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  1. Death Proof/Planet Terror (or Grindhouse) I can see becoming more of a cult classic in the future. From 2007, I think No Country For Old Men and Zodiac will be considered classics. I wasn't expect much from Zodiac, to be honest, as I hadn't heard anything about it before I watched it. It was wonderful. For for films that came out in the recent years, I would mention The Devil's Rejects (in my opinion the best horror film from 2001 to now). Ginger Snaps is probably destined to be a cult classic, it's my favourite horror film of the last decade or two. Pan's Labyrinth and Oldboy are both near-perfect masterpieces that will more-than-likely go down in history.
  2. I love "It's A Wonderful Life" and "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation". I also like Muppets Christmas Carol, Home Alone 1+2, Scrooged, and the Nightmare Before Christmas. Don't care for much outside of those.
  3. I found Jeff's reviews to be decent for the most part (though I prefer/preferred Alex, Greg and Ryan). And as for the "big name" sites, I found GameSpot's reviews to be best. At least better then the crap IGN comes out with.
  4. Had to watch a couple movies today to counteract the evil that I watched last night. Cape Fear (1991): 9/10 Taxi Driver (1976): 9.5/10 Scorsese makes the best down-beat movies with scum antagonists and protagonists almost just as bad. Nonetheless, it's fantastic how he brings them to life and makes me sympathize for them. I'm curious as to if he's made any (good) comedies, I'd be interested in seeing those.
  5. Good Luck Chuck Just saw it today. Wrote the review as soon as I got home: 1986 saw the release of Howard the Duck, an “epic” movie about a duck who is somehow pulled from his own planet/dimension to the Earth that we live on. It was a god awful mess, to be honest, and for a long time I considered it to be the worst movie ever made. Well, UNTIL NOW that is! Good Luck Chuck is about a dentist named Charlie, played by “comedian” (I use that term loosely) Dane Cook. It is believed that he gets a curse put on him in which any woman who has sex with him will fall in love with the next man they meet. Word of this gets out and every woman in town wants to fuck this man. This “movie” (I even use that term loosely) is highly offensive and demeaning to woman. From it, I have learned that women are nothing more than objects invented for the sole purpose of pleasing men, and that they are willing to whore themselves out to a stranger just to find “happiness”. There is sex. Lots of sex. Now, I don’t have anything against sex scenes in movies when it actually means something and has purpose to it. Good Luck Chuck has a MONTAGE of Charlie having sex with innumerable women. There was sex in bed. Sex on kitchen counters. Sex in the shower. Sex in a fucking WHEEL BARREL. And there was probably more sex that I never ever seen as I walked out of the cinema 15 minutes before it ended (should have walked out much sooner). Jessica Alba is an actress I’ve always had respect for. Her acting was impressive in Dark Angel and Sin City. It was sad to see her sink to this level. Her character had no likable qualities and seeing her crack her head on ice and drown in a pool would have made this movie better. Dane Cook. Well, if you’ve ever seen his stand-up comedy routines, you know he is an unfunny egomaniac. It shows even more so in Good Luck Chuck. The dialogue was atrocious. For a romantic-comedy, this movie was devoid of any comedy or romance. Even if you’re into raunchy-sex filled-comedies I still can’t recommend this movie to you. Stick to Clerks and There’s Something About Mary. Ah hell even American Pie is a masterpiece compared to Good Luck Chuck. Now, for a detailed breakdown of what Good Luck Chuck had to offer: The Pros: -Surely it’s better than committing suicide … okay, maybe I shouldn’t even say that. The Cons: -Everything. I knew this movie was awful before I watched it, but my (cruel) friends practically made me go. I went in with extremely low expectations, and I was still surprised by how completely horrendous this was. If you want to watch a movie with breasts taking up the majority of the screen time, watch a porno. They have much better acting and production values. Rashid’s Rating: Negative Pi/10
  6. Apocalypse Now Redux: 7/10 Okay, it's worth noting I never saw the original cut. And actually, I thought I was watching the original cut until around 2 hours in so I don't know which scenes were added or not. The acting and score was superb and it looked fantastic. It was just mind numbingly boring. I'm pretty sure if I saw the original I'd love that.
  7. Rashid


    Of the 6 blink albums I own Enema is easily my favourite. It was probably my most played album back in 2003-2004. My favourite songs are probably Adam's Song, Dumpweed and The Party Song.
  8. When I went to watch The Bee Movie with a group of my friends. At the scene where Ray Liotta is testifying in court, and Barry says, "You're not a Goodfella, you're a badfella". It was a very bad pun I know, but the way Seinfeld said it had me cracking up for minutes. I think one of my other friends got the joke. Sadly, no one else.
  9. Pulp Fiction vs Schindler's List Psycho vs Fight Club The Godfather vs The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Sadly, I haven't seen either so can't form an opinion) Citizen Kane vs The Empire Strikes Back
  10. I was a lot more excited about this back in 2003. But now I realize how utterly shitty it may (and probably will) be. If this movie sucks hard, it's gonna me regret seven years of fanaticism. What fun. To be honest, I don't mind the casting. But after reading what they're doing (read here http://www.chud.com/index.php?type=news&id=12002) I'm just annoyed how much they're butchering the story.
  11. What the hell, I only remember seeing two other people besides myself vote for Floyd, so I wasn't expecting them to crack the top 100. Looks like I was wrong. 1: Pink Floyd (#26) 2: The Beatles 3: Led Zeppelin (#79) 4: Queen 5: The Who (#56) 6: David Bowie (#46) 7: Meat Loaf 8: Guns N' Roses 9: Nirvana 10: Syd Barrett If I were to go back and make changes, I'd probably make King Crimson, George Harrison, or Roger Waters my #10 spot instead. But no big deal. I'm not expecting any of them or Syd to make the list. Same with Meat Loaf. Beatles, Queen, Nirvana, and GNR though I'd be shocked to not see on the list.
  12. Wait ... One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and A Clockwork Orange (possibly the greatest movie in over 30 years) dropped down spaces? *sigh* this is quite sad. Glad to see Green Mile make it. I thought that was a great movie, one of Stephen King's best adaptations.
  13. Eyes Wide Shut: 9/10 I don't get the hate this movie gets, I thought it was superb. Yeah it was the worst Kubrick movie I've seen so far, but that's not exactly saying a lot. If I knew it was gonna be this good, I would have taped it off last night (yes, I'm really cheap).
  14. Bee Movie: 8.5/10 The Bee Movie is a movie that theoretically should have been a disaster. It involves a bee falling in love with a human, who later sues the entire human race. It lacked all common sense and logic. And the laws of physics and ecology were just ignored completely. It's also worth mentioning that 70% of the jokes are pathetic puns about bumblebees. It is a great movie though. First of all, because of the voice acting. Jerry Seinfeld ("Barry") and Peter Warburton ("Ken") especially. Everything they said had me crying with laughter. Even when the jokes were awful (which was often), they were still delivered to perfection. The cameos by Ray Liotta (who was involved in one of the greatest scenes I've ever seen in an animated movie), Chris Rock, Larry King, and Sting were also hilarious moments that made Bee Movie a must see movie this year. In terms of comedy movies of 2007, only The Simpsons Movie surpasses it. The Bee Movie would have been unbearable to watch if it tried to take itself seriously. Intentional stupidity was the right way to go. Give Bee Movie a chance, you won't bee disappointed.
  15. I own an FC Twin. Bought it at a store named Micro-Play. It's amazing. One of the best purchases I made in my life. Just be careful putting in the cartridges, that can be kinda difficult and awkward.
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