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  1. It's episode 217, about halfway in or so. It's pure gold.

  2. What episode was it? I've love to see it, I only read the manga.

  3. So I just got to the part in the Davy Back Fight arc where Luffy and Usopp are dressed as they are in your sig. I must say, the voice acting in the anime MADE that bit, it was awesome.

  4. ONO

    Can't stand the knob.

  5. Asmodean: Currently has one of the best avatars I've ever seen on EWB. Just noticed how awesome it was today.

  6. Rashid - cooler than most people give him credit for.

    For a Canuck anyway.

  7. Ain't no doubt about it, we were doubly blessed. We were barely seventeen and we were barely dressed.

    Meat Loaf - FTW


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