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  1. If you were 2K Sports, would you look to do a deal with the AAF so you could put a "fully licensed" football alternative on the market?? Would it even make a dent in Maddens popularity, with a lot of rumblings from Madden players that they long for the days of having NFL 2K?? Would an 8 league (as the AAF is right now) franchise mode even be appealing??
  2. For me, the whole intrigue of inter league play is the strategy of playing outside your rules. If both leagues have DH's it takes away from seeing an AL having to use the 9 spot for their pitcher or an NL team, who uses a guy normally for 1 AB, having to play him all game.
  3. If you make the DH universal, you might as well take away inter-league play. The 3 batter minimum is just plain stupid.
  4. Dont ruin your appreciation of Scrubs by watching the last season.
  5. I am up to episode 5 of Homecoming. Anyone else watch this? Its intriguing but I get the feeling the big reveal will be hugely disappointing
  6. Rajah is reporting the Saints are defecting to the AAF. Think of the matchups.
  7. Edelman got absolutely leveled on that interception
  8. Holy shit this replay is going to be close
  9. I'm the same way, but with Baseball Mogul and OTTP. One play through, Justin Baughman had a 10 year / 6x All Star / 8x Golden Glove career, with 389 HR and 745 RBI. In my mind, he is still one of the best players ever. In reality he played only 79 games, with 1 career HR to go with 20 RBI
  10. Until 2015, Upton went by the initials "B. J.", which stood for "Bossman Junior"—Upton's father, Manny, was nicknamed "Bossman." Upton stated his desire to use his actual name was a result of teammates and fans knowing him as B. J. and feeling the name was irrelevant to him away from the ballpark.
  11. http://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/25776964/insurance-market-football-evaporating-causing-major-threat-nfl-pop-warner-colleges-espn The NFL now has no general liability insurance that covers head trauma, and only one carrier that is willing to give workers comp coverage. The insurance companies are likening head trauma in sports to asbestos.
  12. Former MLB closer John Wetteland has been charged with repeatedly sexually abusing a kid under 14.
  13. From what I understand, Brady takes a big chunk of his money as a signing bonus, so his salary wont count against the cap. He is still one of the highest paid QBs, the salary cap just doesn't reflect that. More QBs should do this. Basically instead of a 25 million a year cap hit, Brady counts let's say 10 million a year with a yearly 15 million salary bonus paid out, IIRC
  14. I wont go as far as saying all that, but look at his career resume. The dudes longest tenure as any type of coach was 3 years. Every other job he had, he was gone within 2 years. I dont know how good/bad that speaks to his credentials
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