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  1. Jerry Lewis Dead at 91

  2. Songs that "Disco"?

  3. hey here's a picture of Kanye West

    She had to ask his permission before she could stay there though, she didn't want to be a Kanye Pest
  4. G1 Climax.

    You can also go to challonge.com and create round robins and tournaments there.
  5. Random thought: The kid in the Child's Play movies and the kid in the Toy Story movies are both named Andy and both have toys that come to life. Coincidence?

  6. General Television Thread

  7. Heading to Colorado for 10 days tomorrow. Someone please check on Nathan Jones and Carlito while I'm gone.

    1. Blaine ClouDeBeers

      Blaine ClouDeBeers

      Don't smoke too much weed.

    2. The Big Bratwurst

      The Big Bratwurst

      Ignore what Cloyd said, smoke it all, dammit.

    3. StupidSexyFlanders


      So far I've tried weed several times and haven't even gotten buzzed, think I may be immune :/

  8. A Joke's Never Funny The Second Time Around

    I found Meet the Fockers to be funnier than Meet the Parents, which was pretty good in itself, but the addition of Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand just made it that much better. Can't say the same for Little Fockers unfortunately.
  9. Which TV Show Fell Off the Hardest?

  10. Mayweather v McGregor

    So is Mayweather gonna hug him the whole fight like he did with Pacquiao? I just want someone to beat Mayweather, I don't care who it is. Ok, well I'd be happy with Mayweather winning if he was fighting Donald Trump, but that's about it.
  11. Adam West has died

    R.I.P Adam West . While we can debate all day who the best Batman was, we must appreciate that the Batman 66 series, while campy, was well done and West was a great Bruce Wayne and is the only one to truly portray Batman as a master detective. You will be missed for this, as well as your always hilarious voice work. Thank you for the memories sir.
  12. Favourite joke?

    Donald Trump being President.
  13. Extreme Rules: The one night a year where weapons are not only welcomed.....they're allowed.

    1. Rocky


      Unless you're in a no DQ match where the title could still change hands.

  14. General Television Thread

    So is Zoey going to find out that college is A Different World, then leave the series?
  15. Arsenic Creator ?

    Be forewarned, if Nathan Jones is STILL as I-3 Champion in 2 years, I'm gunning for every last one of you who keeps voting for him *-By which I mean, I'll probably send you really mean-looking emoticons and such. Be afraid.