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  1. So is Mayweather gonna hug him the whole fight like he did with Pacquiao? I just want someone to beat Mayweather, I don't care who it is. Ok, well I'd be happy with Mayweather winning if he was fighting Donald Trump, but that's about it.
  2. R.I.P Adam West . While we can debate all day who the best Batman was, we must appreciate that the Batman 66 series, while campy, was well done and West was a great Bruce Wayne and is the only one to truly portray Batman as a master detective. You will be missed for this, as well as your always hilarious voice work. Thank you for the memories sir.
  3. Donald Trump being President.
  4. Extreme Rules: The one night a year where weapons are not only welcomed.....they're allowed.

    1. Rocky


      Unless you're in a no DQ match where the title could still change hands.

  5. So is Zoey going to find out that college is A Different World, then leave the series?
  6. Be forewarned, if Nathan Jones is STILL as I-3 Champion in 2 years, I'm gunning for every last one of you who keeps voting for him *-By which I mean, I'll probably send you really mean-looking emoticons and such. Be afraid.
  7. R.I.P. Chris Cornell. I'm shocked and saddened. Soundgarden was one of my favorite bands and I followed him through his solo work, Audioslave and his return to Soundgarden. He had such a powerful voice and once again was a family man. Why do the good people have to go young while assholes continue to live? I'm stunned that it was suicide, my thoughts are with his family and his band mates
  8. I can't wait for the return of Family Matters, then the Wonder Years, then Doogie Howser, because everything from the 80's/90's has to exist again in the 2010's.
  9. Because Full House didn't kill off one of its main characters at the end?
  10. I was attacked by mimes today. They did unspeakable things.

  11. May the Schwartz Be With You.

    1. Broken Cloyd

      Broken Cloyd

      He's an Asshole, sir.

    2. Mick



  12. Its odd that WWE has shied away from using Roman numerals for WrestleMania considering who has main evented the past 3 years.

  13. Current (though most have been on 20+ years): The Simpsons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, South Park, Family Guy and uh, some WWE shows (or most not named Raw usually ) All-time: (no particular order, no way I can't narrow it down to 5 sorry) Community, Three's Company, Monk, The Muppet Show, Friends, Seinfeld, How I Met Your Mother, Beavis and Butt-head, Magnum P.I., Cheers, Frasier, The Wonder Years, Futurama. Saved by the Bell, Beverly Hills 90210 and probably a dozen others I can't think of at the moment.