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  1. Moyes: "...and we'll be playing you at left back!" Mata: "Hahaha...heh."
  2. If Wigan are going to pay four million for Grant fucking Holt, they better cough up more than £700k for Perchinho.
  3. The nicely shaped bridge trophy will sit nicely alongside our massive tower thing we won two years ago;
  4. Ben Arfa is going to rape England so bad.
  5. Sunderland - even neutrals forget they exist.
  6. Heeeeyyy, Hey Cisse! OH! AH! I wanna knoooowwww how you scored that goal!!
  7. And James Perch, regardless of whether he's actually on the pitch at the time. And Gabriel Obertan, because, well he's shit.
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