 12: Survivor 13: Daredevil 14: Brooklyn Nine Nine 15: Gotham
  3. 2016 NFL Season

    Gerald McCoy Forgives Teen Who Broke Into His House And Broke His Fathers Wrist
  4. My balls smells like 4 day past expired cheddar cheese

    1. MDK


      I'll get the crackers

  5. Been sober for 16 months....My roommate is kicking me out because he suspects I've been drinking....No home  now....Might as well spend my money on some whiskey and get fucked up....


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    2. EddieG


      If @9 to 5 is telling you not to drink, you know it's serious. But seriously, as a fellow (former) recovering alcoholic, stick with it. It's not gonna help at all.

    3. The Chiksrara Special

      The Chiksrara Special

      I never had an alcohol problem but I have relapsed before. Trust me it never helps anything

    4. Red Devil-Taker316

      Red Devil-Taker316

      Why does your roommate think this? Can you prove otherwise? Getting fucked up will only confirm your roommates incorrect suspicions.

  6. My balls are sweaty and they smell of 3 week old death....

    1. MDK


      knees weak arms spaghetti

  7. Anton Yelchin, 27, dead

    Actor Anton Yelchin, known for his roles in "Star Trek" and "Alpha Dog," was killed early Sunday morning after getting pinned by his own car ... TMZ has learned. Yelchin's friends became alarmed because he was supposed to meet them hours earlier for a rehearsal. They went to his San Fernando Valley home at around 1 AM and found him pinned between his car and a brick mailbox pillar, which was attached to a security gate. Law enforcement tells us the engine was running when his body was discovered, and the car was in neutral. The driveway was on a fairly steep incline. It's unclear why he got out of the car. Cops do not suspect foul play. Yelchin was 27.
  8. I pulled 23 nose hairs from my left nostril.....

    1. Owen


      I certainly very glad that you shared this!

    2. The Evil Kokichi Omalord
  9. TV shows you watch over and over again

    Frasier Seinfeld ER South Park All In The Family
  10. Survivor: Cagayan (Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty) **SPOILERS**

    I do like that no matter how hard Brawn tried to throw the competition, they still couldn't compete with J'Tia's suckage
  11. 2014 NFL Offseason Thread

    Getting Bell locked up was huge for the Lions, even though that was a given
  12. 2014 NFL Offseason Thread

    As a Bucs fan, I am liking the makeup of this defense. Johnson, McCoy, David, Verner, Barron, Goldson, and possibly Tillman will give offenses nightmares next season....Now this Bucs just need to get their O-Line under control.
  13. 2014 NFL Offseason Thread

    If Martin is on the opening day 53 man roster this upcoming season the Niners give up a 7th rounder...If he is not, the Niners give up nothing....Not a bad deal at all