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  1. Sim City for SNES, even though it took me until 2014 to finally get a Megalopolous (500,000 citizens) lol Tetris, any version really Mario Kart, again any version Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past WWF No Mercy
  2. Jerry Stiller Dead at 92 to add on to this terrible year Serenity Now!
  3. Another legend lost. RIP to a rock and roll originator. Thank you for all your wonderful songs.
  4. Fruity, delicious, delicious, fruity, fruity BY GAWD THEY'RE FRUITY! Skittles!

  5. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what's for dinner. Freedom is keeping your rights even if 99 out of 100 people vote against it. Which sounds more like America to you?

    1. Linda Killmaster

      Linda Killmaster

      Whichever one lets me shoot my pewpews in peace. <_<

  6. One of my earliest childhood memories was listening to Kenny Rogers songs with my parents. Gotta give credit at his longevity, one of the most famous country music stars of the past 40 years, a true legend. He will be missed.
  7. Happy Palindrome Groundhog Super Bowl Day

  8. Haven't really followed basketball that closely since Michael Jordan's heyday in the 90's, but still regardless of what you think of Kobe, this is definitely stunning news to hear. One of the top names when you think of basketball in the past 20 years. RIP #24
  9. I too have a massive end or something.

  10. Joe Pesci has had a more successful and memorable career than Daniel Stern, so gotta go with Harry Lyme. But I have to ask, aren't they technically part of the same team?
  11. Happy birthday to me!!!!!!!




    and @Emperor DCand @uwosashley I guess. 

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    2. C-MIL


      Have a great one!

    3. Linda Killmaster

      Linda Killmaster

      Now give yourself a nice present by challenging for the I-3 Championship.

    4. JMarushin


      Happy birthday 

  12. Mayor Quimby supports revolving door prisons. Mayor Quimby even released Sideshow Bob, a man twice convicted of attempted murder. Can YOU trust a man like Mayor Quimby? Vote Sideshow Bob for Mayor.

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