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  1. Finally got to see it last night. Won't really post any spoilers. Was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Very exciting, very emotional. Funny, adventurous, heartbreaking, different from a lot of MCU films, but just as good, a total experience all the way through. Gotta see it again soon.
  2. Someone just posted this on Facebook if you want the "proper" chronological viewing order:
  3. So you can watch it twice and it'll still be shorter (and more enjoyable) than WrestleMania 35
  4. Mahna mahna
    (ba dee bedebe)
    Mahna mahna
    (ba debe dee)
    Mahna mahna
    (ba dee bedebe badebe badebe dee dee de-de de-de-de)
    Mah mama na mahna mah namwomp mwomp
    Ma mo mo mana mo
    Mahna mahna
    (ba dee bedebe)
    Mahna mahna
    (ba debe dee)
    Mahna mahna!
    (ba dee bedebe bedebe badebe debe de-de de-de-de)
    (long pause)
    ...mahna mahna?
  5. I hear Batista went into their offices and kept yelling "GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!" until they finally relented.
  6. Happy Trump Day everyone. Previously known as Pi Day, but since Trump is even more irrational, they changed it. 

  7. I grew up watching 90210, this one definitely hurts. RIP Luke Perry
  8. Have you tried turning EWB off and then on again?

    1. KingofHarts_OH


      How do you feel about your mayor starting an exploratory committee?

    2. TheBartholomewExperience


      I say good for him, he's done some good things for South Bend, the more people we have to challenge Trump, the better.

  9. Star Wars Episode IX: A New Phantom Clone Strikes, Force Jedi Revenge
  10. Fuck the Patriots. That is all.
  11. I once did a theatrical performance about puns. It was a play on words. 

  12. And just like that, you realize 1999 was 20 years ago.

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