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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/billy-dee-williams-return-lando-002011170.html Billy Dee! (please don't kill him off too )
  2. "I love the fourth of July, people invite me over for barbecues and give me gifts."-Bobby Heenan

  3. My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

  4. It would be an interesting 180 from how the original series ended, but this time Roseanne is dead, while Dan stays alive.
  5. I don't follow the NBA much, but as good of players as there are, the fact that both Eastern and Western conference finals went to 7 games and then the same two teams made the finals for the fourth straight year just feels so scripted. Not saying it is, but man I am sick of both teams.
  6. Just watched the first Star Wars, or a New Hope as I guess its called.
  7. I think American Idol being revived by ABC is the most recent example. Scrubs moved to ABC for its final two seasons. Medium also had its last two seasons on CBS.
  8. Well that didn't take long. Thank you NBC.
  9. In someone related news, Fox is resurrecting Last Man Standing after ABC cancelled it last year. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/last-man-standing-resurrected-fox-194553456.html According to the article, its partly because of the recent success of the Roseanne reboot and thinking people wanting more "pro-Trump" shows
  10. Fox really must hate live action comedies.I think Married with Children, That 70's Show and New Girl are about the only ones to make it past a handful of seasons. If you're animated they'll usually keep you forever though.
  11. Damn it, oddly enough I had a bad dream last night that it got cancelled, so this feels kinda prophetic in a way. Fox doesn't deserve a show as good as that, hope someone else picks it up and it finds new life. One of the consistently funny shows I've seen since Community ended. I've always liked Andre Braugher since Homicide, but the rest of the cast has been so great as well. Its a damn shame.
  12. Just watched all ten episodes of Cobra Kai last night, its fantastic. They did an amazing job balancing everything, it was funny, it was touching, it was dramatic at the right moments, it was nostalgic, fans of the originals will love it, but newer viewers will be able to enjoy it all the same. There were some great callbacks to the original, they fleshed out the original characters and new characters very well, and a lot of characters are a bit more shades of grey than the originals, but they don't overdo it and make the good guys too evil or the bad guys too nice etc. See, that is how you update a story to modern times without ruining what it was. Very happy with it and ready to watch it all again, really hoping there's another season.

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