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  1. I don't know if it really matters to many but Anarchy Wrestling is done. It was sold at some point in 2015 and ended their run in August, only to reopen with a new owner(no clue who) as Why We Wrestle a couple of months later. That's the only reason I know all this, I like to read Georgia Wrestling History's site and sometimes attend Anarchy shows and found out it was closed. Why We Wrestle only has a facebook page. But, the one show I saw was basically Anarchy with a new name, so I guess in theory you could just update the name and leave as is if you wanted to. Why We Wrestle FB Page
  2. Starfighter - There's no way they can remake this film. It's a great movie and today they just won't do it justice. Short Circuit - eh, I liked the first one...never saw the second one, so they can remake it and chances are I'll go and rent it, but really why not leave it alone, I don't see a big market for this type of movie now. It'll be like remaking Ghost Busters, you'd get a nostalgia hit, but little else, IMO. Porkys - I assume this means the recently released Trilogy is selling quite well, otherwise I don't think they'd revisit this, American Pie's have pretty much killed off this market, pretty much its a whole lot of the same and is getting stale. Dune - Please NO, if anything I want them to pick up where Sci-Fi left off with the Children of Dune miniseries, I want them to finish the last 3 original and 2 new books off closing out the remaining of Frank Herbert's books with movies. Although I didn't care much for the movie with Sting, I enjoyed the Sci-Fi version of Dune.
  3. I agree with Vilge Duin on almost all of that post. My Xbox is off to be fixed for the FOURTH time, and they want 100 smackers for the fix...slimy bastards. And I don't believe in DLC for any price other than free. The PS3 I've had since launch and it's always worked the best, HDMI helps to get a better pic than the components on the 360 although it's still only pulling 1080i, as I got an older LCD from before 1080p got huge. So GTA for PS3 is my choice, and I'm too used to its GTA control scheme to go changing now. Although I am aware they've changed the controls this time around, supposedly I can switch back to a "classic" control.
  4. I used to love that channel too, but as said above after a while it will lose its fun. Then I switched over to Toon Nick or seomthing like that and they did a lot of reruns of Doug, Hey Arnold and Rocko, but they've quit doing those shows in favor of the crap that comes on the normal Nick channel. And to the dude saying watch Wild N Crazy Kids, I've yet to see a rerun of that. I would love to see a full blown retro channel, it could include Hey Dude and Salute Your Shorts! That'd make my day.
  5. I say go with Xbox 360, they announced a new 3 year warranty today that covers the 3 red lights, and all other problems are under the 1 year warranty. The Online function costs 50 bucks a year, but it's by far the best way to game and the it has the biggest library out there at the moment, not to mention it costs less. I have both and find that the PS3 spends more time on the shelf than in use. Which is sad, but once you beat RFOM, you really have nothing left to play on the PS3 you haven't played on the 360.
  6. Are we all 100% Charlie is dead, he probably is, but I can hold onto hope. But really, he's a small enough dude to fit through that window in the room, he could somehow drift out if they want him to do so... But all around I enjoyed the episode and am in the looking forward to next season boat, although I'm not 100% sure I liked that ending with Kate and Jack. I look forward to seeing if they can build on it, or if it ruined it all.
  7. Honey I Blew Up the Kid: 5/10 While nowhere near as good as the first movie of Shrinking the Kids, it was rather welcomed since it was the only thing on other than the Cosby Show at 3AM this morning. Star Wars Ep. I: 7/10 It's definitely one of the worst of the six movies, but not the absolute worst. And while it didn't live up to the hype, it's not as bad as the critic reviews. I still prefer the original trilogy to the new one, but what can I say? Overall, the 7 could of been higher had they opted for no Jar Jar. Harry Potter I: 8/10 I don't much care for the movies because the books just happen to kick their asses. But, I find that the Potter movies are ok for book adaptations. Most books don't do good movies, IMO. I mostly used it for backdrop while I read a book though. This one gets an 8 because I think it's the closest to any of the books as you can get...
  8. I can't bring myself to pay another 10 bucks for the DLC. I feel like the industry is looking to rip us off this way...release a partial game so we want to spend on the DLC. But now on to my question, if you resurrect gangs, does that bring back everybody or just random gangsters? And if it brings back everybody, will they take your stats and stuff effectively making you replay the whole game? I've grown bored as hell with no gangsters or anybody to shoot at, I've been picking fights with cops as I jump the rooftops hunting orbs.
  9. I'm interested to see where this goes now that they've released an ending is coming for the series in 2010. With each season for the next three years only having 16 episodes. I really enjoy this season compared to last, this year they seem to be back on track with the I don't realize it's over until it's over...where last season it was more droning on and on. Episodes like last weeks and a few others this season truly make you love the show. So much so that my grandparents are now watching it.
  10. PSN: KingOfMyWorld I don't own a game, I rent them occasionally from the blockbuster thanks to the no late fees stuff and the wonder that is My Coke Rewards. I'm currently rotating between Oblivion, F1, Motostorm, Resistance and MLB2k7. Right now I'm on Oblivion though and obviously it's not an online game.
  11. I gave mine to my brother because they only wanted to give 10 dollars credit for it at GameStop/EBGames. And Rhino was going to give me 20, but they shut down as GameStop has absorbed their company from Blockbuster. Well, if you have a love for Gameboy games(not DS though) you could get that attachment for the bottom of the Cube and make it a gameboy player.
  12. Is he not the one who said that the government should keep their asses out of the ratings system, it's up the fucking parents to teach their children right from wrong? If so I liked him, if he's on the other side, well I have no want for him, have a nice afterlife.
  13. I had this problem and within two weeks had the three lights of death after only having the thing for a month. Now I have a problem where it will 1 in 5 times not recognize a DVD and 1 in 10 times not recognize a game. Xbox told me to put it in my own box, pay my own shipping and send it to them, apparently a problem of their new warranty program, you get to pay the 25 bucks for shipping to them plus the cost of a box and protection.
  14. I've spent most of my day reformatting a computer, so while it was busy I played 3 hours and some minutes of Dragon Warrior VII and a few online games in Resistance: Fall of Man.
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