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  1. Let's talk football games!

    SWOS was easily the greatest football game of all time, there can never be enough websites devoted to this game. If you want proper old-school though, MatchDay II on the 48k was immense.
  2. N64

    Yes! Conker's Bad Fur Day is a must buy/find, fantastic game. Mind you, any game with an alcoholic scarecrow is worth a look. Also, as stated above, Mario 64, Pilotwings 64, and I also have a soft spot for ISS 64, as jaded as the graphics now may be.
  3. Pro Wrestling Nexus: Complete

    Have downloaded this now, and due to being old and boring I have to iron some bits 'n' pieces for work tomorrow, but will give it a run though tomorrow evening and let you know what I think. From the above comments though I'm quite looking forward to seeing what its like.
  4. Doctor Who

    Can anyone explain to me in the simplest possible terms how the Doctor was de-aged (is that a word? If not I claim it's invention) by the power of thought? Not a critiscm, just not understood. I'm a bit unsure on the actual episode, i'm going to watch it again ... ah, the power of VHS, and then come back with an actual opinion. OG is currently dying with traffic, but knowing the forums there it will be probably be overflowing in SQUEE threads. I imagine after the female hand picked up the ring rumours of The rani will be rife.